Friday, December 15, 2017

Two Worlds 2 (DX9)

What this mod does:

-Removes too much brightness and bloom effects on objects
-Makes the game look more natural

-Optional improvements of gameplay, colour of the sky, sharper gras.


1) Download this Zip-File

2) Extract into the folder where the games exe is located

You can additionaly improve gameplay and colors of  sky , sharpness of gras ect. by choosing beetween different settings files as described in the readme.txt.

You can also completely remove HUD and Character temporarily for taking sceenshots by using short console commands. ( see also readme.txt )


The main purpose of this fix is to remove the annoying bloom effect which makes the whole game look way too bright. The additional autoexec file is not a must, it can easily be removed if those settings dont look good on your machine.

The fix does not yet bright up too dark areas like Dungeons. (i am not shure if this is possible at all).
If you turn up your monitor brightness a little you should get an acceptably ballanced view.

RJKole 2017


  1. Thank you for your hard work!

  2. When i set the graphic detaillevel to 2 or 3 i have broken shadows.. I can only play with Level 1. Is it possible to fix this or edit something in the Settings?

    Thanks for your work!