Monday, May 23, 2016

Shadow Complex Remastered [DX11]

To use this 3D Vision fix, you need to enable the DirectX 11 option in the ingame settings menu AND NOT FORCE MSAA IN THE ENGINE INI FILE. I have tried it and it generates different shaders. I don't know how driver forced AA will behave, however. Use at your own risk.

After that, unzip the contents of this file in the "Binaries\Win32" folder. The complete path should be something like "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ShadowComplexRemastered\Binaries\Win32" if you got it with the Epic Games Launcher.

What is fixed
- Lots of haloing issues (fog, explosions, some lighting, etc).
- Water reflections and some other problems. 4everAwake fixed issues that gave me problems.
- Shadows fixed by 4everAwake.
- Flashlight lighting and lens flares fixed by 4everAwake.

- F1: crosshair depth. However, it doesn't affect the turret crosshair.
- F4: low convergence preset. Ideal for cutscenes.
- F5: two higher convergence presets, made for normal gameplay.
- P key / B button: low convergence when you hold them. Intended for melee attacks.

- Some of the effects I fixed weren't fixed in the best way possible. They don't look incorrect at all, but they are a bit different from the original effect (explosions lack some heatwave effect, for example). I may look at this at a later day.

Recommended settings
- See the PCGamingWiki article.
- "bUseBackgroundLevelStreaming=False" in "Documents\My Games\Shadow Complex\EmpireGame\Config\EmpireEngine.ini". It will significantly reduce loading stalls that happened even on SSDs. It will increase the time of the first load screen and use more RAM, but after that it will be a lot smoother.


  1. Thank you for this! It looks amazing, but there appears to a problem when switching to different presets. Sometimes it looks like it's almost stuck in between presets, and you have to restart the game to fix it.

  2. I just feel like 90's. Thanks

  3. I noticed that if I cycle convergence in this game, using the keys specified (F5/P), the halos and flares get messed up. As long as I don't change convergence in game it works.

    Is this a common bug or is there some sort of manual tweak I'm missing?

    I'm on windows 10.

    FIX: In case anyone else runs into this issue, I was able to fix it by setting the game .exe to run on compatibility with Windows 7, and run as administrator.