Monday, May 1, 2017

Little Nightmares (DX11)

Update Nov 18

- Support to DLC: Secrets of The Maw Chapter 1 & 2

Many THANKS to masterotaku for helping in this fix.

- Shadows/ Lights
- Decals
- Halos in effects
- Lights Shaft
- Specular highlights
- Water ripples and water reflections
- Fog and smoke position
- Toggle DOF

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- "P" key toggle DOF on/off. default = OFF


- Extract where LittleNightmares.exe is located (\Little Nightmares\Atlas\Binaries\Win64)
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes". This is for the Profile Override needed for this game.



Read this topic about How i will release my fixes: HERE

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  1. Thanks! Just gave it a quick go and it looks awesome, now I can play beyond chapter 1 and play the rest of the game in glorious 3D.

  2. There was no rundll32 prompt for me when starting the game? But it looks great!

  3. Спасибо!!!

  4. you can also disable some of the other post processing effects by putting this in the Scalability.ini


  5. can you make one for Inside and disable the Temporal AA effect and possible Scanner Sombre? Also im trying to hook into Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 that runs on cryengine but no matter what i do i cant get it to hook into the game.

    1. Please take this discussion to the NVidia 3D forums, where we have people that will like be able to help.

    2. what is the link to those?

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  7. thank you for the fix, when i start the game i have a FATAL ERROR any idea?? i use TB Mode.

    1. I use TB Mode, don't have issues.

      If you use normal 3Divison, it works OK?
      Also try to disable steam overlay or similars like MSI Afterburner, FRAPS, etc.

    2. thanx for the help, here's what i did:
      i tried it with 3dtv but the game does not have the 1280x720 resolution so i used the fix to force it , the game started with the 3d enabled and did not have the fatal error , but still unplayabale because the image is bigger than the sceen 0_0 (the resolution still 1920x1080 in the sitting menu)
      i use windows 10 and have the gog version of the game

    3. Maybe is a win10 issue when TaB/SBS mode is enabled.
      You can try uncommenting (remove the ";" from the beginning) this line in the d3dx.ini file: allow_create_device=2

    4. That didn't work but changing the d3d11.dll with the one included in the Nier Automata fix worked perfectly, thank you for your help.

    5. Very strange, because the d3d11.dll is the same in both fixes, the 1.2.57 version.

  8. Thanks again for the fix DHR and masterotaku ;) The game looks glorious in 3D Vision.
    Having finished the game, I thought it would be fun to play through again on my Rift in SBS mode with Virtual Desktop but am having the same issues as some who posted above, with a fatal crash when I try to enable SBS.
    So, is this a Win10 issue with 3D Migoto as you mentioned DHR? (I am running Win10 x64 Pro).
    Steam overlay is off.
    I have tried:
    - uncommenting allow_create_device=2
    - closing ALL non essential processes, including obviously Afterburner etc.
    Even tried switching the d3d11.dll as maximum ukyo mentioned, but yes, it was exactly the same file (and all properties were the same) so as expected that didn't resolve the problem.

    If I again comment out the allow_create_device=2 line, the game launches and works perfectly.

    EDIT: Out of curiosity I just tried the same thing with Alien Isolation...and the result...exactly the same behaviour!
    Game works perfectly in 3D Vision mode, but attempting to enable SBS causes a fatal error, with or without allow_create_device=2 enabled.
    It's a pity, I have played through Inside in an acceptable (but not perfect) 3D SBS mode using Tridef 3D on the Rift and while there is of course a significant loss of resolution compared to 3D Vision, it certainly makes for a pretty powerful and immersive experience. I wouldn't say that one is better than the other just ... different!

    1. Hi mrbluesguy! great that you enjoy the fix!

      Yes, clearly there is an issue with win10....i have win7 and don't any problem using SBS or TAB.

      About Alien insolation, i think the current fix have a version of 3Dmigoto that don't support "allow_create_device=2" (probably if you insert that line in the ini you will ear a beep sound at launch). The fix need a 3Dmigoto update (dll + ini, not only dll).

    2. I just check!....the command is supported in the current fix of Alien Isolation. But maybe still need to update 3Dmigoto, if i remember correct bo3b add new stuff on lastest dll using those commands, so is better to use the 1.2.57 version of 3Dmigoto.

