Thursday, June 16, 2016

Totalwar Shogun 2 [DX11]

Special thanks to Mikear69 for its help and support with the previous release,
Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto/flugan  
Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword,Chiri, Flugan...  and the community
that without them, this would not be posible.

thank you

Update 1.1 2016-06-21

- shadows medium, high, ultra, soft
- directional and point lights
- refractions
- particles effects fire, smoke, blood,..
- campaign Map 
- lens flare, sun

1. delete previous version if you have it. ./ShaderFixers and d3dx.ini

2unpack new version rar  this v1.1
 to XXX:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Total War Shogun2 or similar

- depth of field 
- ambient shadows ( ssao ) 
- vignette: not tested 
- distorsion effect: not tested

This it is a fix for dx11 version only ( shadermodel 5 in graphical options ), you can try at your risk

I have been testing, with:
- windows 10
- nvida driver 368.39
- shadow: medium, hight, ultra, soft
- tesselation: on/off
- antialiasing: MLAA on/off
- texture filter: Anisotropic x16
- hdr on/off

- vignette: no tested 
- distorsion effect: no tested
- mods: no tested, althought i think it wil work
- dlcs: no tested

Known Issues

- sun it would need to be at infinite depth perhaps

- hud compas in ship battles, no fix yet
- ssao ( ambient shadows )

thanks for testing ))


  1. Great job Fran, looks very good. I noticed that you have to turn off MSAA in order to remove the border and road issue. Thanks for this!

    1. thnks for testing, it is not totally fix, the main change compare with dx9 version it is the fire lights and refrected lighs in walls for example, now i think they are ok. I will see if i see something rare with msaa thnks

  2. Congratulations on releasing a fix!

  3. thanks pirate, i updated it, tell me if you can test thanks

  4. Revisiting this in 2018 - disabled SSAO as recommended - works perfect - seeing hundreds of soldiers running and fighting in 3D is amazing, especially those decapitations! Thanks so much!