Friday, September 23, 2016

Ryse - Son of Rome

This fix has been a long time in the making, and awaited by many. It's taken so long due to the significant challenges working with the more advanced CryEngine version that this game uses than the previously fixed CryEngine3 games that I was using as a framework for this fix.

Unfortunately, this fix is not 100% where I would want it to be for this release, as there are still some remaining issues despite me spending numerous hours, exhausting all my knowledge in attempt to fix, and even directly asking for help from those that are more experienced but was unable to find a solution for them. So I've decided to wrap it all up, and put together this release in the state that it is in.

I have played through the entire game and can say that it is most certainly "playable" in 3D with this fix... way better than that, even. Most of the time the fix is flawless and this game is, hands down, the most gorgeous game I've ever played! Just a shame that the remaining issues exist because it would otherwise be a perfect fix. If I ever can manage to sort out these issues, you can be sure I'll update this.

So without further adieu, I finally present to you this fine piece of work.

-Most lighting/shadows
-All halos on effects
-Ground decals

Not fixed:
-Specular reflections/directional lighting & shadows
-Reflections on water surfaces & glossy surfaces

Other issues:
-Some distant objects/scenery may flicker due to occlusion culling that could not be worked around
-Stages 2, 5, 7 and 8 start off with shadows flickering. Press [ to temporarily disable the fix for shadows which will stop the flickering, you can then press [ again to reenable after you've reached the following sections:

  • Stage 2: Can reenable after sparring segment with Leonidis
  • Stage 5: Can reenable after ambush
  • Stage 7: Can reenable after first fight in senate auditorium
  • Stage 8: Can reenable after ballista segment (I think. Can't exactly remember this one)

Updated on 2017-01-03 to version 1.1
-Updated to 3DMigoto version 1.2.53 to automatically update Nvidia driver profile with required settings to make easier for users to install fix


1. Download: Version 1.1

2. Extract zip file to the folder: ...\Ryse Son of Rome\Bin64

3. Game settings: When loading the game, must ensure to turn Motion Blur and Temporal Aliasing off. Fix was created using all High settings (and Very High for texture resolution), uncertain if it will work on lower settings.

4. I've set the following key functions as follows:

Key          Function
   \            Toggle removes the HUD from the screen (nice for taking screenshots)
   /            Toggle removes the depth of field effect.
   ]            Adjusts the depth of the HUD. Default is pushed into screen 75%
   [            Toggle turns off shadows fix as mentioned above in the Other Issues section

Tools/Resources Used & Special Thanks:
-3DMigoto - Thanks to the entire 3DMigoto team
-DarkStarSwords Lichdom:Battlemage fix was used as a framework to learn CryEngine fixing methodology, so thanks to DSS for his hard work

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  1. OMG OMG OMG! Can't believe that I will actually be able to play this GEM in proper 3D!!!

    Big big big thank you for this release!!
    You have my respect! Gonna install it and try it now ^_^


  2. wonderful, i never think it will be playable using 3dvision ! what a work. helix team is really a bunch of masters.

  3. hell yeah! Thx! You made my day :-)

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  5. Jesus Christ man, you're a fucking beast!

  6. You Sir, are a bad-ass mofo of 3D justice!

  7. wow, I might actually play this now, big thanks for all the effort. Division next right? :D

  8. Вот это подарок, спасибо, Тебе, большое.
    Ждал, что NVidia сделает профиль под игру, но видимо им не судьба, а тут такое ………

    1. Here is a gift, thank you, very much.
      Waiting for that NVidia will make the profile of a game, but apparently it is not fate, but here is .........

  9. OMG!!! This is plain AWESOME! Thank you very much, DJ-RK!

  10. Hello;) Thx for that great fix. Got a problem. The left eye is always grey and there is no way to change it. any idea?

    1. Yes, that is what Step 3 of the instructions fixes. You either did not perform that step, or may have done so incorrectly. Please refer to one of the following guides (or do a search for others) on how to import the provided Nvidia profile.

      Using Nvidia Inspector:

      Manually importing via Geforce Profile Manager:

    2. hello DJ-RK
      i have the same problem.

      there was an existing "ryse Son of Rome" profile. i just imported the .nip in your archive fix and it has replaced the existing one. i clicked on "APPLY". For me, it should be working no ? so WHY not ?

