Thursday, November 3, 2016

City Car Driving Simulator

It's kinda funny how I came across working on this game. Just over a month ago I was set to take my IRL driving test in 2 days, and wanted to get in as much practice as possible beforehand. Not having my own car (I'm actually a motorcycle guy! ;)) left me with few options. I had the awesome Logitech Driving Force GT wheel (that I barely ever used) so I figured I could use that, but found that the racing games in my library weren't actually the best candidates for practicing real life maneuvers and scenarios, so instead I decided to search for simulators that would be more applicable, which of course led me to finding this title. I fired up the game and found it was mostly fine, although the HUD was at depth and mirror reflections were broken, so a couple quick adjustments and this was perfect in 3D. It just so happened that I had just finished building my own DIY head tracking device (intended for Elite Dangerous), and this title has TrackIR support. So with 3D in place, head tracking, and a well functioning FFB wheel I found this was a very suitable and surprisingly accurate solution for getting in some good practice for my road test. I've since gotten myself a Logitech G27 wheel, and fully intend on using this to also help me learn to drive manual.

TL;DR: I actually used this game to practice for (and pass!) my drivers test, and I recommend this for anyone else with similar hardware: 3DVision, FFB driving wheel, and (optional, but very useful) some form of head tracking device.

It should be mentioned that I made this fix from the copy that is available for download off of the dev's website, but I imagine it should probably work with the version that was just released on Steam.


1) Download fix: Version 1.0
2) Install to location of Starter.exe file, which should be ..\City Car Driving Home Edition\bin\win32 folder
3) Game is not very graphically demanding, so I used all highest settings.
4) Set convergence to preference, and use ] key to cycle through HUD depth settings (including removing it all-together)


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  2. You are simply ridicolous.The ingenuity of your work is mind blowing.

    1. LOL, thanks! Like I said in the blurb, I actually did not need to fix all that much, so gotta give credit for the devs for their work in keeping this fairly 3D friendly. My guess is that goes hand in hand with the Oculus support this game has. But all the same, thanks again, just glad to do my part to keep our beloved technology & community alive!