Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Crew (DX11)

This game was really broken, so a lot of stuff are fixed. Lights have a bunch of shaders and different patterns, so that is why i fix only using Soft shadows.

- Shadows and Soft Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- Sun Glare
- Skybox
- 2D Objects (Fire, smoke, dust)
- 2D white outlines in map and others stuff
- HUD (10% depth)

Know issues (will be fixed in future update):
- Ocean reflections, i still need to figure this out. i can fix the reflections but the rest of the water looks rare.
- Others minor reflections in buildings (windows)
- One Lights, need to fix the decompiler issue first (is a big one), but is a know pattern.

- Use MSAA or TXAA (FXAA and OFF is broken)
- If you get a crash disabling Compatibility Mode (AKA Fake3D), use Nvidia Inspector to remove the original profile from the exe. Start the game without profile....that will start the game in real 3D.

TB and SBS Mode: 
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Extract .zip where the .EXE is located
- Disable Fake3D using CTRL+ALT+F11

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  1. oh that's just CRAZY, i was wondering "oh i'm going to see if there is a fix for "The crew" on Helixteam, i'm going to the homepage, and what a surprise !!!! and of course, it's a job from DHR, so it's probably a professional work ! :)

    thank you a lot, DHR !

  2. need help guys, every time i try to disable compatibility mode the game crashes, any idea???? thank for the fix^^

    1. Try to enter to the game without the fix, disable Fake3D and then apply the fix. If this is not working try removing the profile for the game with Nvidia Inspector.

  3. when do you release no aa or fxaa fix ?
    MSAA and TXAA are very taxing on the gpu
    tahnx DHR

    1. Sorry....i'm not going to update using no AA or FXAA...i have to fix another 40 shaders for that in different places. You can play with a lower resolution or reduce other settings.

  4. The solution worked before installing the DLC "WildRun"
    Now, With the DLC "WildRun" the screen goes black and game crash
    What can be done?

  5. Sorry guys, i don't have that DLC to take a look what happens

    1. hello DHR
      the game works fine in 3DSurround but it's in CM. If i do "ctrl+alt+F11", the game crashes or i get a black screen. i'm forced to reboot, no means alt+tab works :(

      do you have an idea please ?

    2. Hi great xerox!
      Use Nvidia Inspector to remove the original profile from the exe.
      Start the game without profile....that will start the game in real 3D.

    3. THANK YOU DHR :)

      look at this, it's great ! (AA disabled to gain FPS, the game is fluid)

      Strangely, when i quit the game, i got a black screen, i'm forced to reboot pc. well it's nice anyways.

    4. you should add "Use Nvidia Inspector to remove the original profile from the exe.
      Start the game without profile....that will start the game in real 3D." in Instructions

    5. Hi great xerox!
      "Notes": Use MSAA or TXAA (FXAA and OFF is broken)

      If you are using AA OFF you may found some shadows/lights issues.

    6. hello DHR
      mmmh i got last geforce 378.57.

      here it is :
      you can see my settings here

      do you think the fix is broken ?

    7. Not related to your question, but if you are going to use dropbox for sharing, please set the dl=1, so that it's not a pain for the viewer. It's harder for you to set links that way. But for me at least, if I have to do even one more step then I just don't bother to look at files. And dropbox is a drag to click through.

    8. @bo3b

      now i'll use this site for jps pictures :) Better ?

    9. @great xerox
      You have to use: SOFT SHADOWS, AO = OFF and use MSAA or TXAA (FXAA and OFF is broken). If you already use those options maybe some game update broke the game.

    10. @DHR hello DHR.
      you can see my settings in the first picture, i followed the sheet.
      So i think the game update broke the game :/

    11. I just tested the game again, and when I set the settings as specified in the Notes, the image looks flawless to me. Win7, driver 368.22. Latest version of game, because it forces you to update. Don't know about the DLC.

    12. In your game settings image, you have FXAA enabled. The instructions say specifically that FXAA is broken. That just cost me about 1.5 hours. Grumble. Grumble.

    13. i'm sorry bo3b, shame on me ! i'm distracted, i was sure to have read FXAA instead of MSAA, damned.

    14. the good news is than the fix is working fine^^ with the DLC "Calling All Units" (in my system)

    15. Doesnt work. I deleted Nvidia Profile but when clicking "F11" it crashes. I did all the froum here said..

    16. now it works but I get only TB Mode and cannot cycle to the SBS mode, it crashes

    17. Try setting the SBS mode as the default starting point. At the top of d3dx.ini, change the code to x7=2. Don't know if that will work, but at least you won't have to F11.

    18. Oh it works!! THX a lot for quick response. You did an amazing job with this. The Crew in 3D looks far more realistic. Especially the cockpit view. Its a pitty that the FOV slider is still grey out. Is there any mod? Is there any workaround to get rid this red cyan coloration when Nvidia Stereo 3D is activated? For an anaglyph view it is normal, but in SBS view I hate it because all colours seem unatural. Thank you and greetings from Germany :)

    19. Hi Torrente, i found a solution to the colouring when using SBS mode together with Discover glasses anaglyph in the nvidia 3d vision forum. Before you run the game:

      - open regedit in admin mode (right-click + run as administrator)
      - go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\Stereo3D]
      - find the entry called "StereoAnaglyphType" and set it to 0 (default is 1)
      - now run the game but dont close regedit

      if the colours change again, close the game and repeat the steps

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  7. hi how to disable AO