Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 3D-Vision Ready Fix V4.06

***This fix was made of prev. Cryengine games made by DarkStarSwordDHR and DJ-RK that served as tamplates***

---------LATEST official 3D-Vision-Geforce Driver: 425.31----------
You can install 3D-Vision for the lates driver using this Method discriped here:

Optional donation:

If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate here:

Special Thx goes to:
DarkStarSword - "cracking" the Cryengine the first time
DJ-RK- who made a likely playable WIP fix with me and supports me with his knowledge
DHR - applying the 3D-Vision Ready CS lightening fix
DarkStarSword - fixing the hard to fix issues we all cannot fix especially some water-reflection, flimmering shadows and screen space reflections and SSDO!!!!
DarkStarSword - learned me a lot of things to get my 3D-fixing-knwoledge up to 3 of 10 points ^^

==> This was a really good collaboration of common 3D-shader-hackers, even Helifax offered his help, THX A LOT!!! I am very proud of presenting the following fix that where never be possible without this community!! GO AHEAD!!

Further donation for shader-hackers directly involved in this fix:

DHR                      -
DarkStarSword    - or @ / 
DJ-RK                     -

--- ~319 h of development time later ---

Latest Update: V4.06 - 20.05.2020
- profile update error should be fixed

Update: V4.05 - 21.01.2020
- Fixed added missing ReShadeShaders for Performance Mode +++ i have missed before!!! SORRY FOR THIS !!!
- fixed a distance decal problem, dont have adapted RegEx, only adjust depth for one file, need to check consistency first may be another update here soon!
- fixed the convergence and depth switch for looting!
- face shadow should be near perfect now
- fixed an issue with the AO movement sickness i have missed!

Update: V4.04 - 20.01.2020
- optimized AO motion sickness fix for less flickering and less square apperance for near objects, should be near perfect now :-)
- Fixed "missing file error" after unstiall the prev. version using unistall.bat SORRY FOR THIS !!!

Update: V4.03 - 19.01.2020
- approximate fix the remaining problem with the strange movement of the AO shadows while moving
==> NUMPAD + for disable the approximate fix, if you dont like it because it can make some quare AO apperiance arround some objects and may cause some flickering, for me this is better than the damn moving AO, so if you dont like it, disable this!!
- added missing puddle shader

Update: V4.02 - 19.01.2020


- PLEASE ENSURE TO DELETE KCD game profile from the driver, if you have reinstalled the graphic card driver! (this is ahint, you do not have to do this if you allready done this, this is nothing you need for this version!
- this version ensures a clean and not modified installation of the fix without any changes in the user.cfg if you just start the game via the games exe file, I have also removed the reshade dll that I missed to ensure standard gameplay without reshade. If you want some more performance start the game with the CMD script and choose your option as usual! Than quit the game and start the game using the games EXE file. THIS IS THE WAY FOR USING HELIXVISION to get some more performance without starting the game with the CMD script again after once started!

OK realy new in this version:
- Some more depth for FARKLE game
- Fixed hoizon dynamic fog!

Update: V4.01 - 12.01.2020
- skipping lights for the beard make its appereance sutible in any FOV
- skipping in eye shadows makes eyes more suitible
- fixed water be not in depth while enter it
- added water fix for water lower than VERY HIGH, but it is a bit incorrect if you enter the water, so I still suggest VERY high or ultra for water!

Update: V4.00
- near character shadows fixed
- near character light issues fixed
- optimized HUD for fights
- beard transparency/halo fixed for near characters
- hair transparency/halo fixed for near characters
- fixed some AO beeing slightly out of depth
- fixed missing depth buffer for some graphic options, AutoDepthCrosshair should now work for every setting
- fixed inventory depth to be cool!
- added shader cache for less input legs after caching shaders
- updated to migoto 1.3.16
- more performance in non auto boosted mode
- remaining flickering of AO fixed missed to add for game version 1.9

Update: V3.21
- fixes issue that forces max refresh rate if using this fix.

