Thursday, March 9, 2017

Falling Skies

The game is TPS like XCOM, but more simple and cheap



Fixed: HUD, illumination, lights (not standard methods), start menu
Disabled: Shadows (it has a lot of shaders with problems in PS, may be review them later), Reflection texture
Known Issues: Convergence should be dynamic (camera often switches between backside view and high view - use F1 to switch convergence)
Keys: F1 to switch 2 convergence values; '~' to switch between 4 values of HUD depth
Installation: Unzip to game folder


  1. Thank You for the fix, this game is next in my playlist.

  2. Replies
    1. Unlikely, but possible. Remove the fix by renaming the d3d9.dll file which is part of HelixMod. Be sure to disable all in-game overlays.

      If you look on the forums, a lot of people have crashes and hangs, which is the more likely culprit.