Friday, July 8, 2016

LEGO Marvel's Avengers (DX11)

- HUD Improvements

- Unlock Convergence
- Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- HUD (not perfect)
- Halos in effects

- "P" key for recommended convergence
- "O" key for cinematics convergence
- " I" key toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence
- "Xbox Back Button" toggle between user convergence and cinematics convergence

Know Issues:
- HUD is not perfect, this game have a lot of HUD elements....fixing one, break another.


- Disable motion blur

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Extract the .zip where DX11 EXE is located
- Start the game in DX11


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  1. Thank you for your fix. I don't know why the game doesn't launch when using your fix. After uninstalling it with uninstall.bat the game works again. Any idea please?

    1. Sometimes happens to me when i launch the game, start in windows mode and inmediatly press to fullscreen....i have to wait until goes to the TT animation to go in full screen.

    2. Thank u for your answer. I tried it but the game doesn't launch until i put off the 3d fix. I don't know why. Sorry for my english because i'm french :)

    3. You see a black screen or the game don't even launch?

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  2. The game don't even launch. I tried to change the resolution even delete the config profile but it steels doesn't work

  3. When i double click on the exe (directx 11), the game dont launch, nothing happens. But when i put off your fix it works again

    1. Try to disable steam overlay and close any program like MSI afterburner, FRAPS, etc.

  4. Useless disabling steam overlay or any program because i'm playing with a pirate version of this game so stream isn't launch. I dont' understand what is the matter. Another idea please. Not sure the issue will be solved if i'll buy the game and play it with steam

    1. Costs you nothing to try the real version. Buy it, if it doesn't work, you can refund it. We don't have the people or the time to test anything except the Steam version.

    2. You're right bo3b, i'll follow your advice and buy steam version. thanks guys!

  5. DHR is our hero. He belongs to the avengers. Many years i hope gears of war might be fixed and each day i test tridef and 3D vision but the game steel have some shadows issue. Please our hero, help us to fix it. ;)

  6. Hi DHR,

    Just bought this on the Steam Winter Sale and am having the same issue as above. Tried starting it in windowed mode, but game still wouldn't launch. Steam overlay is off and game cache verified. Any ideas/suggestions?


    1. Start with the fix not being installed, and make sure the game renders in 3D first. It should be obviously 3D with some broken effects. If that's not working, it's something to do with your driver/OS/profile.

  7. 3D works without the fix and is typical of a Lego game - nice depth in gameplay, effects pretty stable as long as Bloom is off, etc. I have played all of the Lego games in Stereo, even those without fixes (Indiana Jones, HP 1-4, etc.)and know that DHR is a big fan as well (BTW - can't recommend Dimensions highly enough.) This is the first time I have come across this issue with a 3D fix.