Update: V3.20
- updated fix for Game Version 1.9

Update: V3.11

- Fixed a new CS shader for high shader effect settings with 1.7
- no profile switching needed anymore but you need to delete drivers original KCD profile!!!!! otherwise low performance!!!
- should have more performance over all


Special (it’s your free decision to use or not!):
- cmd driven version for performance boost options

TANK YOU Zloth for beta testing and helping me trace bugs here!!!!
TANK YOU Schwing. for AutoHotkey hints prevent the script is active after game/ALT+TAB!!!!

1.     3D-Vision Performance Mode++++ (up to 10 % FPS, boost options enables up to 50 % FPS on demand, no Reshade, you can use your own) - USING AUTOHOTKEY EXE SCRIPT, user.cfg based visual changes

2.     3D-Vision Performance Mode+++ (up to 5 % FPS, boost options enables up to 50 % FPS on demand, MXOA from Reshade) - USING AUTOHOTKEY EXE SCRIPT and ReShadeFX, user.cfg based visual changes

3.     3D-Vision Performance Mode++ (up to 10 % FPS, boost option enables up to 30 % FPS but texture flickering) - no tools used for this, but user.cfg based visual changes

4.     3D-Vision Performance Mode+ (up to 5 % FPS, boost option enables up to 30 % FPS but texture flickering) - no tools used for this, no visual changes in user.cfg

Lastest Update: 30.09.2018 - V2.58
- updated for the latest patch
- fixed a game breaking change of lightening that should not happen….
- fixed lights for HIGH shader effect settings
- bring back autodepth crosshair
- bring back autodepth crosshair for VeryUnintrusiveReticle
(see how to install the mod even in its current version 02)

Update: 10.06.2018 - V2.5
- fixed more problems I have missed for adaption after game version 1.5
(skybox, lights and ambient occlusion, character haloing outlines in darkness)
(if you already have V2.55 you just have to copy the 2.56 over, no need to uninstall the prev. fix)
==> Please send me an Email (you can use my PayPal donation address) if you find any problems since 1.5 that I missed to fix!!!

Update: 09.06.2018 - V2.55
- Cinematics into depth
- Fix is now working for 1.5 and prev. versions, please read the new introductions to get it working below (especially for SLI!!!!) .... and if you also miss the gamma correction option ^^
- You can disable ANSEL if you have issues .... Just edit the d3d11.ini and delete the ";" from this line:  ;Enable Ansel = 0x00000000

Update: 28.03.2018 - V2.54
- fixed a problem coming up with game version 1.4
- Performance boost
- working and good scaling SLI
- Complete fix of flicker lights
- DOF optimization
- optimized BLOOM
- since 1.4 you should write protect your attributes.xml in "X:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\kingdomcome\profiles\default" after you have found your final graphic settings!!! (otherwise it can all be set to high automatically even with hotfix 1.5

Update: 28.03.2018 - V2.53
- sorry: if have implemented the wrong rain shader in 2.52, fixed now

Update: 27.03.2018 - V2.52
- further rain optimization
- strange angels will not draw shadows on house walls completely in fare distances ==> FIXED!!!
- one eye problem/reflection on some wet ground Decall fixed

Update: 26.03.2018 - V2.51
- 3D-Vision Ready (nearly 100 % fixed)
- making blocking depth crosshair more likely, unfortunately it will not apply autodepth while blocking, hence I set up a fixed depth, you can change it in [Key_fight_XB2] or [Key_fight_KB2] if you need
- rain optimization by DarkStarSword
- fixed lightening changing bug while enter inventory
- farkle depth corrected
- inventory depth adjusted for alternative dialog mode

1. Fixed:

- shadows DJ-RK / Losti
- decalls DJ-RK / Losti
- postprocessing DJ-RK / Losti
- sun DJ-RK complete fix Losti
- sunshafts DJ-RK
- moon Losti
- sky / stars DJ-RK
- puddles DJ-RK / Losti
- reflections WIP DJ-RK / Losti, made perfect by DHR
- screen space reflections DarkStarSword
- CS lightening WIP fixed by DJ-RK/Losti, made perfect by DHR
- dialog lightening correction switch Losti
- distance shadow glitches/light one eye issues Losti
- object flimmer shadows Losti
- character flimmer shadows DarkStarSword
- water DJ-RK / Losti complete fix DarkStarSword
- rain DJ-RK / Losti
- UI DJ-RK / Losti
- dynamic lightening Losti
- SSDO: WIP DJ-RK / Losti complete fix DarkStarSword
- Auto crosshair DJ-RK,Very Unintrusive Reticle Mod Support Losti
- Auto inventory depth DJ-RK / Losti
- Auto inventory depth Farkle Losti
- Auto inventory depth lockpicking Losti
- game has software mouse in depth (THX to the MIGOTO team!!!) (THX to Necropants for the hint that removes the black square around the courser)
- found DX10 flags for working SLI and performance boost for non SLI Losti

