Thursday, June 23, 2016

Totalwar Attila [DX11]

Special thanks to Mikear69 for its help and support,
Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto/flugan  
Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword,Chiri, Flugan...  and the community
that without them, this would not be posible.

thank you

Release 1.0 2016-07-12

minor but important fix, stamina icons units in battle now in stereo.

preRelease 0.99 2016-06-23

hi, this it is a wip, but i can not wait and would want to share with the community,
i need upgrade my gtx 680 it is burning with the quality of attila )) thanks 

- main shadows
- main directional and point lights
- floating shadows ufff in battles it going me crazy
- particles effects fire, smoke, blood,..
- campaign Map 

1delete previous version if you have it. ./ShaderFixers and d3dx.ini

2unpack new version rar  this v1.0
 to XXX:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Total War Attila or similar

- depth of field 
- distorsion effect: not tested

This it is a fix for dx11 version only 

I have been testing, with:
- windows 10
- nvida driver 368.39
- shadows and in general: quality
- texture filter: Anisotropic x8
- ssao: no tested

- distorsion effect: no tested
- mods: no tested, althought i think it wil work
- dlcs: no tested

Known Issues

- the main problem with hdr grrr, and refractions in sea or sun, i disabled it in d3dx.ini you can see
- Hud unit Icons are in 2d, i hope i can fix them in next releases

thanks for testing ))