Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Arma3 Fix (W.I.P)

 Hi All,

I thought I would post the current 3D Arma3 fix.. I read the post that had a beginning post and with the help of D-Man11, Helifax I was able to get Arma 3 Fixed up a bit. At least the White Trees, Bushes and Branches are now normal..

Here is the list of what to do:

1. First Associate Arma3.exe, Arma3Launcher.exe with The Witcher 3 Profile in NVidia inspector, and Delete the Original Arma3 Profile..

2. Input the fix found in the DL Link Provided in with the Arma 3 EXE. it contains the 3 bad shader files that needed fixing and the Helix Mod.. Here is where the EXE is nested under Steam:
     2a.  Program Filesx86 / Steam / steamapps / common / Arma3 / .......

3. Then start up Arma3 and go to the Options/Video menu and set the following likewise:
     3a. Under General/Quality set shadow to Disabled (Still need to work on these) it was reported in the original thread you can set too low but it seemed wierd, you can try and see what you think..
      3b. Under Lighting set HDR to Low.. I just did that because of past issues with HDR but it may or may not work at a higher setting (untested)

      3c. AA +  PP Set Bloom, Radial Blur, Rotational Blur and Debth of Field to ZERO..

      4d. Antialiasing set FSAA, PPAA too Disabled..

      5e. Anistropic Filter can be set to whatever you like..

Now With all that done Go into a SinglePlayer -- Showcase mission: Infantry. When the Mission starts the 3D should kick in upon Mission Start. IF it does not do this:

   1. Alt + Tab Out of the game then click the Arma 3 Icon in the taskbar. The game should first minimize then it maximizes upon clicking the Arma 3 Icon in Taskbar and 3D should now be enabled..

But the first time you run the game following the above directions it should just kick in the first time. But if you quit the Mission and goto another mission the 3D may not kick in first time, just do the ALT + Tab trick and it should enable 3d.. I am stumped as to why it does this..

I have noticed in Multiplayer the 3D would not kick in even with the ALT + TAb but entering the Launcher.exe in  The_Witcher 3.exe made it kick in first try.. but subsequent restarting of a mission may not make it work. just alt + tab out and in it should come on..

If it just plain refuses to start in 3D, Please post maybe we need to look further into how to better get 3D enabled ingame..

EDIT: I want to also not make sure you are not in Compatibility mode. you can turn Off CM with ALT + CTRL + F11.. you can see if it is off m=by turning on NVidia message in green letters.. you can turn that on with ALT + CTRL + Insert..

One Last thing I don't think this fix works with BattleEye.. So if you play on a server with that enabled you may be out of luck.. Be Carefull with this mod and Arma3 Battleye.. I have no idea what will happen. I play on a Private server so no  need for me to worry about it..

EDIT: Well with Battleye Enabled and the fix installed the game will get an error message upon launching and not run.. So basically you can NOT Play this game with Battleye ON and the 3D fix enabled.. :(

Arma3 v2.0.1 32bit:


Arma 3 64bit version Updated July 10, 2017:



EDIT: I updated the file and fixed the Aiming Reticle in the red dot at least but should work for other scopes.. you can either use the rifle zoomed out or zoomed in while pressing the "ALT" keypress. it is a toggle that disables the convergance when aiming the rifle..

I just did a quick test in Infantry and it was pretty accurate.. I have to get a way to use the on screen pointer but will need to figure out how to do that.. Hopefully we will have more accurate shots.. 

IF you would like to remove the ingame Crosshair here is where the setting is just set too Zero and save file..


Open with Notepad++ and goto line 484: weaponCrosshair=0;

Set too Zero to remove the ingame crosshair..


Update v2.0: this should work for both Win 7 and Win 10.. I also added nameplates cycle key so they cycle to depth with the Right Bracket key.. I am unsure but the ingame crosshair maybe better aligned with one of the presets (Untested).

There is an Aiming hotkey to kill convergance when Aiming down the sight.. that is the Left ALT key..

I also want to add you may need to set the Refresh rate in the CFG File.. IT is in My Documents in Windows/Arma3/Arma3.cfg 

Open it with Notepad ++ and goto about line 23 it might say refresh 60 change it to 120 and save the file..

IF you followed these directions it should just work now.. I don't even think alt tabbing out will be needed but will keep those here just incase.. ;)

If you like this mod. Just a Thank you and more to it I hope you can now Enjoy Arma 3 In Glorious S3D.. ;) Don't forget to thank all the other modders and coders.. Without their work we would not have so many DX11/DX9 games working Great in S3D.. THNX ALL!!




