Thursday, April 6, 2017

Black Desert Online 3D fix..W.I.P.

Hey Guys,

I had this fix up earlier but thought it broke and I had to redo the entire mod.. I thought the developer locked me out.  But it was just an update that broke a few things..

Now, before we start I am going to mention there are 3 Presets. The first one which controls the UI/HUD Seperation and it can be enabled when you see the Pearl Abyss Splash screen .  .

The Hotkey for UI/HUD is the" MINUS" key on the Numpad keys..

When you get into the Main menu where you Start you should be in Stereo  if not just make sure you pressed the hotkey again to be sure.

Now I don't think there is any restrictions on the Graphics settings but the experimental settings are not tested and not sure what will happen if you enable them. there may be broken effects so at your own peril..

Now about the other 2 presets, they are for the Spirit Guide/Cinematics and in game setting..
I, have it as it is, set for my liking you may need to adjust. To do this first before playing..
You will need to enable Hunting in the d3dx.ini file. It is best to open it with Notepad ++ not just regular Notepad..

So go grab Notepad++ it is a free DL and then open the d3dx.ini located here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\d3dx.ini

Once you open it with Notepad++ go to line "146" it should say the following:


Change the Zero too a "1" then save the file. you can hotkey it with CTRL + S.
Then scroll down to line "626" this is where we are gonna set the Convergence levels..

Key = ,
convergence = 300

Key = .
convergence = 1100

Now, the reason we enabled Hunting in 3D Migoto, is it shows you what the separation and Convergence levels are in Green Lettering at the bottom of the screen.... Now go in game and set your separation to your liking this will not need to be adjusted again..

Once, you have your separation to your liking Press the "Comma" Key this will bring up the "Spirit Guide" Unless you changed that key press in game as that is the default key to bring up the spirit guide and to set the convergence level for Spirit Guide/Cinematics..

 Now, set your convergence level to your liking you don't need to adjust the separation, just the convergence.. Now look at the 3D Migoto where it says Convergence, note the number.
 Mine was set to 300, yours will most likely be different that is ok as it is to what you like..

Now, exit of the spirit guide and go back in game, now set your Convergence to what looks good to you and note the number. Again mine was 1100, For me that sets a bit of Positive convergence with 75 as the separation..

Now quit the game and go back to the d3dx.ini file and input those numbers you should have written down..

So for Convergence it is line "646" where it says "300" input your number you wrote down earlier.... now go to line "652 and replace "1100" with the number you got.. OK once that is done save the file CTRL + S or go to file and save..

Don't forget to disable Hunting after setting the convergence numbers just input a Zero there and save the d3dx.ini file.. that should be it in there and you can close that down.. Warning just closing notepad++ with the red X top right corner will NOT save your settings.. either close it on the tab from within Notepad++ or CTRL + S or goto File and save there..

Now we don't need to change the NVidia profile the stock one works well. Other then this it should be good to go now..

One thing to note the roads look a little weird at times and you might notice a green layer on the roads and surrounding Rocky areas.. I have tried everything and I can not eliminate it fully.. You can eliminate it even more by your separation and convergence setting..

Believe me it is much better now then the other fix I made..
so here it the Beta Version of the current fix:


UPDATE: I had some issues with 3D not kicking in and was also reported this happened. I think I resolved it just make sure your game is in FULLSCREEN mode from the launcher, button looks like a star top right of the launcher screen then save.. I also enabled Force Stereo. If anybody has issues with Stereo being enabled let me know this should be fixed now..

Here are some recommended Graphics Setting for us to use:

1. Game Window = Full Screen
2.Texture Quality = High.
3. Graphic Quality = High/Very high.. Don't select med or lower..
4. Anti-Aliasing =  Checked (Optional)
5. Depth of Field = Unchecked
6. Show Blood = Checked
7. Faraway NPC Detail = Checked (Optional)
8. SSAO = Unchecked
9. Improve Distance = Checked (Optional)
10. Blood on Display = (Untested)
11. Show Worker = Checked
12. Screen Filter = Unchecked
13. High End Mode = Unchecked
14. Hit Effects = Checked (Optional)
15. Remove Snow Buildup (Untested)

Now the ones that are marked optional can be off or on depends on how it affects the performance of your PC.. The Ones marked Unchecked definitely Leave Off..

Items Fixed or disabled..

1. Shadows disabled.
2. HUD/UI all should be fixed...have to be enabled with Hotkey "MINUS" on Numpad keys..
3. Crosshair fixed stereoized
4. Cut scene and in game convergence setting..
5. Stones that where in 2D on the road disabled.
6. Spirit Guide in Talking mode giving quests Stereoized..
7. altered effect on road disable 2D
8. Soft Shadow under player Disabled..
9. some Cart Tracks on Road disabled.. 2D
10. puddles on road disabled.. 2D

This is for Windows 10 64bit. I am unsure if Windows 7 64bit will work if you have trouble running the windows 7 64bit let me know here..

Hope you enjoy the fix and if you see something Please leave a comment here or over at GeForce Forums in the Black Desert 3D fix thread..

Thank you and Enjoy


  1. Hey Your Welcome Hope you enjoy it.. If you notice anything Please let me know..

  2. Was hoping this might get a fix. Gonna buy the game now and try it since this is here.

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  4. Wow, I waited over a year for this fix? Who are you in game so I can send you some gifts?

  5. OK I redid the fix completely similar to the old one but now there should be light in Dark Areas.. Also not the green slime on the road can be minimized when setting a higher convergence and separation.. Please see the section on how to set those up and set in the d3dx.ini file..