Friday, April 6, 2018

Middle Earth: Shadow of War (DX11)

Update 04-22:

- Update a couple of issue more and HUD elements

Thanks to bo3b and DSS!! for making 3Dmigoto works with this game.

- Shadows and CS Shadows
- Lights and CS Lights
- Reflections
- Halos
- Decals
- Models

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- Press F1 to see the keys available in this game.

- Disable mini map, not really neccesary anyways

- Extract where ShadowOfWar.exe is located (\ShadowOfWar\x64)
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes" (in Win10 this don't appear). This is for the Profile Override needed for this game. In Nvidia overlay you will see "3Dfix by DHR".



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  1. WOw! ,
    Again amazing work DHR :)
    Gifts are well deserved!

  2. Wow Awesome man!!!!

  3. Thanks alot im happy

  4. I should not play the game xD anyway it was good aswell in active 3D.. thanks 3d vision heroes !

  5. Damn're being unstoppable lately!
    Thank you sooooo much for all the fixes, and this one too!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. First of all, big thank you to everyone making these fixes!

    if anyone can help me, i have a problem.
    When i try to run the game, i get error that says this =
    "failed to initialize renderer. Failed to create IDXGIswapchain.

    The game starts working again if i uninstall this fix.
    Is there anything i can do to get this working?

    1. We've seen this happen as well. It seems to only happen when you change graphic options in the game.

      Try uninstalling the fix using uninstall.bat, and then run the game and set up the graphics the way you expect to want them in the game. After it is set up and running, then add the game fix. If you still get the error on the first launch, try a second launch. This approach has worked for others.

    2. thanks for replying!

      unfortunately i couldnt get it to work. i tried what you suggested many times, tried to reboot my computer a few times, but it still wouldnt start. is there anything else at all that i could try? (im thinking about reinstalling nvidia drivers). its really a shame since shadow of mordor looked outstanding in 3d and i wouldnt want to play this in 2d.

    3. What version of Win10 are you running? I had trouble with this on Anniversary, but it worked fine (after the first error) on Fall Creators Update. I did not try other Win10s.

      Also of note, it works for sure on Win7. If you want to make your gaming life easier, I always encourage people to dual-boot to Win7 for gaming. Current Win10 philosophy is to f* with you at least twice a year. There is no performance or visual improvements by using Win10.

      Would be worth trying a DDU reinstall of driver. Especially if you roll back to older drivers before Win10 FCU wrecked things. Also might be fixed in the very latest versions, it takes NVidia at least a couple of months to fix stuff that Win10 keeps breaking.

    4. i have the latest version i can get (i think): 1709.
      i did a clean install for nvidia drivers, but no change.
      is it a chore to change the win version? is there any good guide for it? i havent done that before and honestly it sounds kinda scary.

    5. OK, I'd expect 1709 to work. Works for me, and for at least 3 other people on the forums. Not sure what might be going wrong for you. I would not worry about rolling back Win10. It's not hard, but not likely to help here, and also it seems to poison the installation fairly often. If you did an 'upgrade' install of Win10 from 7 or 8, instead of a clean install, you might be suffering from this. Maybe do a full image backup, and try a clean reinstall of Win10 itself. If it doesn't work, you can image back to where you were.

      If you have a second drive, you just install Win7 on it, and switch boot as needed for scenarios like this. Some people use SATA slot switchers, some use BIOS selections. I use a dual boot from startup F8 menu (harder to set up). You don't need a 7 license, it will complain, but still allow you to use it.

    6. my win 10 was clean install, on a new computer. my comp is about 1 year old. the only thing that has changed is that last week i got a new GPU, 1050ti (its a cheap stopgap for now, GPU prices are nuts at the moment).

      a bit offtopic sorry, but today i tried out doom(2016) in 3D and it was pretty messy. the 3D effect was kind of wobbly and hurt my eyes. the weirdest thing is: performance was terrible. FPS stayed at about 40 (once or twice it spiked to something like 120), even on low settings at 720p. that is baffling! i had a 750ti before and it gave me alot better performance than that, doom was completely playable on the old card. something must be wrong o.O

    7. For Doom, that 1050ti is probably not good enough. It's a good value card, but is only comparable to a GTX 960. For an OpenGL 3D fix, where you need to keep the frame high to avoid eye-sync problems, this is not going to be good enough. The 750ti won't be good enough in 3D either. 3D takes 2x the performance of 2D.

      For the Win10 problem, I'm really not sure what else to try. Did you use DDU to reinstall the driver? It's not good enough to click the 'clean' button in the nvidia installer.

    8. Which version of the game are you running, meaning did you install it from Steam, or did you get the Windows Store "Play Anywhere" version? Not sure if this even matters, but I cannot get any Window2s store games to run in 3D, something to do with, I believe, Windows Store games running in a "full screen window".