2. Issues left:

- some water/screen space reflections not complete correct (@huge puddles, not often seen)
- AO is out of depth while moving, this is not fixable (for me) and a problem for this fix form the beginning

==> Please report existing problems or upcoming one via EMAIL to my PP donation address or in the 3D MTBS forum.

3. Download - Fix V 4.06

4. Introduction get it working:

- uninstall old fixes!!!
- get the latest NVIDIA driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use DisplayDriverUninstaller if you run into any issues like blackscreen or somewhat!!!
- Please NOTE this:

- download and extract the fix archive to "...\KingdomComeDeliverance\"
==> NOT as used to the exe directory!!!

- get NvidiaProfileInspector
- start it and search for "kingdomcome" (w/o "")
- delete this game profile, or delete the KingdomCome.exe from it, otherwise you will have bad performance, the FIX comes with an own profile but you need to delete the existing/original one

- if you have any special settings in the user.cfg, add it to ...\KingdomComeDeliverance\Bin\Win64\user.cfg
==> if you want to use PerformanceBoostVersion, skip this and follow chapter 4.1 for user.cfg changes!

- ATTENTION: Mods changing inventory textures will brake auto-depth setting. Same for mods that will change graphics settings via user.cfg settings or system.cfg!!! Disable all mods and try again before reporting issues!!! --- Be aware of using SweetFX or Reshade this may can cause issues (only report issues if you have checked that they were not came with ReShade or SweetFX)

- Start the game as you are used to, if you do not care about FPS/performance.
==> If you like to have some more performance, please read the following chapter 4.1

- if 3D will not kick in, please klick to the main menue in the game, than use ALT+ENTER and ALT+ENTER again, 3D should now kick in!

4.1 Introduction for PerformanceBoostVersion:

- go to ...\KingdomComeDeliverance\Bin\Win64\

- right click the "KDC_RaiseFPS2_ENG.exe" and "KDC_RaiseFPS2_GER.exe" and "KDC_RaiseFPS2_NAB.exe" and set it as "Run program as Administrator" in compatibility tab!!!! ==>; Do not complain about not working hotkeys if you missed this!!!

- make key changes her if you want/need (PLEASE make sure you READ chapter 8 before you will do changes of the keys!!!!) (...\KingdomComeDeliverance\Bin\Win64\):
---- d3dx_PP.ini
---- d3dx_NP.ini
---- d3dx_PP_NAB.ini
==> (NOT IN THE d3dx.ini itself!!!!)

- if you have any special settings in the user.cfg, add it to the user_3.0np.cfg AND user_3.0p.cfg AND user_default.cfg (NOT IN THE user.cfg itself!!!!)

- start KDC_Performance.cmd
==>; create a link and give it a symbol if you want ^^ do not start the game directly via KingdomCome.exe or Steam/GOG!!!

- follow the instructions and read more details

4.2 Special hints for performance:

- you can switch from WQHD resolution to FullHD and use ReShade for sharpening, the performance mode: "3D-Vision Performance Mode+++" includes this effect but you need to enable it (SHIFT+F2 and tick the LumaSharpen here) ==>; BOOST: up to 30 % additional FPS !!!
- Use NO effect more than high than the following @ maximum very high:
---- Object Quality
---- Shader Effects
---- Water
---- Lights
---- Textures
- do NOT use ULTRA ... it’s useless.....
- I suggest particles, vegetation and physics @ medium

5. Ingame Settings:

- I recommend VERY HIGH Shader Effects, lower you miss some reflections.
- Settings should be up to you, but if you have problems with shadows/shaders, raise those settings. I suggest not lower than medium shadows.
- SMAA 1TX not higher

-If you run into flickering shadows in the night, load a game in a day scene, than reload a night scene should be fixed
- press F10 after any changes from the ingame settings or just restart the game to apply completely
- you can also use F1 for fix flicker shadows if its extense in a scene.

