Thursday, June 16, 2016

Just Cause 3 (DX11)

- Shadows
- Lights
- Sun shafts
- Halos in effects
- Reflections
- Lensflares
- Terrain tesselation
- Add dynamic crosshair and target icons

Known issues:
- Some water reflections
- Cinematics and pause menu have a nasty 2D DOF effect (use the presets)
- During night, some lights have a cut-off issue
- SLI users: if you have water issues, use WATER = MEDIUM
- Some small lights
- Some HUD icons

- "P" key cycle between 2 convergence values, this is for cinematics and menus
- "Xbox X" button (500 delay) cycle between 2 convergence values, this is for cinematics and menus

- The game have some heavy stutter, use LOD = MEDIUM to reduce
- or use driver 372.90 which fixes stutter.
- Use shadows = HIGH or VERY HIGH.

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Download
- Extract where the .exe is located
- Disable Boked DOF and Motion Blur
- Use HUD = only reticle in game settings

Thanks to bo3b for help me with some decompiler issues, important to fix shadows and lights
Thanks to DarkStarSword for all the help.

Update 07-31-16 - DHR:
- Re-fixing because recent update
Update 10-12-16 - Bo3b:
- Fix for crashes and all decals.

more info:

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    I don't have the game yet;) But now I am interested in buying it;)
    Awesome work my friend as always!!!


  2. oooooh i was waiting for it :) thank you a lot !

  3. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Have been holding off playing this now for months.
    Fix looks really good, thank you very very muchly for all yours, Bo3b and DarkStarSword's awesomeness.
    Shoutout to all Aussie 3d gamers.

  4. I played through Just Cause 2 twice in 3D and it was epic. I hope Just Cause 3 is good as well.

  5. Which driver is the best?

    1. Very hard to say. I'd start with a very current version, maybe 368.69. As far as I know that's working OK.

  6. Where is the exe if you have steam? i don't see where the .exe is located

    1. Uh, "JustCause3.exe", in the root of the game folder. Steam game here.

  7. thank: i found it , steam-steamapps-common...sorry for my bad english...i'm french

  8. This is not working, the game crashes on start (driver version 368.81 geforce experience beta)

    1. Launches fine here, same driver. Still runs like a pig however.

    2. Yeah, same here - game crashes with fix applied. Win 10, 368.81. No other programs running in background. Disabling SLI / 3D Vision doesn't help - game still crashes. Any ideas?
      P.S. Will try clean install of drivers and report back...

    3. Clean reinstall of driver (DDU) didn't help...

    4. Game launches for me, but hard crashes my system (freeze with audio going beeeeeep) like a blue-screen after about 5 minutes of play. This happens even in 2D with no fix. Probably their shitty software again. But this does seem to be a driver level bug.

      Maybe try older drivers that were working before.

  9. still not possible to launch the game under win 10 with nex fix :-(

    1. Forum people have reported that it works for them under Win10.

  10. Black screen for a few seconds and then pschttt...nothing...:-((

  11. sorry, for me, just a quick black screen when launching (steam version) and then pschhhtttt, noting ...:-((

  12. sorry, seems to work with removing ; the line
    "; allow_create_device=2"

    1. thank! work fine! but removing only the symbole ; not all line !!! in d3dx find "[System]" and last line is ;allow_create_device=2. just elimine the symbole `; no more.....

  13. the game is crashing when i use the fix , i want to enable top_bottom mode and am on win10 64x , i tried to remove the symbole (;) but no success , sorry for my english and thank you for the fix :)

    1. Removing the ";" from the line, leaving:


      Allows this to work upon my Win10 machine. Driver 368.81.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hello bo3d.

    i use 3DSurround i did "allow create" there are little problems with lights and alignment with the right monitor.

    do you think it's ok please ?

  15. When i uncoment "run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS" than my game crashes immediately. When I comment it again, than the game starts, but in 3D Vision mode and I cannot toggle it. :(

    I would like to try it in SBS mode.

    Please FIX

  16. Nevermind my last post... I am using 3D Fix Manager and it fixed all my issues. Thank you very much that you exist and for your great work. Keep it up. Thumbs up

  17. I just installed this for the first time.
    When I launch the screen opens the disappears.
    If I uninstall the fix it opens fine.
    Was there a windows 10 problem or something needed in order for it to work?.
    My build number is 1703 - 15063.413 so the newest version.


  18. How do you remove the xbox controller x binding. The convergence changes when you shoot in jet pack wing suit. Thanx

    1. Edit the d3dx.ini file, and look for the top section where key bindings are set up. You can comment out or change keys for any of those settings, including xbox settings. To comment out a line, put a semi-colon on the line as the first character.

  19. gerat fix DHR,There is no issue with game rendering before using the issue is All vehicles in the game do not have shadows when apply fix . Only the wheels have shadows. The settings inside the game are adjusted according to the instructions, different driving versions are tested. Now it is the latest system is win7 gtx970

  20. Hello, exactly where is the file location for these steps? I can't seem to locate the right file to edit.
    Where do i find "[System]" and last line allow_create_device=2 ?where's the d3dx file? i need the step by step, sorry.

  21. I ask because the game is crashing at the start when I try to run in 3D through 3D Fix Manager

  22. Hello, the game crashes at start when trying to play 3d with 3d fix manager.

    I tried to remove ; symbol from the [System] last line of allow_create_device=2 from the d3dx file located in C:\Program Files (x86)\3D Fix Manager\Fixes\251\ini_files and it still crashes at the start.

    is tis right? and something else I can try? thanks for the help