Thursday, March 30, 2017

War Thunder 3D fix W.I.P v1.0.0

Hi All,

I was looking to fix another game and someone mentioned War Thunder.. Well I toiled all day and it looks to be a good one..

There was many things broke and besides disabling Shadows you can pretty much run this full Graphics settings.. The Higher the better, it looked pretty good maxed out.. Be warned you need to keep Separation low in some Aircraft Arena maps.

There are presets which you can adjust too your liking but try the presets first.. There is a List of Hotkeys in the Readme in the file you Downloaded.. Please Read it for Hotkey key presses..

So without further ado here is the deal.


Disable Shadows and Object Shadows and Disable SSAO..Settings other then that to your Preference or computers limitations..  We have a JPG of some recommended Settings Please try and follow them to your PC's ability..

I have a Preset to the UI/Hud Objects so they will render in depth. You have to press the hotkey at least once to get it turned on. for some reason it is OFF by Default even tho there are only 5 presets.

Main Menu looks really good now and everything is in 3D and you can set the UI to your liking with the 5 presets..

This is the 64bit version Tested on Win10 it should work for Win 7 but that is untested as of now..
IF you have a 32bit OS I would urge you to upgrade but if not let me know I can get that made up and it should work..

Here is the DL Link and goes in with the ACES.EXE Found here:


X= Your Install Drive for War Thunder..

here is the DL:

War Thunder v1.0.9 3D Migoto fix.7z


UPDATE: I, Had some help from 4everAwake and Flowbee thank you guys.. We have a bunch of stuff fixed and a few minor issues. Please see the readme in the Zip folder "3D Migoto War Thunder Readme, which can be opened with Notepad++

made a few small changes seems I can fly in high settings like Flowbee recommended and it looks much better now..

Tanks are the Shining point in this one they came out great.. I think you will agree..


UPDATE: I just want to add as it has been brought to my attention. That players may face a perm-ban using this mod and playing Live on the servers.. I was also told some had been perma banned for using SweetFX..

So on the multiplay we don't yet know but there could be a Possibility of Perma ban for using this mod.. YOU WERE WARNED!!!!!!!!

The_Nephilim, 4everAwake, Flowbee


  1. Hi,just installed this fix and it does not work for me, I only see the sky and even that is not looking quite right. Everything else is black. Windows 10,64bits,disabled shadows and ground shadows too.

  2. I made a few updates Please try v1.0.1, I used 1.2.53 of Migoto now so hopefully it will be universal for Win 10 and Win 7.. Remember this is the 64bit Version of the fix..

  3. If you are looking for suggestions as for games to fix, I suggest Saint's Row IV... A fix does exist for SLI only, but as I am on a single card, I cannot make use of that fix. I have not played it (purchased in one of those crazy Steam sales) since there is no fix. Eventually I may play it in 2D, but I continue to hope. If I only had the knowledge to make fixes... And I imagine you have received plenty of requests for Mass Effect Andromeda...
    Thanks Dude,

    1. Also, Thank You So Much for continuing to help keep this sadly ignored technology alive!

  4. OH your welcome but the big thank you go to the guys who codded and keep up 3D Migoto.. I am a mere fixer of the games ;)

    You know about the GeForce forums yes??

  5. Thank you for your work Nephilim Jone !!!!
    Was looking for 3d in warthunder now I can enjoy it more !

  6. The link to the download is broken

  7. looking into it right now gimme a minute ;)

  8. OK Guys the DL iis Fixed Sorry about that not sure what happened there but it is good and a minor tweak to the clouds in the tanking area..

  9. Hey Guys, I made a small adjustment. there was a problem with the clouds separating too muc hwhen adjusting the convergence but that should be fixed now in v1.0.3.. IF you still see that happening Please let me know.. Also does this game have a nighttime?? I am asking because I may need to fix the stars yet.. ;)

  10. Thank you for your hard work !
    The_Nephilim, 4everAwake, Flowbee !

    We need to discus the bann problem on the official forum of warthunder...

  11. FINALLY!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!
    I waited for so long for another fix(the first one here was not good enough) the game!

    Thanks again guys!!