Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Civilization VI ALPHA Release..

Hey Guys,

I am putting out the current fix which is FAR from done but I figured maybe someone else can pick it up and perhaps finish it.

There is a Hot Key to control the UI/HUD it is the MINUS key on the Numpad.. You can enable it whenhe first screen comes up that says Continue and has the HAVOK Logo..

Now the things that are mainly broke are Shadows, Map Pins (Altho they do work in Strategy Map just not when in the main 3D Map). Why it works like that I don't know but maybe it can be fixed with a texture swap or something??

It is larlgy untested other then in the Demo version so other effects maybe broke but I don't know I only had the demo and did not really play it just based the fix on the beginning world..

So this is a EARLY ALPHA and NOT COMPLETE. So Please realise this I am only releasing it because maybe someone else would be inspired to pick up where I left off..
I am not gonna finish it because I don't play this game currently but I thought I could look at it and release what I could with the demo version of the game..


  1. Fantastic work! Great to see this started so well. Hopefully, others will continue.

  2. I would like to find out why the map pins work in Strategy map but not in the 3D map?? IT is a riddle of the decade..

  3. there is a better fix made by 4everawake under Sid Miers Civ VI