6. Key Settings:
6.1 Key Settings (Controller):

Disable/Enable HUD

Change Water appearance
(muddy or clear, fix comes with clear water (vanilla is muddy))

Standard Gaming Depth
==> This will set your game to STANDARD Separation and convergence

Standard Gaming Depth RESET
==> Same as above, but reset to standard gaming depth while running

Dialog-Key Setting alternative depth
==> Some less convergence in dialogues

Key for read a Book / sit on table
==> Depth settings for sit @ table and/or read a book

Fighting mode
==> Recommendation for melee armed fights/fist fight

Cycle HUD-Depth Presets
==> Find your matching HUD depth and set it as z=XXX in "Standard Gaming Depth"

6.2 Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse):

Disable/Enable HUD

Change Water appearance
"U" (muddy or clear, fix comes with clear water (vanilla is muddy))

Standard Gaming Depth
==> This will set your game to STANDARD Separation and convergence

Standard Gaming Depth RESET
==> Same as above, but reset to standard gaming depth while running

Dialog-Key Setting alternative depth
==> Some less convergence in dialogues

Key for read a Book / sit on table
==> Depth settings for sit @ table and/or read a book

Fighting mode
==> Recommendation for melee armed fights/fist fight

Cycle HUD-Depth Presets
==> Find your matching HUD depth and set it as z=XXX in "Standard Gaming Depth"

Switch AO MotionSickness Fix 
==> STANDARD = enabled, if you dont like it, use the + key for disable!

6.3 Additional Key Settings (using PerformanceBostVersion):

Enable Performance Boost Option 1 (Object drawing LOD reduced)

Enable Performance Boost Options 2 (shader driven performance boost but causes flickering)

Enable Performance Boost Options 3 (disables SSAO)
(only available in 3D-Vision Performance Mode+++) "F4"

Disable ALL Performance Boost Options

Hint: RESTRICTED KEYS for definition: F9 and key 6, do not redefine in the migoto ini!!!!!!

Al settings can be resetted via "Standard Gaming Depth" key for normal view (Boost options reset depends on your choice in the cmd file, more infos are written there
 - use it if you have changed the depth/conv via a key (like dialog or fight, and to reset the Performance-Boost-Options if you use it)

8.0 Key Setting - Customization

RESTRICTED KEYS for definition: F9 and key 6 (if you use PerformanceBoostVersion)
- same as above but your files for change keys are
---- d3dx_PP.ini
---- d3dx_NP.ini
---- d3dx_PP_NAB.ini
==> Redefinition of Fight-Keys (Keyboard: T (press 0,4 sec) or on controller LB+BACK) needs changes in the auto hotkey scripts and recompiling its exe files to work ...HENCE: If you don’t know how, I bag you live with this key settings^^ Same for F2/F3 here !!! It’s too complicated to explain all this because it’s connected to the respective ini files....but for those who want to, the .ahk scripts are included in the archive. You need to install AutoHotkey program first.....
- F3 boost can be changed in the migotos ini file- F1 and F2 are defined in the AHK scripts as well as T, 3 and the joy keys. The reset is done via sending F9 from AHK that in turn is defined in migotos ini file for reset the shader driven boost.....
==> The redefinition of the Standard Gaming Depth and the Fight Key to reset the boost option is only for advanced users. If you want to have personal key settings here and you can’t manage it, you are free to ask me for some help via my PayPal donation address.


- Big thanks to DJ_RK for the ShaderRegex that fixes many issues on demand
- THANK you DHR for your kind words and your support with CS-Lightening!!!
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favorite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
- Tanks goes to Helifax who offered his support even if he isn’t present for fixing games @ the moment, COME BACK WE NEED YOU!!!!
TANK YOU Zloth for beta testing and helping me trace bugs here!!!!
TANK YOU Schwing. for AutoHotkey hints prevent the script is active after game/ALT+TAB!!!!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!
If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Awesome - I funded the game, but was not able to play it so far. Now I am really happy, because I can enjoy your great work. Thank you so much. I will donate as soon as I play.

