Monday, October 24, 2016

Sniper Elite V2

Here's a game that I'm surprised never got a proper fix before. I remember people saying that the game (and also Sniper Elite 3) was extremely broken and unfixable, which was actually very far from the truth. Anyway, got 'er all fixed up nicely now, and able to enjoy those x-ray headshots in all their 3D glory. It's a fun enough game, a bit arcadey and shallow for my likings, but I know some people absolutely loved it. And for those wondering: yes, I can/will also fix Sniper Elite 3 (and probably will also be able to fix the upcoming Sniper Elite 4)! I already made significant progress back when it had a free weekend on Steam a couple weeks back, but then the developer ended the free weekend at 6PM on the Sunday, rather than later, and I was about an hour into working on my fix at that point. Grrrr. So as a matter of principle I decided against buying the game at that time, and will revisit it when it's next on sale.


  • Lighting & shadows
  • Bloom effects
  • HUD & 3D crosshair implemented

Not fixed:

  • I don't have the DLC for the game, so I could not fix the sniper crosshairs for any DLC rifles


1. Download fix: Version 1.0

2. Extract fix contents to ..\Sniper Elite V2\bin folder

3. In-game settings:  Should work across all game settings.

4. Optional - Either set StereoFlagsDX10 setting to 0x00004000 in Nvidia Inspector by following these instructions, or simply disable compute shaders in the options (only thing I noticed is they are used for bloom effects on fires, so don't think turning them off is a bad option if you have issues with using Nvidia Inspector)

5. Key Presets:
\  key             -      Cycles through static HUD depth settings. Might work for pushing DLC rifle crosshairs into depth
Caps Lock     -      Toggles convergence to 0.5. Good for during the bullet travel cams.

Tools used / Special thanks:

-3DMigoto version 1.2.43. Thanks to bo3b and DarkStarSword for their continued efforts, and also to Chiri for his initial creation of the tool
-DarkStarSword's auto-depth 3D crosshair code and HUD filtering technique

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  1. Thank You DJ-RK for this fix!

    This game is beautiful with x-ray shots :)

  2. Thank you again for your hard work!


  4. And i made the very easy..but the shaders are not well represented in the game

    1. the shadows are wrong.. i dondt know how to do..

    2. Make sure you've installed the fix inside of the "Bin" folder inside the game's folder. If you are certain you've done that, then maybe try doing a fresh DDU reinstall of your Nvidia drivers.

    3. CTRL+ALT+F11 should fix it

  5. Nice! I'll have to finish a play-through of this now. I had tried to look at it before, but I'm not as experienced in fixing games.

  6. Remember to CTRL+ALT+F11 if it doesnt look correct at first, then adjust convergence, thats what i did and it looks great, any chance of doing the Zombies one called "Zombie Army Trilogy", i tried using this fix but i guess it uses the Sniper elite 3 engine?

  7. recently i´ve installed the street fighter V profile (i have to follow the same method for sniper to create the 3d profile).. and it was running excellent.. when i run for first thime the 3d profile of sniper only i have some depth and then push CTRL+ALT+F11 keys.. and everything. changes with shadows it´s very weird..should be work correctly and it does not

  8. i will try to change the d3d11 file for d3d9 and let see if work.... thank you for your help guys!..i hope to fix this file in my pc..any alternate suggestion is wellcome!!

  9. here´s the thing..looks like the Reshade.dll (ver3.03)files could be corrupting the dxd11.dll files.. after delete the reshade dx file (in my pc runs with dxd9.dll..i don´t know why..).. runs the 3d profile excellent!! THAT´S HAPPPENED beacuse to be a modder!!..jjeejej i hope to be example of conflicts..THANKS GUYS!!

  10. Nope I'm also getting shadow issues all over the place with the latest drivers unfortunately :(

    1. So are you saying it worked on a previous driver, or that this is your first time installing (which happens to be on the latest driver)? If it's the latter, then you didn't install to the correct folder, which would be the "bin" folder in the install folder (which was explained in the steps above). Enjoy!

  11. The depth and shadows work flawlessly. Great job on fixing that.

    My concern is that with maximum depth and a high convergence, the sniper crosshair are slightly off to the point of being unusable. I tried binding a custom convergence to the right mouse click, to no avail, adding the settings to the ini didn't work:
    PresetsKeysList = 10;

    Key = 501
    Presets = 12;
    Type = 2

    UseSepSettings = true
    SaveSepSettings = true
    Convergence = 0xbb521ff5
    Separation = 0x42c80000


    Hopefully some here can read this and offer some guidance.

  12. To answer my own question and in case anyone has same issue, I deleted the above settings, and use another tweak in the d3dx.ini that actually works. Well, at least it triggers different depth/convergence settings on the right mouse click....

    Key = VK_RBUTTON
    type = hold
    x = 0.0
    y = 0.0
    z = 0.0
    w = 0.0
    delay = 100
    transition = 100
    transition_type = linear
    release_delay = 0
    release_transition = 100
    release_transition_type = cosine

    However, I want to tweak the values so that on right click 3d vision is almost entirely flat for sniping. I haven't quite accomplished that yet.