Thursday, November 30, 2017


3D Vision fix for GZDoom, the source port of the old Doom games (and all supported mods). Thanks to Helifax for making this OpenGL wrapper all by himself.

- In Windows 7, it can be played in 3D Vision natively using quad buffer stereoscopic 3D (in the OpenGL renderer options). However, at some point in Windows 10, it doesn't trigger the glasses nor produce a 3D image anymore. This fix is aimed at people that can't get that mode to work.
- This fix uses frame sequential 3D (just like all OpenGL fixes in this site), meaning that very fast horizontal camera movements can cause a bit of disorientation. However, it's very easy to get 60fps per eye, so it isn't that easy to notice.
- You can use your Nvidia convergence hotkeys, unlike in the native 3D mode of GZDoom. To customize depth, open "3DVisionWrapper.ini" and change the value of "DepthMultiplicationFactor".

- Stereoized geometry, without breaking any HUD elements.
- HUD, crosshair, and weapon depth hotkeys made for GZDoom 3.2.1.

- Download this file and extract its contents in your gzdoom folder, like "gzdoom-bin-3-2-1-x64", where "gzdoom.exe" is.
- Play the game in OpenGL mode, but don't use any 3D or VR mode in the ingame options.

- l: normal convergence.
- p: high convergence.
- o: crosshair depth toggle (if you use a crosshair in the HUD options).
- k: HUD toggle.
- i: HUD depth toggle.
- j: weapon depth toggle.

- At this date (2017-11-30), the fix is specifically made for "gzdoom-bin-3-2-1-x64" version. The extra hotkeys (aside from convergence) don't work in 3.0.0, for example. I may update this fix for future versions because of the usefulness of having a crosshair at depth. Just in case, I'm hosting version 3.2.1 too, although I can't guarantee that the custom shaders will work for everyone.
- Stereoization will work in all future versions, I assume.
- If you use a newer GZDoom version and HUD hotkeys don't work, I recommend deleting the contents of the "Shaders" folder.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Thanks for the fix! I used to play this on my old 3d set up. Really appreciate it :)