Saturday, June 9, 2018

Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

3D Vision fix for Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Tested with the GOG version.

- Effects like blur and bloom are correctly stereoized thanks to the driver profile tweak in the installation steps, apart from a shadows fix in "DX9Settings.ini" to not break shadows with this.
- Water effects, if you turn on that effect in the graphics options.
- HUD is now at screen depth instead of being affected by convergence. See the "F4" and "F5" hotkeys. The pause and main menu interfaces and also the tutorials text were already at screen depth and aren't affected by the depth presets.

- Open the "Prince of Persia" profile with Nvidia Profile Inspector and set "StereoTextureEnable" to "0x00000027" as shown in this image.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Prince of Persia The Two Thrones" folder, where "PrinceOfPersia.exe" is.
- Preferably download the widescreen mod from here to be able to use any resolution (without it, widescreen is Vert-) and rename its "d3d9.dll" to "d3d9_res.dll" before copying the files to the game folder. Alternatively, and in case something happens to that website, I've packed the fix with the widescreen mod together. You may prefer to download this directly.
- If you have the GOG version, the game exe ("pop3.exe") needs to be unpacked and have a size of 6196KB. The standalone widescreen mod doesn't include "upx.bat" and "upx.bat", but my fix + mod pack has the "upx.bat" preconfigured to work with this game. Make a copy of "pop3.exe" before using that just in case.
- Open "pop3.ini" (the config file of the widescreen mod) and set your resolution and other settings to your liking.
- Open "DX9Settings.ini" and change the "ProxyLib = D:\GOG\Prince of Persia The Two Thrones\d3d9_res.dll" line to the path of your "d3d9_res.dll". Remember to not use quotes.
- Launch the game.
IMPORTANT: don't use the ingame antialiasing option. Leave it disabled because it forces the game to be in 2D. Instead, you'll have to force in the driver profile if you want antialiasing (it's more demanding than ingame AA unfortunately). Shadows are fine at all settings this time, unlike Warrior Within.

Both fix downloads contain my "prince_of_persia_profile.nip", which is the game profile already configured for 3D and also with 4xMSAA + 4x Transparency Supersampling (beware, the game is a lot more demanding than Sands of Time, and about the same as Warrior Within). It also has HBAO+, but I think I read it's something that can't be forced at the same time as 3D Vision is enabled.

- F1: high convergence preset.
- F2: medium convergence preset.
- F3: low convergence preset (recommended for cutscenes).
- F4: HUD depth presets.
- F5: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F6: blur effect toggle. It also disables the (high resolution in the game compared to Sands of Time) distortion effect that appears when you go back in time. Not disabled by default. I recommend using this if you want a clearer picture. Warning: the prince's bright arm sometimes has the distortion effect applied when you go back in time and you'll see it move a bit over the screen. Not too annoying.

Bloom disabling (optional)
I couldn't make it a toggle successfully, so it's a static shader file that will disable the effect instead. If you want to use it, open the "disable_bloom" folder and merge its "shaderoverride" folder with the one in the game folder. Delete the "shaderoverride/pixelshaders/8B23F50B.txt" file when you want to enable bloom again.

Heat distortion disabling (optional, and the effect only appears a bit on the title screen)
This is an effect that I couldn't modify (due to an outdated shader model 1.1 instruction that doesn't seem to have an equivalent), but even if it's at screen depth, looking through it things don't look bad and the game uses it in only at the title screen. If you want disable it, open the "disable_distortion" folder and merge its "shaderoverride" folder with the one in the game folder. Delete the "CB5EF258.txt" file when you want to enable it again. Other than this, the game is perfect in 3D.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

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  1. Thanks a lot for all POP fixes masterotaku, after all these years POP series are still one of my favourites. It will be a joy to play again with S3D.