Monday, May 1, 2017

Syberia 3 [DX11]


Updated: 02.05.2017
- added 10 HUD depth presets on TAB key (this gives to set cursor on panels accurately)
- removed wrong godrays from couple windows in first chapter)

Thanks to DarkStarSword for developing his Unity template

Fixed: - haloing, lights, shadows
Removed: light from balcony doors in hospital
Remaining Issies: water reflection in hospital fountain (can't find neither PS no VS), lights from windows (I should pass whole game to disable them all)
In game Options: - set Graphics to Beautiful
  1. Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game directory.
  2. Use Nvidia Inspector to assign the game's EXE to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)
  3. In your Steam library, right click on "Syberia 3" and select "Properties"
  4. Click "Set Launch Options"
  5. In the box, type " -window-mode exclusive" and click "Ok"
  6. If you use not steam version in desktop shortcut's properties in object field add '-window-mode exclusive' after 'Syberia3.exe'.
I made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
If you like this mod, please consider supporting DarkStarSword on Patreon

P.S. There were problems with "HardSurfacePro Hidden Front Opaque Specular.shader.decompressed" in shaderassets51 so DSS's can't extract shaders. So I've omited that 60 shaders.


  1. Hi neo vad

    Thank you for this fix!

    Could you please provide me following information:
    - relative path to the game exe
    - name of the game exe

    I would need this to complete the profile for 3D Fix Manager.

    Please also have a look here:

    I have a suggestion: Is it possible to automate the installation of the driver profile by using 3dmigoto's [profile] section in d3dx.ini? Maybe you only have to copy paste the driver flags from 3dhub-player in here. Did you already try if this works for this game? If not I'll add a .nip file to 3D Fix Manager which swaps the profile to 3D-Hub Player

    1. I haven't refreshed my Nvidia driver for a long time. May be it will work fine with native profile

  2. Edit: sorry, you already provided the name of the game exe. I didn't see :)

  3. BIG THANKS neo vad !
    LOL - I spend the hole evening yesterday, trying to fix this game, but it didn't wen't so well as yours :)

    1. DSS's script have extracted not all shaders. May be it' developer mistake. By the way you should update your "Vikings Wolves of Midgard" with this shader. It removes all remain issues (I've passed all game)

  4. Congrats new shaderhackers Neo Vad & Blacksmith56 :)

  5. Thanks to all of you for your precious work!

  6. Thanks so much for the fix neo vad.

  7. I applied strictly your procedure, but no way to get 3D vision, windows 10, 382.53 driver and 1.2 version of the game ...

  8. strange, because the green 3D button on the top of the screen is on ?!?

  9. I can confirm it still working on Win10 16299.64, 388.31 and v3.0 of the game (well, installed with 3D Fix Manager - incl. newest migoto). Btw. v3 is how the game is supposed to come out (control etc) - except the unfinished story (be warned about the cliffhanger).