  2. O.M.G.!!! This one is unexpected! Thanks a lot, 3D shaders gurus! 🤓

  3. Awesome dude, you made it! thanks to other shaderhackers for supporting you!

  4. Jesus, thx alot for this ♥ Donation is coming ^^

    Unfortunately I dont understood one line

    What to do with the cfg? I moved it to the KingdomcomeDeliverance Folder, and than?

    move "user.cfg" to \KingdomComeDeliverance\ <-- add="" following="" lines="" or="" own="" p="" the="" to="" user.cfg="" your="">e_svoTI_Apply=1

    best regards ♥

  5. Sorry ^^ some Blog "html coating error, I will fix this ^^

  6. The user.cfg contains 2 lines that will cure flimmering shadows on objects:

    - move "user.cfg" to \KingdomComeDeliverance\
    - or add the following lines to your user.cfg if you allready have one and you want to keep your settings. Add the following lines (be sure they are not allready present in any case, if yes, please replace if with):

  7. After fix installed I still have left-eye picture frozen in 3Dstereo mode. What I did not do right?

    1. get the lastest NVIDIA driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use DisplayDriverUninstaller if you run into any issues

  8. Wow. I don't own the game, but it put a great big smile on my face to see such attention to detail in the rundown of who fixed what on this game. I have such respect for you all, to continue keeping 3D Vision alive so selflessly - all those hundreds and thousands of hours work for just a little personal satisfaction and on the odd occasion maybe a couple of $ beer money. Feeling the love. Thanks!

  9. Wow!!
    Awesome work , and great to see this community so alive :)
    Biggest respect for working together to keep this tech truly NEXT-GEN

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. It seems to me that access is denied on V2.54 download link

  12. iam not getting correct screen in 1920 x 1080 resolution but working fine in 2710 x 1520.but then fps drops to 18 not I doing some thing wrong?

  13. sorry got it resolved.thanks

  14. Hey there, thanks for the great work. Only a thing: everytime the separation turn back to the maximum, that is too much for my display and the distance from it. Is there some tweak to avoid it?

  15. Yes, all the separation settings is, if you are using the settings the fix comes with, and if you not changed it, are fix. Open the d3d11.ini and change separation = 100 to what you prefere in "Standard Gaming Depth Key" section. Of cause you are free to delete all the separation = 100 settings in each key setting. and adapt the convergence you need. read the fix description how to do.

  16. Love this, its so much fun in 3D - Thank you!!

    1. Seems like they patched something perhaps with graphics in the game today? Some of the shadows now seem off maybe couple other issues?

  17. Game version 1.5 has broken water shaders and some rock cliffs look 2D now :(

  18. I have 2 hrs to have a look today

    1. OK could have a short look @ it and it seems that some shader hashes are different because of the new optimizations and changes in 1.5 ... could fix a lot of them, some shaders are changed but the fixing routine is still the same. I its only a matter of time to get the fix working for 1.5 ... but THIS IS THE PROBLEM .... i do not have time... ill try my best to get it working today but i have only a couple of time this weekend. But do not worry, ill make it !!!

    2. Hey Losti, take your time, no rush :)

    3. OK seems i have fixed everything, also the SLI problem...used old KDC profile...will see if i can implement the changes in the current driver profile via the migoto ini but neet to track down the valu that causes problems...

      BUT ==> I will release the update today !!!

    4. It's great news Losti! Thanks a lot for your effort. Game in 2D is nice but 3D stereoscopic is the pure Bliss :)

  19. New Fix for Game VErsion 1.5 is up for you now!

    1. Hello Losti,

      I have followed instructions and tried manual approach as well as 3D fix manager.
      3DS is not working at all. Everything is white, some broken objects appear at lowest separation, only HUD is there or menu. 3D compatibility works fine though. I tried with newest nvidia driver 398.11 and 397.93 as well. Used display driver uninstaller also. Nothing helps.

      P.S. No mods, no reshade.

    2. Sorry i forgott to add the d3d11.ini file in the fix .... please redownload, its inside now...SORRY !!!

  20. Working great now, great job, thank you!

    1. I have fixed some remaining problems i have missed (thy Roland for the hint with the skybox) ... get updated fix Fix V2.56 now.

    2. 3D is in best shape again, thanks a lot!

