Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Killing Room

Quite the fun little game (although maybe a little masochistic in some ways!). Fairly similar to Ziggurat in terms of FPS/roguelite hybrid gameplay, but less fantasy and more of a Saw meets Tim Burton like theme. The graphics are actually pretty good (really like the explosions and fire effects) and makes for a pleasant 3D visual experience. Definitely worth picking up, especially at the current sale price.

-Mostly everything

-Shadows will sometimes break in certain rooms at certain camera angles.


1. Download: Killing Room fix v1.0
2. Unzip file to game directory where KillingRoom.exe exists
3. Add launch option "-window-mode exclusive" without the quotes

Tools used for this fix:

-3DMigoto DX11 wrapper
-DarkStarSword's Unity 5.3 template


  1. Looks Awesome, gonna pick it up in the evening
    Again thanks for your hard work mate!

  2. Doesn't work on steam version of the game. After adding "-window-mode exclusive" parameter 3d vision light indicator turns on, but nothing happens. All 3d objects on screen are 2d as before.

    1. The fix definitely works with the Steam version of the game, because that's the version I have. Just fired it up to test it to make sure that an update did not break the fix, or something, but it's still working fine.

      Maybe try doing a DDU fresh reinstall of the NVidia drivers, or make sure you have the launch parameter set correctly (again, without quotes, no unnecessary spaces before the -, etc)

  3. Looks awesome in 3D... but the crosshair is killing it and there is no way to remove it... anyway to remove the crosshair?