Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut (DX11)

Update 09-05
- More Lights fixed

Update 09-03
- Some Lights in Montreal
- Update some skies. Sky in Montreal can't be separate texture, so i leave enabled

- Unlocked convergence and depth
- Soft Shadows / Normal shadows are working OK
- Lights
- Reflections
- Lensflares
- Smoke/Fog (aproximate)
- Skybox (see notes)

- "L" Key for recommended convergence (maybe is too high)
- "K" key (hold) to interact with computers and Keyboards (for hacking)
- "XBox LB Button" (hold) to interact with computers and Keyboards (for hacking)
- "J" to cycle to different Crosshair/HUD depth

- I remove the skybox, not a big deal. The VS and PS have a very strange behavior when you insert fixing code.
- Close MSI afterburner or similar. Will crash the game.
- 3Dmigoto have some issues with win10. Use 368.39 driver version. Recent driver not work under win10. Thanks helifax for testing and found what causing those issues in win10.
- The fix will probably works with normal version. If you test and works please let us know. Thanks!
- Increase the FOV to 85 - 90....default is too low!

TB and SBS Mode: 
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Extract .zip where the .EXE is located



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  1. Thanks for keeping 3D alive.

  2. In Montreal still broken sky and lights.

    1. Fix lights.
      But the sky i can't separate texture to only affect the sky, so i leave enabled. You can see it in a very short of time, so no big issue.

    2. Thanks for the quick fix.

  3. Just playing it before DEHD!!!!
    Right in time!! Thank you!!!

  4. So.. Are you out of luck if you're running an AMD card on Win 10 and it doesn't work? Nothing happens when I run the game exe with the files in the game root dir.

    1. No, sorry, our fixes only work with the NVidia 3D Vision, so it won't work on an AMD card. You might try to see what Tridef has to offer for this game. The game also has built in 3D, which should work on your card since it's an AMD sponsored game.

    2. Aha. :) Thank you for the reply!

  5. Tested it with the normal Version (steam latest) sadly did not work!

  6. Game wont start for me. is it because I am on Windows 10?

    1. Same Problem here... But i think the new driver broke the fix, the last one worked :-(

    2. If you are using Win10, try to use 368.39 driver version.
      Is in the notes.

  7. My God, the recommended convergence is way too high, makes the fog appear way too close after you lower it to a playable value. Other than that good fix though.

  8. No way to play with new drivers? I mean I play some of the new games with the new drivers:/

  9. ok i rolled back to the recommenced driver but it crashes when I try to adjust convergence. I used the preset one and it is a good enough. However, Im having other issues. there are like 2 lines vetically across the screen. They arent lines per say. it just that the screen changes tears in 3 sections one left one in the middle and one on the right. kind of hard to explain. Its like a filter. they come up after hitting L. and the other issue. every davice I try to hack or connect to. the screen is just black. I can't even input the security code in the elevator in the opening scene. because it is all black at the security panel. thanks.

  10. If you are having issues with this FIX WORKING UNDER WINDOWS 10:

    It will solve the issue with the game locking on startup!

  11. Game didnt start with the fix, d3d11.dll from the fix prevent game too start on windows 7 /378.66 nvdia driver, anyone sucessful start teh game with the fix, thank you

    1. Just tried it here, and it worked correctly. Win 7, Driver 368.22.

    2. Thank you for your suggestion, work fine with 368.22 driver :)

  12. Has anyone tried with current drivers.
    Lights were totally off. I deleted the profile and it looked better but still for example right After the first act where you start At the Office building there Was shit load lights At the different place in the other eye. I would have tried the 368.22 but they don’t seem to like TitanXPascal
    Im on win7

    1. Just tried this again with 385.69, Win7. Seems to be working fine here. In the main lobby, everything looked good. There were some gas clouds that were a bit off in the earlier fight, but overall it looks right.

      I used 3D Fix Manager to install the fix. It also is worth noting that this is using 3Dmigoto 3D, not the built in 3D that game provides (and has a lot of glitches).

  13. thanks bo3b for checking that out.

    hmm. maby i should do a clean drivers install. the lights were totally off. the light element was off the actual light.
    yes i did not have the built in 3d on.
    though im soon switching to win10 because of the new gear. as i have understood no win7 for never systems which is a total bummer.

    1. Most likely to be the fix is installed in wrong folder. Try the 3D Fix Manager for easy install.

      Yeah, the lack of CPU support for Win7 is super annoying. I see stuff like the FallCreatorsUpdate just ruin the 3D experience (temporary, we hope), and it's a forced upgrade. No thanks. I'm currently thinking I don't actually care that much about security updates, as I can run virus checkers anytime, and I don't browse dangerous sites or run trash software.

      Win10 is not terrible once you replace their truly heinous start menu, but I'm not keen on having it break all the time.

    2. im with you on the security stuff. I get piracy, yeah currently i have no need for it. i think if you have job and money, you should pay for a software just as you pay for a haircut. world doesnt keep turning if we don´t play the same game. am i force to run fallCreatorsUpdate when install win10 as i build my new system ?

      if you guys would write 3d vision would it be subjected to things like currently haunt 3d vision ?

      could it be done with kickstarter, have you thought about it ?

    3. If you use Win10 Pro, you can defer the upgrades for up to a year. I'm still on Anniversary Edition, until they force me off it next year. If you are Win10 Home, you get no choice and are forced to upgrade each time at their convenience, not yours. Mostly I want to be lagging in OS land, because I don't give a damn about the OS, I'm here to play in 3D, and they constantly break stuff with new OS, and then required new drivers.

      We could possibly to our own 3D vision, either DSS or I could do the job from a technical standpoint. It'd be freakin' hard and a lot of work however. We already know that there is no money in 3D though, so Kickstarter would fail. We know this because Chiri tried an IndieGoGo for 3Dmigoto long time back, when it was THE dx11 option. Couldn't make it to $5K. $5K is pocket change for this level of engineering and software. I can make $180,000/year if I work a real job.

  14. Working fine in Windows 10 build 1809 (lastest).
    vry tks!!!!!