  21. how does this run for everyone?. I have sli 1080's with the edited sli profile.
    in 2D everything just on HIGH my GPU's are pinned at 100% usage. with mild frame rate drops.
    ctrl+t turning on 3D GPU usage is at like 50-60% with frame rates all over the place as low as 42.
    ctrl+t again out of 3D goes back to 100%. it's like GTA V done the same thing. we all know how that ran.
    But it's comparable for me the GPU usage does the same thing in 3D and then disabling it to 2D.


    1. Same here. Gtx 1080 runs almost 100 percent everywhere, however, in the 3D, it runs well out of towns but in towns capped somewhere around 65 percent, CPU 45-60 percent, very low FPS 16-25.

    2. You have followed the new instructions with the profile?
      Can you both please try it again after adding "0x080040F5" as SLI bit and as SLI bit for DX11 with NvidiaProfileInspector and report back if this is working for you ??

      Can you please export the current profile (with Geforce 3D Profile Manager) and post the entries for KCD here ?

  22. In Game with patch 1.6 the auto crosshair does not work, the dot is at depth of hud

  23. Losti, I have some dumb questions. Does your fix work for ONLY 3D Vision? Also, does this work for Patch 1.6? The ambient lights on characters at night when I have my torch out is driving me insane. I would LOVE IT if your fix disables this strange ambient light source (I can see anyone wearing white at night because it literally glows).

    1. The fix is working also for 2D (is it that what you mean with "Does your fix work for ONLY 3D Vision") but i dont care about strange ambient light sources in it ^^ Of cause it is possivle to use 3D-Migoto for those issues.....

      Send me a save game and a screenshot and description of what is bothering you in detail to my PayPal donation adress and i will see if i can cure this issue especially for you.

  24. Hallo! For me the mouse cursor is not visible. Neither in the main menu, nor in the inventory ingame. Any ideas?

  25. Please try the new version, i have had done some changes here with the migoto version, may it will work for you.

  26. Thanks for this fix. Witth huge depth, its great.

  27. Fix is updated to the latest version including refresh rate fix problem reported in the forum by b4thman.

  28. Hey Losti, or anyone.
    Is there a way to use resolution scaling in this game? I see there are some options but none of them are "1080p > 4k". And there is no separate scaling setting. Is this reflected in a cfg file somewhere, where I could set it to a custom resolution?
    The fix section 4.2 mentions this: "you can downscale WQHD resolution to FullHD and use ReShade for sharpening". Let's say I don't want any sharpening, jaggies do not bother me. Anyone know how to do the "downscale" part? Is this a setting in reshade as well?
    I want to try out this game but I'll never be able to play in 4K, so I hope there's a solution.
    Thank you all in advance!

    1. Please excuse me because I have expressed myself incorrectly. What I mean is that you can switch from WQHD to FULL HD and sharpen the resulting blur with ReShader. There are certain upscale functions in MIGOTO, but I am not familiar with them.

      It's best to ask in the MTBS forum.

      You can try it there. Open the corresponding d3dx.ini file, which you have to change is in the script start script when you start it (KDC_Performance.cmd).

      You can of course make the changes in all 3 inis, then you are on the safe side:


      High in the ini is; include = ShaderFixes \ upscale.ini
      remove the semicolon, then search for

      upscaling = 0

      set that to 1

      Remove the semicolon here and enter your resolution

      ; Width = 1280
      ; Height = 720

      Also remove the demicolon:

      ; upscale_mode = 1

      I don't know if you need 0 or 1 here.

      But I don't know if that's for what you want to do or for something else. As I said, if it doesn't work ask in the MTBS forum and describe exactly what you have in mind, I think you will be helped.

  29. Hi,
    cant download the fix. 3D Fix Manager cant download it too.
    Please can you fix it?
    Thank you for all your work!!

    1. I took a quick look to see if it was permissions, but it looks like Losti has deleted the file. He'll need to upload a new version.

    2. Sorry for this, ill reupload the file this evening!

  30. Hi. Great work. I noticed that there is a depth cutoff for objects that are closer than a certain threshold. Everything closer is flat, like a glass that prevents objects from coming through.
    How do you call that and how do we fix it?

