Sunday, June 26, 2016

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [DX11]

3D Vision fix for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. I haven't played FFX-2 to completion yet, but I have visited all zones (except the end game zone) and fixed broken effects.

- Many water issues.
- Minimap depth.
- Added depth, convergence, HUD depth, bloom, motion blur and depth of field hotkeys.

Remaining issues
- A shader that creates some air heat/wave effects. It's disabled by default. Whenever I manage to fix this, I'll update this post.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game (where "FFX.exe" and "FFX-2" are).
- Launch the game normally.

Mod compatibility
- Fully compatible with modified exe files for Japanese voices, which can be found here:
- Not compatible with Untitled Project X ( Using the fix and UPX at the same time will either crash the game on boot or not make the fixed shaders work (hotkeys still work).

- "F6": bloom toggle. Not disabled by default.
- "m": HUD depth cycling. Starts at screen depth, and each key press adds +20% depth.
- "k": 0 separation, for situations where you are in 2D backgrounds.
- "l": to cycle through multiple convergence presets. The low convergence ones are intended for cutscenes.
- "h": toggle 0 convergence. For testing purposes.
- "j": toggle 1 convergence. For testing purposes.
- "g": toggle motion blur and depth of field. Not disabled by default.
- "b": toggle wave/heat effects, Disabled by default because they aren't fixed in 3D.


  1. that's great !! all final fantasy games are supported now on PC , right ?

    1. 7-9 are not because they use 2D backgrounds. FF4 is not because its a DS remake and is capped at 30 fps + opengl.

  2. Just my 2 cents:
    Remove the Disabled effects as we are talking about ONE SHADER!!! responsible for a tiny MINOR LITTLE THING!

    Other than this AWESOME fix my friend! Need to start playing the whole game now lol (I swear I will start scheduling games to play in a calendar, otherwise I'll never get around playing them...hahaha).

    Big thanks again!!!!

    1. It's one shader, but it adds a heatwave or blur effect to a bunch of things (some spells, Dark Flan, save points, some cloister of trials effects, the final boss, etc). But having it disabled from the start it's hard to know that there is something missing :p.

      OK, I'll remove the "Disabled effects" tag. It isn't like having shadows or lighting disabled.

    2. thank you so much for doing this. Both you and helifax is THE TRUE 3D GAMING SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!! THANKS

  3. Thank you for this. My display runs stereo 3D at 1080/24hz or 720/60hz. I DLd the 3Dfix file, extracted to the root folder containing the FFX.exe and FFX2.exe. FFX does not run in 3D at either resolution i mentioed above. any direction is appreciated.