  1. Thanks alot for all your efforts, this game is NOW a must buy :)

  2. yes I still need to get the shadows fixed and this could be really cool.. I will continue looking around but it is very playable in its current state..
    any feedback welcomed.. ;)


  3. Well done Nephilim, I have plans to purchase ARMA 3 and mainly due to your 3D Fix. I've enjoyed many hours of ARMA II and now you given me a reason to move to III. Thanks a ton!!!!! Stryker66.

  4. Didn't work for me. Maybe it is because I could not find Arma3Launcher in the profiler drop down list per your instructions. Or maybe it is because I am running Windows 10 with DX12 (with DX9 and DX11 runtimes). Followed the instructions, although I assumed by "associate" Arma3 with The Witcher 3, you meant the normal procedure to switch profiles as described in the Helixmod Guide. Had to reinstall the latest driver afterward but that only took a few minutes. I am willing to try anything, just about, to get even Fake3D. Great work!

  5. Wow, this is getting really complicated. In the past you simply threw the downloaded 3D-Vision fix into the install directory and it worked.

    1. W.I.P. doesn't mean anything to you? WorkInProgress? He never said it was complete.

      It's not all that much different in terms of setup from other fixes. Change profile with NVidia Inspector, drop in files, change settings to known good settings.

      Works as a good first step to play in 3D, or not, your choice.

      Please don't hesitate to put in some time to make this better.

  6. To those that have trouble with 3D Enabling, I had similar issues and after ALT + TAB down after I came back in the game the 3D was still not enabled I just did the Hot key to enable 3D and it kicked in.. so sometimes after aLT + TAB Back ingame it don't work try enabling 3D with your Hotkey press..

    Yes Arma 3 has proven to be a bit weird at times but it does look really good with 3D Enabled.. I sort of am finished with this as I do not know what else to do to get 3D to kick in more reliable other then what has been tested to work.. I am unsure why 3D does not just kick in bit I have tried multiple Profiles and The Witcher 3 Profile is the ONLY 1 that works..

  7. with 498hrs in Arma 3 in 2D I bet fire up the Large Hadron Collider so I can start gaming in 3D Vision.... looking forward to causing a global thurmonuclear meltdown as my GPU & CPU reach temperatures hotter than the core of the sun

  8. getting lots of crashes - latest "Status Heap Corruption"

    1. Unlikely to be a problem with 3Dmigoto, but maybe. We haven't seen this in other games.

      If it happens fairly quickly, maybe try playing with 3D turned on, but no 3Dmigoto/fix installed. That would narrow it down to 3D driver versus 3Dmigoto.

  9. My comments on August 9 were based on the instructions as printed. Bo3b's comments lead me to believe that I should have had 3Dmigoto/fix loaded. lately I have seen references to reshademe. And then there is SweetFX and Real_light, both of these are probably used to brighten up 3D Vision, among other things. What is the best course of action for someone new at this?

    1. Best bet is to do things incrementally. Make sure that at each step of adding things that it works correctly and didn't introduce any bugs/crashes or badness. Play the game for at least an hour after each change to be sure it's working.

      Each piece of added modding makes it more fragile and prone to break. There is no guarantee that it will all work together, as all of us are modifying the game in different ways that might conflict.

      Start with game itself, make sure that it is fully up to date and working smoothly in 2D. Then enable 3D with no fix installed, which gives white bushes, but you'll want to be sure this doesn't crash or break in other ways. Drivers can be very problematic, that's why this matters.

      After those seem solid, add in the WIP fix here. This is 3Dmigoto and will fix the 3D white bushes, at the expense of shadows. Be sure it's playing like you like.

      You can then add reshade or others like it, although I think those things are wildly overrated. You can typically brighten images with control panel settings. To do the reshade stuff you need to do proxy loading with 3Dmigoto, which allows both to run at the same time. You'll need to look that up with google. It's not hard, but it is error prone.

      Lastly, if you are running Win10, your life will be harder. Some of the tricks that work on Win7 don't work, and it's not a stable platform because Microsoft can and does change things whenever they like. Win7 being obsolete is far more stable, so once you have it working you can expect it to continue to work. I always recommend having a dual boot Win10+7 if you have to have 10, because I get tired of having to fix stuff they break. The same is true of game updates. Only accept them if you need them.