    1. Sounds like you have it running in Compatibility/fake-3d mode. Use Ctrl-Alt-F11 to switch to real 3D. Use Ctrl-Alt-Insert to show the nvidia overlay, which shows what mode it is in.

    2. Yes, please follwo bo3bs's instructions. I have checked the fix with the latest game version, working best!

    3. You were right, it was in Cmode. But pressing CAF11 makes everything go white. And I cannot view the CAI overlay then. Ideas?

  31. I found the solution: do copy the files in bin to where the exe is.

    1. You have to extract the Archive to your game folder. You have a bin folder there and a User.cfg. just copy Archive content there and overwrite existing Files. Any other will not install the fix propperly.Dont forget to remove the driver original Profile.

    2. The point is, the current Epic Store free version installs the exe into a different folder. "- download and extract the fix archive to "...\KingdomComeDeliverance\" ==> NOT as used to the exe directory!!!" is what creates the problem.

    3. Ok i also own the epic Store Version and ill make an Archive die that. Thanks for the hint.

  32. For some reason I'm getting an almost fog looking thing in 1 eye. I followed the steps and tried this fix with both a "alternatively sourced" version and my epic store version. Using the latest drivers with the 3d fix from mtbss forums (works fine for other games), all graphic settings except shader quality (which is high) on low, smaaT1x. Appreciate any help.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Launching via .bat also gives a cannot initialise EOT error (have to launch through epic store) and when I open it gives some profile error as well (I deleted the kingdomcome profile via inspector before though)

    3. Please reinstall the fix. Than delete the kcd profile with Inspector. Than run it with epic game Store.may you Installed the fix to the wrong folder?

    4. Ok, so I deleted everything in bin folder and let epic reinstall missing files. Checked for profile but it was already deleted/wasn't one. Reinstalled the fix, copied the files from Win64 from fix to Win64MasterEpicGO where the .exe is, still get the kingdomcome.exe error and white eye. I think it's not installing the profile properly, is there a way I can install it manually perhaps?

  33. Please read the Comments from Xander Heiser above where to install the game. If i find some Time ill make a epic Store package

    1. Not sure if it includes everything necessary, but PaulDusler already has an EpicGameStore package for the game at:

      It's used for 3DFM and HelixVision.

    2. Hi bo3b, I also tried extracting the files here to the .exe folder but get the same can't find kingdomcome.exe error.

    3. HelixVision launch seems to be broken now, probably yet another change from EGS. However, the fix itself seems to be working fine. If you use the link I specify above, and drop those files into the exe folder, then launch from EGS, it's working fine. Folder name is that weird "Win64MasterMasterEpicPGO". No error on launch, no white eye. Did get RunDLL box from 3Dmigoto to install profile. Driver 425.31, Win1903.

      Doesn't look like this includes some recent improvements Losti made for performance improvements.

    4. What would you mean by the RunDLL box? I think the profile is my main issue as it always gives the error that it can't update profile, even on my non epic version. Is there a .bin file of it I can get somewhere?

    5. Ah, yes that's the problem right there. You have to be able to update the profile or you'll have a broken game. The RunDLL box is what 3Dmigoto puts up asking for elevated permissions to be able to alter the NVidia profile. If that doesn't happen, the fix will be broken.

      Something on your system is interfering with that normal setup. This works for everyone else.

    6. After some twiddling around I still cant get the profile to update. DDU'd the drivers and installed them either by manual patching or by new 3d fix manager. Could it be because I'm using the newest drivers (even though I've patched them and they work fine for other games)? I get the same error in Helixvision as well.

      Can I manually add the profile flags? I found them in the d3dx.ini, just not sure which value corresponds to what flag. Sigh, the hoops Nvidia makes me jump through

  34. Ok please try the new version, its up at the blog (4.06) and PLEASE report back. This should fix the profile-update error.

    NOTE: YOU HAVE TO remove the old profile!! Like discriped in the fix. You have to use ProfileInspector and completely remove the original KCD profile first !!! Otherwhise you will have white/black wall rendering issues !

  35. Hey dear shaderhackers,

    I didnt follow the last weeks your work.

    Is the 1080ti still the last graphics to play 3D Vision?

    1. Check the forums on instead. Lots of detail there. 2080ti can run 425.31, but we also have the Schwing hack to allow 3D Vision on any driver at present.