    3. Sorry mate, I don't have an answer for you because yes, that should work. It works for me, it works for everyone else that's commented here. I'm sorry to say, but in my experience from years of working in IT support for a bank I've learned that in most cases where something works for every other person, and only one person is having an issue, then the problem is usually that the one person with the problem has usually done something incorrectly. Unfortunately, I don't have any way of directly helping you, it's not like I can come over to your place and check out your setup, and I'm not interested in trying to set up a remote desktop connection to try to connect to your computer, so I've reached the limit of the support I can give you here. Please read the other comments here, or the guides I've previously linked, because I guarantee you the answer for you lies in one of them.

    4. Oddly enough I also have this exact same issue, I've followed your directions to the letter and tried both importing the .nip profile for Ryse and also manually updating all the profiles and importing and neither approach works, sadly. :( Have done this before so stumped on why I'm encountering this problem (Note: also tried to import the nip file into the global driver profile like the post below but that made no difference.

    5. I just updated the fix to include the latest 3DMigoto release which allows me to have the fix automatically update the Nvidia profile with the required settings, so just download the new fix, uninstall the old one and install it, and you'll know it worked if you see the green text say "Ryse: Son of Rome 3D fix by DJ-RK"

  11. Hi DJ-RK;)
    Now it works;)) My fault was, that I imported the nip-file into the Ryse: Son of rome profile in nvidia profile inspector. Now I´ve imported it to _GLOBAL_DRIVER_PROFILE (Base Profile) and it works.
    Thx mate for your hard work and let me say, you really keep 3D Gaming alive. Do you got any adress for a donation?

    1. Strange, I didn't know that it mattered what profile you were on when you imported, I could have sworn there were times when I tested my profiles that I created while I was on that game's profile when I imported it. I wonder if maybe you didn't click the Apply button the first time around, but did the second (but, again, I'm not even certain if that's required, I kinda assumed that once you imported it, it was final).

      Anyways, glad you're now enjoying this game in it's full glory, and yes, I have every intention of continuing to do my part to keep our beloved 3DVision still going as long as it's within the realm of possibility (or until there's an acceptable alternative).

      Also, yes I do accept paypal donations to: :).

  12. Thank you so mutch for your hard work!

  13. Hello, i deleted the original profile. But if i try to use the new included profile, i have an error. If i try to create a new profile, i have the same.
    maybe 'Ryse' is already in the 'Global driver profile' but i don't find it.

    what can i do please ?

    i can't try the fix :(

  14. Try searching to see if the driver automatically created a profile called Ryse.exe, and if so, delete that. Otherwise, only other thing I would suggest would be to do a clean reinstall of the driver and try again.

  15. Replies
    1. Yes, that is why I said that it appears you already have Ryse.exe assigned to a profile, and why I gave you those suggestions

    2. i'll try, i'm going to wait the next drivers, thx !

    3. Hello DJ-RK
      With the last drivers, i deleted my ancient settings and installed new drivers 375.95

      i put the fix files in /bin64 folder. i launch nvidiaProfileInspector. i choose "import profile", i choose the one from your fix archive.
      it seems to work. i click on "apply", i close nvidiaprofileinspector.

      i launch Flawless Widescreen from 3DSurround site, i choose "RYSE SON OF ROME" 3Dsurround fix.

      i launch the game with Steam >>>> black screen >>> the pc reboots.

      WTF ?? :)

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    5. Sorry man, I only fix the games, I can't troubleshoot your 3D surround issues. Best bet would be to not play in 3D Surround if it was working for you before you installed that fix.

  16. 8/10, the shadows and the pop problems were very noticeable. Frustrating considering how the Crysis games work so great out of the box. Thank you for making the game playable though.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That's a fair assessment, so thanks for your rating. However you may not be aware but Crysis games' built in 3D is actually fake 3D. We like to call it 2.5D because it's a bit of a hack that adds a bit of depth to the world, but everything looks like flat cardboard cutouts because it's not rendering in true stereo 3D. That's why proper fixes for Crysis 2 and 3 were made, and can be downloaded from this site.

  17. Just a comment for anyone who previously had issues getting this fix to work due to the Nvidia profile bit, I've updated the fix to include the latest 3DMigoto release which allows me to have the fix automatically update the Nvidia profile with the required settings, so just download the new fix, uninstall the old one and install it, and you'll know it worked if you see the green text say "Ryse: Son of Rome 3D fix by DJ-RK"

  18. just a quick question does this fix sort out any of the FPS or stuttering problems?

  19. Thanks DJ-RK for the new WIP. Finally ready to play this epic game, in full 3D glory.