Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hitman: Contracts

3D Vision fix for Hitman: Contracts. It includes a Hor+ aspect ratio mod (up to triple monitor, but customizable for custom aspect ratio too. It's done by shaders) which is moderately affected by culling (NOTE: there is an alternative widescreen method). The fix needs dgVoodoo to convert DX8 into DX11.

UPDATE: I've updated the fix today (2017-11-17) for some possible stability fix.

- Stereoized bloom.
- Disabled distant "shadow/fog" (at a fixed distance from the character) that I suspect was unintended to appear. It isn't caused by 3D or broken in 3D. It was just annoying.
- Aspect ratio of cutscenes (manual hotkey).
- Something that broke the image of mirrors at certain camera angles.
- HUD at customizable depth.

Known issues
- Things very close to the camera will suddenly appear at a lot of depth, breaking the consistence of geometry. Mostly only noticeable in narrow corridors or wall mirrors. This is an issue with the drivers.
- Using the prerendered cutscenes AR hotkey will break ingame graphics. Go back to the default setting after the cutscene is done.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Hitman - Contracts" folder, where "HitmanContracts.exe" is.
- Download the latest dgVoodoo 2 release or WIP version here:
- From inside its "MS" folder, copy "D3D8.dll", "D3DImm.dll" and "DDraw.dll" into the game folder.
- Open "dgVoodooCpl.exe" and configure it like this, for example, tuning the resolution and some other settings to your liking:

- In "HitmanContracts.ini" (in the root folder of the game) or ingame, use any 4:3 resolution, like "Resolution 1024x768". Even if it says 1024x768 there, that will only control HUD scaling and not the internal resolution. In my case (1440p monitor), I use 1600x1200.

- Using that internal resolution and not any other widescreen trick, the game will be proper 16:9 thanks to the fix. F4 changes the aspect ratio in real time, but check "d3dx.ini", above the "w=0.75" line, to see the instructions.
- Boot the game and play.

Better widescreen
- The widescreen mod by nemesis2000 is better and doesn't suffer from clipping. It also has some extra features.
- To use it, rename its "d3d8.dll" to "d3d8.asi", place the three files inside the game folder and configure "h3.ini" with the settings you want.
- Download Ultimate ASI Loader  (32 bit version) and place the "dinput8.dll" in the game folder.
- Open "d3dx.ini" and change "w=0.75" to "w=1", because you won't need my widescreen method.

- p: six convergence presets.
- F3: HUD depth presets (crosshair included). Screen depth by default.
- F4: aspect ratio presets. The default one is 16:9. The order is: 4:3, 16:9, AR for 2560x1080, AR for 3440x1440, and 48:9.
- F5: toggles the weird "shadow" at distance. Shadow disabled by default.
- F6: bloom toggle. Not disabled by default.
- o: cutscenes aspect ratio presets. By default, 4:3 stretched. Press once and it will crop the necessary parts of the top and bottom black bars (using the F4 hotkey value as reference). Press it again and it will be just centered in the 4:3 area without any stretching.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Brilliant work masterotaku
    So many great fixes and i just love the Hitman series.
    Thanks again!
    Kind regards

  2. thank you for fix! Love this classic game so much!

  3. hahah...doing some good oldies masterotaku :D

    Thanks a lot for the work and time you put in 3D!!