Saturday, December 16, 2017

Nine Parchments

What this mod does:
- Fixes shadows, lights, decals & various haloing issues.
- Places the HUD & UI at a fixed depth
- Adds 2 convergence presets on the 'Caps Lock' key. The higher preset is for normal gaming. Use the lower preset for the cutscene in the training level. The lower preset will also make HUD & UI screen depth.

1. Download this ZIP file & extract it into the game directory
2. Run the game
3. In the Options -> Visuals, set "Anti-Aliasing" to "High", "Very High", or "Extreme".
4. Set "Visual Quality" to "High" or "Highest"

Additional Notes:
- If you want to change the convergence on the Caps Lock key:
  1. Press the Caps Lock key until it's on the higher setting. 
  2. Adjust the convergence to your liking
  3. Press 'F7' to save your setting.
- If you want to change the depth of the HUD & UI:
  1. Open the file 19BA52CC.txt located in "..\ShaderOverride\Vertexshaders\"
  2. Where it says "def c247", change the value 0.2. (The higher it is, the more depth it will have).