Friday, May 5, 2017

Scrap Mechanic (Early Access)

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

1. Shadows.
2. Light reflections.
3. Godrays.
4. HUD pushed to depth.

1. Download this file.
2. Unzip all the individual files in the "ScrapMechanic3DMigotoRelease" directory here: [SteamLibrary]\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic\Release

Known Issues
1. The game is early access and does not have much content, or water, or anything complex, which may turn up in later releases
2. When exiting the game, sometimes there is a bug that makes the computer go really slow, and you need to log out and back in to Windows.  Not sure if this is a game bug or a fix bug.  To get 3DMigoto to load I had to turn on "allow_create_device=2" in d3dx.ini, so not sure if that is the issue.


  1. This game look interesting!

    Welcome back to the blog mike....hope you see more!! Cheers!

  2. thank you very much!!thanks for your efforts!!

  3. Thanks for the fix mike_ar69.