Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mages of Mystralia [DX11]

Updated 14.01.2018 (added fix for Unity 5.5)

  1. Download Tested on 5.4 build #27147  or  Tested on  due to game's exe version and extract the contents into the game directory.
  2. In your Steam library, right click on "Mages of Mystralia" and select "Properties"
  3. Click "Set Launch Options"
  4. In the box, type " -window-mode exclusive" and click "Ok"
  5. If you use not steam version in desktop shortcut's properties in object field add " -window-mode exclusive" after 'Build.exe'.
I made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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  1. Hi
    Thanks for fix this game :D
    I have one problem...
    The game crash with the dx11.dll

    1. the D3d11.dll, sorry

    2. What version of Windows and version in properties of game's executable file do you have ?

    3. Unity Player [version: Unity 5.4.5f1_68943b6c8c42]

      d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
      in module d3d11.dll at 0033:535a9cf4.

      Error occurred at 2017-07-05_045220.
      S:\Mages of Mystralia\Build.exe, run by ich.
      22% memory in use.
      16281 MB physical memory [12677 MB free].
      34641 MB paging file [29687 MB free].
      134217728 MB user address space [134215394 MB free].
      Write to location 56ed6418 caused an access violation.

      On Windows 10 /64bits

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    5. Arch V.-
      Product V.-

    6. I have the same version - so problem is in Win 10. Try to add string 'hook=except_set_samplers' without commas in to the [System] section of the d3dx.ini

    7. did it...
      but saddly same result :(

    8. I find the way!!

      I see in other fixes this lines are with ;

      in this fix are not...
      i put them the ; and now the fix works nice..
      only when i leave the game this crash now

    9. Try to find which line have to be commented because some of parameters could potentially disable core functionality of 3Dmigoto, especially allow_dxgi1_2. allow_create_device=2 is useful in Windows 10 because it will force all requests to become D3D11. It's quite possible that Windows 10 runs Unity in D3D12 especially in new versions (I've seen d3d12.dll in some last Unity games). If allow_create_device=2 crashes 3Dmigoto try to add " -window-mode exclusive -force-d3d11" after Build.exe in desktop shortcut's properties

    10. This lines were enabled since 3Dmigoto version 1.2.61

    11. No way...
      When i uncomment any of those.. crash again
      with all comment work perfect... the fix loooks great also.

    12. Ok, I'll notify bo3b (one of 3Dmigoto developer) that enabling them causes crash in Win 10 in 1.2.61 release

    13. ;) glad to help

    14. Worth knowing for this fix, but as a general rule those changes are more compatible with Win10. Specifically the "allow_create_device=2".

      It makes no logical sense that uncommenting the first line "allow_check_interface=0" would cause a crash. It literally will use the same default of 0 when it does not find the line. Something else is going on.

  2. I have the latest game build, #27354 on Unity v 5.5.3 and the fix doesn't kick in. My question is how others have the older builds/Unity versions when the game, to this point, has only been offered through Steam and Steam automatically updates all games?

    Please excuse my lack of technical knowledge on this subject, but there are no beta options for the game to rollback to earlier versions in Steam. Is there some magic that you all employed that you can share? I have played through the game once, but would love to do it again in proper S3D.


    1. What happens in Unity 5.5.3 ? 3D Vision disabled ? Or there are many 3D artifacts in game ?

    2. If you do not know how to find old version that means it's will may be illegal way in your country. But I am not lawyer. There are DRM-free (without copy protection) GOG versions of games and I do not know is it legally to buy new version and then download old version through different ways

  3. 3D Vision kicks in, but shadows/effects are broken. I thought it might be the piracy/DRM-free issue. I actually went to GOGO's site to see if they offered the game, but it is only available on Steam at the moment.

    1. No it's because of different content of shaders in 5.5 Unity. Or difference of shader's hashes

  4. Same problem here with win 8.1 pro and the steam version of the game (up to date, of course).
    The game crashes unless I comment the allow_create_device=2 line in d3dx.ini
    I use the -window-mode exclusive -force-d3d11 command in steam parameters.
    But even if the game doesn't crash, the 3D vision kick, but the fix has no visible effect...

    Will you make an update to your fix or should I play this game in 2D ?

    1. I use only Windows 7 64bit because I know that there are big problems with all wrappers in higher versions of Windows.

  5. Thanks so much for the update Neovad - looks great! One of my favorite games of 2017.

  6. I cant get the it working. I have got the gog-version, I put -window-mode exclusive into the object in the shortcut of the build.exe but the shadows are broken.
    Any suggestions?