  9. Thanks for checking that out DHR. OK, so looks like whether it's Win10 in general, or something odd and specific to my gaming rig but Alien Isolation still didn't work for me om SBS mode even after I replaced the d3d11.dll and nvapi.dll files with the 1.2.57 versions from the latest 3D Migoto release from Github.
    Anyway, not too worried about Alien Isolation - I played that through a couple of times in my DK2 days and lost way too many hours of my life hiding in virtual lockers and under virtual tables too scared to move forward with the game but determined not to rip off the headset and be a quitter!
    Would love for a solution to play SBS 3D though for Virtual Desktop in VR without having to resort to tridef which is nowhere near as good as the 3DMigoto+awesomedevs+3DVision+awesomeshaderhackers master combo!!

    1. You can try commenting (add ";") this line in the d3dx.ini, like this:

      ;vs-t125 = StereoParams
      ;ps-t125 = StereoParams
      ;vs-t120 = IniParams
      ;ps-t120 = IniParams

  10. DHR...thank you so much. That final suggestion resolved the issue.

    It's really odd, but a couple of days ago when I was trying some other options for some reason the fix (even in normal 3D Vision mode) stopped working for me.
    The game would launch, but 3D Vision just wouldn't kick in. (the 3D active light on my VG278H didn't turn on).
    Pressing CTRL-T would do nothing.
    I tried Rise of the Tomb Raider and some other 3D Vision titles I play and they all still worked perfectly.
    Going back to Little Nightmares, again the game would start without any issues, but in 2D only, no 3D active light on the monitor, no 3D vision.
    I uninstalled and re-installed the fix (making sure all related files were deleted first).
    Didn't resolve the issue.
    I tried cold rebooting my PC and unplugging the mains power from my 3D monitor to cold reboot it as well.
    Made no difference, Little Nightmares still wouldn't work in 3D Vision mode, but other games would.
    I tried uninstalling 3D Vision drivers completely using display driver uninstaller in safe mode and re-installing.
    Made no difference. Same result with Little Nightmares not working and Rise of the Tomb Raider etc working well.
    Tried uninstalling Little Nightmares completely and deleting all traces of associated files, then re-installed it and the fix. Didn't solve the problem.
    Finally, uninstalled the fix and Little Nightmares one last time..then I went through and deleted all entries in the registry by searching for 'little' and 'nightmares' and removing anything it found.
    Rebooted PC again, re-installed game, re-installed fix.
    and finally...the game worked again in normal 3D vision mode :)

    So, then I tried your suggestion of commenting out the StereoParams and IniParams and now I have a perfectly working Little Nightmares in's really awesome in the Rift using Virtual THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  11. Please make one also for the small DLC : Secrets of the Maw :)

    1. The update is for that DLC...the chapter 1 names is "Depths".

  12. Their seems to be a problem with the ambient occlusion. It doesn't seem to be working correctly in 3D. Also, some reflections seem broken. In the chapter selection screen, the reflections on the water for The Depths chapter are broken. Not sure if that relates to the in-game reflections. Also, the reflections for feet prints seem off (bright foot prints in one eye, but dark in the other). Some smoke effects look like they are at the wrong depth as well. I'm sure I have installed the fix correctly and I'm using the latest version from GOG.

  13. Here is a link to a picture of what I am experiencing with this fix.
    It seems like something is wrong with the shadows or ambient occlusion, or something else. I am on the latest GOG version (The Depths update). Also, I have not gotten a rundl32 message upon starting the game up though, I assume it's because I have UAC disabled. I believe the profile override is in effect because when I push ctrl+alt+insert I get a message that includes "DHR" and "3D Vision Ready."

    1. Do the shadows look right with the main game? Is this a DLC specific problem? Are you using the latest version that DHR fixed for the DLC?

    2. The picture that I had posted above is from the main game. I am running the latest version of the GOG version of the game (The Depths version), and I am using the latest version of the fix by DHR. I'm not sure what the issues are, but I think they relate to either ambient occlusion, lighting, and/or reflections.

  14. Exactly the same here. Wrong shadows and water