Friday, September 29, 2017

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey [Tweak Guide]

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is one of the first Adventures rendered entirely in 3D. A very nice and colorful experience with 3D Vision.Unfortunately the game uses an old version of  "Starforce" protection which will refuse to work under Windows 7 and higher. The good news: it can be patched to run under Windows 7 and higher. Follow the steps below to make it work with 3D Vision.

- Install game
- Do NOT run the game and install Starforce because it wont work
 -Download 150 Mb patch, example from here
 -English speaking users install complete patch
 -Non english users unpack the patchfile in a folder somewhere on disk. For example with 7zip.
 -Replace the games exe with the exe from the patch (only that, nothing else)
 -Delete Nvidia Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Profile completely
 -Set V-Sync to ON in both game and Nvidia Settings
 -Run game, make your settings like depth, convergence ect and store it back with STRG+F7


The US Patch removes Starfoce Protection. It can be used for german language and possibly any other language also. It is important not to run the hole patch if your language is not english.Unpack the exe like described above.

In some cases (possibly different driver versions) nvidia settings cant be stored to disk. For that a complete remove of the profile will help like described above.

V-Sync "OFF" can cause crashes.

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  1. Thank You for Your information! I have played this game just some weeks ago and discovered that assigning the profile for Prototype with Nvidia Inspector helps to solve issues with water reflections. Sometimes dynamic shadows were broken but restarting the game helped.