Monday, July 17, 2017

Fire Pro Wrestling World.

This funny little wrestling sandbox came up on steam a few days ago in early access, mainly working well in 3D. I personally think gameplay wise it's much more like an actual game than the 2K yearly drop. Reminds me of my youth playing Royal Rumble at the local arcade dropping coins with some randoms. =)

Coolest thing is the player run workshop already has pretty much every famous wrestling character and then some... To hilarious effect. You can make some crazy rosters.

I've made some simple fixes to improve -the remaining elements that are not in stereo.

Although the characters themselves are actually just 2D sprites, everything else is in 3D and the effect ends up looking pretty good. Better than 2d at any rate. So I thought I may as well upload. I left the sprites at screen depth in the menu's otherwise it causes corruption in game, but works pretty much perfectly other than pointing out the games most glaring flaws. (mainly melee hit detection)

Download this archive: Fire Pro Wrestling World
Extract to games Fire Prowrestling World directory with .exe

Set steam launch options of the game to:

-window-mode exclusive

Currently only way to increase resolution is through A registry edit.

Locate and Run > regedit.exe

Change value of Screenmanager Resolution Width/height to your monitors native resolution in Dec. (otherwise the game run's at a horrible low one.)

Set convergence accordingly, and .... go

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