    9. We cannot fix any games from WinStore. Microsoft has locked down the apps so that they cannot be modded. With five layers of DRM. If you care about modding, don't support them by buying anything on WinStore.

      Our fixes will always work with Steam versions.

      The crash on IDXGSwapChain4 might happen because that swapchain supports a call for HDR. If you are using HDR, try disabling it in Win10 FCU. That will likely allow the game to skip that call.

    10. Original poster here!

      Okay so, i've done some testing and thought i'd report my findings, just in case it may be in any way useful at some point:
      I decided to do another clean DDU install, immediately after that i tried Doom and it worked! No more that weird wobbling image, framerate was high with decent settings in 3D and it looked amazing!
      Then i decided to try this Shadow of war 3D fix again, but still the same error message upon startup. I thought i'd leave it be and play some more Doom, BUT now the same issue appeared. framerate stays at 40-50 (no matter if it's 3D or 2D) and it's unplayable. Tried rebooting many times. Tried quick reinstall of Nvidia drivers. Didn't work. Decided to do a clean DDU install one more time and then tried Doom and now it's working again properly o.O

      So apparently that Shadow of war error is somehow connected to Doom getting messed up?

      Anyways i'm not going to bother you guys with this issue anymore, i'll accept defeat and just play it in 2D for now. Thanks for atleast trying to help me, i really appreciate it!

    11. I also got the same error says "failed to initialize renderer. Failed to create IDXGIswapchain.
      0x80070005", but it's resolved now.
      If the game is launched in Windowed Mode, the error is gone. So the solution is:
      1. Uninstall the 3D fix
      2. Run the game, and change it to Windowed Mode. Or edit file " C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\WB Games\Shadow of War\render.cfg", change the line "Windowed" to "1.000000"
      3. Install the 3D fix and launch the game (Windowed Mode), use Alt+Enter to change to Full-Screen Mode
      4. Remember to change to Windowed Mode before you exit the game

      I hope this can help. And the 3D fix is really great!

    12. Had the same problem as you and this work around works!

    13. I found that the 3d fix manager is causing this problem. when i install manually by extracting to x64 folder no problems. but when i use the 3d 3d fix manager download and install this problem happens. even more recently this fix stopped working with 3d manager completely! so just manual instal!

    14. @greenmafia: Did you accept the 3D Fix Manager offer of updating the 3Dmigoto? That would be a primary difference, and would be running different 3Dmigoto code. Newest version could have introduced a bug that the old version shipped with the fix did not.

  7. "Disable mini map, not really neccesary anyways"

    Uhhh, yeah it is. The actual map part isn't a big deal but that's also got ammo, health, focus level, and hit streak on it.

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  9. Hey, I wanted to play through the dlcs now, it works mostly (except that I also got IDXGIswapchain, zuiks workaround works, but i can't Alt+Tab that way - once ingame again it crashes). Anyway main problem is that textures look blurry/like low resolution once I am moving while 3D is active. Textures get sharp when I stop. It also doesn't happen in 2D. Motion Blur is deactivated. You can see it here (like 3v4 6v7)

    1. Ah, I should search the web before posting. Well, I didn't expect to find infos on 3D but already with 2D you will find posts that state that it's either dynamic resolution (disabled here) or the recommended Setting TAA - in 3D it seems to be way worse, def TXAA to go.

  10. Only the 3D Compatibility Mode works, but not SBS Mode !

    And there are Error Notifications:

    Failed to initialize renderer. Failed to create IDXGISwapChain

    Shadow of War shut down due to a graphics error. This could be caused by improper graphical settings

    Any Suggestions ?

  11. Replies
    1. Still working here. See below. Try setting desktop resolution to exactly what you want in game. Try using 3D Fix Manager, and allow update to 1.3.12 of 3Dmigoto.

  12. Klaus-Peter SchwarteDecember 17, 2018 at 8:08 PM

    3D Vision Mode is not working, only Compatibility Mode is working. It could be a great christmas present. Please fix it !

    1. Not sure what you guys are seeing. Just tested this again, and it was working correctly. Win10 1803, Driver 417.22, using 3D Fix Manager, and allowing update to 3Dmigoto 1.3.12. SBS worked.

      I did see the Failed to Create IDXGISwapChain once, but only once. Maybe first launch.

      Try removing the fix altogether, setting up the graphics exactly like you want, and make sure the game is running in 3D first. Then install fix, and don't change graphic options. Should work.

  13. I have Win 10 1809 and a RTX 2080 Ti, perhaps that is the problem. I have testet many other games with 3Dfixes and they working great,but this one is a problem.


    i have used it without 3dtv play tool
    i have used 3D Vision Discover with the regedit changes

    All other games are working with clear SBS in 3D Discover Mode

    please try this to fix it

    1. Since this is a DX11 game, you are better off to use the now built-in SBS shader support that 3Dmigoto provides. Should be better than the 3D Discover approach. Uncomment the line for SBS shader support in the d3dx.ini.