Sunday, September 25, 2016

Metro: Last Light

Just a simple fix I made for this game at the request of another member a while back. The game itself is already nearly perfect out of the box, but a couple of minor issues needed to be fixed and also added a couple quality of life additions.

*Note: This is for the original version of the game, not the Redux version

-Lighting reflection on spiderwebs
-Bloom that gets broken when unlocking and adjusting convergence (fixed to the correct position, however the bloom effect still appears through walls and objects when it should not be visible)
-HUD pushed into depth
-Disabled lens flares by default

Key presets:
-Auto-convergence on RMB to make aiming easier, or during cutscenes
-Auto-convergence on F for when recharging battery
-Toggle to re-enable/disable lens flares on the G key (same key as putting on the gas mask for added realism)

-Overwrite the Legal.ogv file to skip the annoying startup video in the beginning


Download: Version 1.1

1. Extract archive to game folder location that contains MetroLL.exe
2. Optional, for unlocking convegence:

Go into the following file:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\4A Games\Metro LL\<some number>\user.cfg

and add the line:
r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 0


  1. i tried to use new 3dmigoto dll for having sbs feature but sbs doesn't seem to work on this game . Hope someone can help me ...

    1. Should work OK, it's independent of the game itself, and uses the back-buffer directly.

      However, you don't give any data at all to work with. "doesn't seem to work" is not useful.

      Best bet is to post in the Metro Last Light thread on 3D Vision forums to see if anyone else has it working.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Also, the SBS/TAB functionality is not guaranteed to work with every game.

    For example, I spent a great deal of time trying to implement SBS/TAB support in my XCom 2 fix via a request, and could never get it to work. Thinking I might have been doing something wrong, I then went and tried updating another game I fixed (Street Fighter V) to include the functionality, and got it working right away. This proved to me that I was doing it correctly in the case with XCom 2, it just simply was not capable of supporting that feature.

    I, personally, do not use the functionality at all as I have 3D Vision certified displays, and it's a hassle for me to have to change my wiring to be able to even test it out for people (disconnect my DL-DVI cable, have to locate a spare HDMI cable, connect that, test, put it all back, etc), so I'm not really willing to bother doing that unless there's significant demand.

    Best of luck sorting the issue out, and like bo3b said, if you get stuck try over at the Geforce forums and someone more familiar with using that functionality might be able to help.

  3. sorry for the late ! I managed the problem : it was sweetfx . It works now and thank you VERY MUCH for your support . It's a very clever and kind team , the helix one :)

  4. Is it possible to use this for the 2D game just to get rid of lens flare?

    1. Is there a trick to getting it work with 2D? Also, is there way to make it use only the lens flare removal feature? As of now, installing this destroys my performance, and the lens flares are still there.

    2. Correction about the performance... I just accidentally set SSAO too high.

  5. Got it working. Needed to hold the toggle button for a second. I thought it was just a quick press. Also, I guess some of the effects I was wanting to remove are just baked into the light sources, (like the rainbow coronas around light bulbs). This still gets rid of the more egregious flares.