Wednesday, April 19, 2017


3D Vision fix for Bayonetta.

- Haloing issues (smoke, water, reflections, some transparent enemies, attacks, etc).
- Lighting on characters when they are in cutscenes (they were too bright when 3D was enabled for some reason).

Remaining issues
- The sea water (and some other effects related to that shader) is messed up and I didn't find a feasible solution.
- The sun and similar effects are at screen depth.

- Download this file and extract its contents (using 7-zip) in the root folder of the game.
- If you want to disable depth of field in cutscenes, merge the "shaderoverride" in the game path with the "shaderoverride" folder that is inside the "optional depth of field removal" folder.
- Launch the game.

- F1: high convergence.
- F2: medium convergence. Necessary for some stuff.
- F3: low convergence. Useful for cutscenes.
- F4: HUD depth presets. Screen depth by default.
- F5: character lighting on cutscenes toggle. Enabled by default, making it good in 3D. Disable it (pressing it once) if you are going to play in 2D, or else characters will be too dark.
- F6: reflections fix toggle. Some places, like chapter 3, have a heatwave effect that is broken if reflections are fixed. The best workaround is using the F2 convergence hotkey (everything is OK), but if you want to use high convergence in those places, you can disable the reflections fix with this hotkey.
- F8: toggle between 100% depth and 50% depth, made for film cutscenes that have too much depth.
- 4: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.

- You need to disable the HDR option. It causes too much bloom in 3D and it will be at screen depth.
- I recommend not playing at exactly 2560x1440, because it causes multiple horizontal lines of internally missed pixels (you can see little jumps).
- However, using a custom resolution, like 2544x1431 will make a bug appear in "film" cutscenes (image inside of image) at this date (unpatched game for now).


  1. Thank you very much! Now I know what to do at the Weekend :-)

  2. THANK YOUU!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank You so much for the fix! Regarding the shape of her glasses Bayonetta herself seems to ask to play the game with 3DVision :-)

  4. Guys can someone do Rad Rodgers! too bad doesn't work with 3DV

  5. Getting bad stuttering at 1440p. is this what you were talking about skipping? Anyway around this? Makes it kind of unplayable.

    1. That isn't what I talk about in the OP (I talked about the internal resolution being wrong at 2560x1440, where it skips some horizontal lines of pixels). I also get bad performance sometimes, especially in chapter 3. Devs are in theory working on a patch:

      "UPDATE 1 (29 April)

      Hi Bayo fans,

      Sincere apologies for the lack of communication. Please be aware that we are reading this thread EVERY SINGLE DAY. We appreciate you posting your issues and specs. We understand your frustration, and are working closely with PlatinumGames to release a comprehensive patch as soon as possible. Note that it is Golden Week in Japan next week, so work will be delayed due to the holidays. We ask for your patience and to bear with us as we work to resolve your issues. Thank you."

      According to some users, the Steam integration degrades performance.

  6. Thank you so much from France,the game is fantastic in 3d.

  7. Hello, the game won't run in 3D on my monitor:

    ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR

    A red message pops up saying it's not a 3D compatible screen. It happened only with Grid 1 and Bayonetta so far. I tried some tricks like matching the desktop resolution and refresh to the desired one ingame but no luck so far. Does anybody have solution for this?

    1. Known problem with that monitor on Win10 FCU. They broke 3D vision in some weird way. See the 3D Vision forums for suggestions. I don't follow it closely because there is no way in hell I'm running that piece of shit FCU until they force me too, but IIRC you have to also use the very latest NVidia driver that fixes some Microsoft f*up. Anyway- people with actual experience with your monitor in the forums.

    2. Thanks dude. I have to say that the monitor works amazing with dozens of other games i tried. I will ask into the forum about bayonetta.

      One thing, what is FCU? cheers

  8. Hello! How to remove all fog (gold fog in battles and all other near/far trash)?