Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tomb Raider Chronicles [Tweak Guide]

This Guide can be also used for Tomb Raider 4.

1- Download the XP-Vista Patch for Tomb Raider 1-5

2- The Updater let you choose the Game to update

3- Install DGVOODO into game folder from

4- ADD: Setting ID_0x70edb381 = 0x2420894e InternalSettingFlag=V0 to Tomb Raider Chronicles Profile, otherwise the game will remain mono.

5- Set VSYN to OFF in Nvidia Control Panel if pressing ESC freezes the game.

Notes: The game will play with nice stereo seperation, unfortunately the menu is some kind of messed up, you need to switch to mono for a proper use and storing savegames. This guide possibly works for all versions of Tomb Raider 1-5 because its the same engine. (not tested)


  1. hi RJKole !! add your donation infos here please

    1. For requests like this that are completely unrelated to this blog post- please use PM on the forums.

  2. Hey Im new here, sorry for this comment in this section, I simply don't know where to contact ya.
    I love 3D effects in games on a deeper, personal level as it has helped me overcome some psychological issues in the past.

    I've 3 things I wanted to say besides this heh.

    First off, There's a new game released which would heavily succumb and benefit from 3D and that is Hob, from the creators of Torchlight. Is there any way you could add a 3D element?
    I can donate some money for it, make it worth your while ^^ !

    Second, you guys are the best, doing what you do.. its crazy good for people like me, you've no idea what sort of impact you make.

    Third, For how long have you guys been doing this and how long will you keep doing it?
    Games are here to stay and 3D vision is getting abit old, I'd love to see the work and what you to in a probable long future ahead.

    1. Yes, please don't make requests in a wrong thread, it's disrespecting the hard work that the ShaderHacker did for any given fix, by saying "you don't care about their game, what about my game?"

      Best place to talk about games is in the 3D Vision forums. Make a thread, and show what 3D looks like currently, and do some due diligence of trying different profiles. You can possibly get interest from a ShaderHacker there.

    2. Well there really isn't any need to be a dick about though.

      How was I supposed to know this was the wrong thread?
      How was I supposed to know it was disrespecting?

      There is no indication as to where I am supposed to ask for help, because thats what I did - that and thanked you guys for your work and thats what I get in return.. wow.

      Yeah, Ill go to the 3D vision forums, I don't really understand most of what you said in that last sentence though hehe, Ill try!

    3. Methinks you are overly sensitive. I said 'please', and filled in why this is not the spot for requests.

      Please describe how would I convey this information in a form that meets your needs?

    4. I am sensitive, not overly sensitive, I am very impulsive though.
      You said it was disrespectful to the hardwork that the ShaderHacker did for the fix if a request was written in the comment section.

      I clearly stated that I love ALL of the work you guys are doing, not just one single release, followed by that I had no idea what so ever where to post a request like that. No where on your site does it state where to ask for requests.. thats what triggered me.

      You're probably not a dick IRL though, sorry if I made it sound like it.

      Again, thank you and the others so much for what you're doing, it helps people in countless ways.

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