Thursday, September 15, 2016


Another decent top-down/twin-stick shooter game that's sporting some nice visuals with destructive environments, a bit more variation in gameplay and a skill progression & weapon unlock system that separates it from other games of the same genre (and make it a bit more like Diablo 3 in those aspects).

It's also worth noting that this game is the first that I've come across running on Unity 5.4 engine, which meant I was not able to run DarkStarSword's Unity template fixing script, but fortunately I was able to manually hand fix the shaders.

I've only played through the first chapter (12 stages), so there's some possibility of there being broken effects later, but I haven't come across any broken effects since the 2nd or 3rd stage, so I felt it was likely finished at this point. If anyone finds anything broken, please post in the comments and I'll get it fixed.


1. Download: Livelock 3D fix Version 1
2. Unzip file to game directory where Livelock.exe exists
3. Add Livelock.exe to 3D-Hub Video Player using Nvidia Inspector
4. Add launch option "-window-mode exclusive" without the quotes
5. In game, use the Caps Lock key to toggle between 2 convergence presets. One is for menus and cutscenes and the other for gameplay.

Tools used for this fix:

-3DMigoto DX11 wrapper
-DarkStarSword's Unity 5.3 template


  1. Works and looks absolutely perfect. Great job!
    Awesome experience in real stereo 3D.
    Arturo Azzurro

    1. Where do i add "-window-mode exclusive"

    2. For Steam version, it's like always, Properties->Set Launch Options.

  2. 3D won't come on for this game. i tried everything. Help