    2. BTW, don't use DX12, it's a joke. Also none of our stuff works with DX12, including 3D Vision.

      If you actually care more about playing instead of the latest shiny, your best bet is to use Win7. The latest shiny is always marketing based, not reality based. Think about it, Arma 3 was developed with Win7 in mind since its inception. What is the likely most stable, debugged spot for the game itself?

      You might be able to get fake-3D/CM to work here, I don't think anyone has tried. Look at the geforce forums for 3D Vision, there is a sticky there, that talks about how to make CM work on any game by tweaking profiles.

  10. Many thanks. I guess I am screwed. I am now running win 10 anniversary with DX 12. As a matter of fact, when I activate 3D Vision, Arma 3 crashes...every time. This has always happened on my system, from 8, 8.1, 10 Upgrade, and 10 Anniversary. Crashes even in Windows compatibility mode (Win 7). 3D Vision works fine in all other games. Arma 3 runs fine otherwise. Thought the various fixes (I tried the Fake3D also) would solve the crashing problem (UNABLE_TO_INIT_DXGI). I use an i5 with GTX760, 16MB of DDR, on an SSD. I am screwed! Thank you for your help!!

    1. Just to clarify a little there. There is no DX12 support in Arma 3. It doesn't matter what the OS says, the game requests DX11. Right now there are something less than 5 games that use DX12. It's a gimmick.

      Since you crash on 3D always, the best thing to try is to cleanly reinstall the video driver using the DDU tool. That commonly fixes problems like this.

  11. I will check Arma 3 with Win 10. I had to do a similar fix for Final Fantasy and got it working perhaps a similar fix is needed.. I have a new updated that fixes the stars in Arma3 and boy they look great!! Hey Is that the Big Dipper..?? ;)

  12. Well I just checked and I will upload this new version 1.5 to the server.. Hopefully it works both Win 7 and Win 10.. I did just check and it worked in Win 10.. I also fixed a few things like the stars and Nameplates with a left bracket hotkey for convergence levels..

    1. It's fun to see your fast improvement at fixing broken effects. Good stuff.

      For Win10, there should be no fundamental reason why a fix is different between 7 and 10. There are occasional glitches, but as a general rule the same fix and same dlls will work on both.

  13. yes I have learned a lot in the past 2 weeks since I first did Arma3.. The nameplates in Arma 3 look great now and with the hotkey you can cycle to suit your needs..
    The star fix was also needed I think it looks really good now.. I don't think Win 10 is different with Arma 3 I have both copies and this fix works on Both OS..
    I think if there is a CTD maybe it is the Steam Overlay altho I don't suffer that problem. or it can be an overlay like MSI AFterburner could cause issues..

  14. Well there was a small update for this game. I got it last night and it seemed to have broken the night vision and IR Images.. I looked at it quickly but when I found the offending shader it took the Rifles, Compass textures away..
    I am unsure what to do with this maybe during the weekend I can look into it further..

  15. Well it seems the fix os still working and the night vision and IR is back to working.. I played last night with no issues with the 3D..

  16. Well I am back onto a server with some Friends and the 3D kicks off when in the multiplayer session.. I tried hosting my own server and the 3D worked fine.. I was wondering is there anything Host side that needs to be changed or that can make the 3D not work??

  17. ther setting for the host that makes 3D not kick in even tho I did not hve it enabled was "Battleye" even tho I had it off the host having it on was keeping the 3D from Working..

  18. Small update to Fix just minor with 7zip added and Zero Separation removed from the toggle now only 4 presets. this way there is always separation in things that can be toggled..

  19. Yor Welcome glad someone else got use out of it. Arma is a very cool game.. ;)

  20. Rats! Can't even run the game when 3D Vision is activated in either Win 8 or Win 10 unless in Window mode or in compat mode for Win 7. No 3D effect. Not even bad effects. No fake 3D either. Can't use your geometry-based fix because there is nothing to fix. The game never gets past Ctrl-T. Tried all of the usual suspects. Puzzling. Contacted BI Studio and supplied them with all my info. Their reply was that they didn't support 3D Vision. Now DX12, but same with DX11. Did the runtime thing also. No help.Tried everything that I and others could think of. Must be something arcane.

  21. Are you running in multiplayer?? IF so you can not use this fix and run Battleeye.. You can and this fix still works I use it all the time just does not work on Officiazl servers running Battleeye..