Saturday, July 7, 2018

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

3D Vision fix for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

Update (2018-07-12): fix updated with a missing shadows shader.

- Layer that prevented the game from being playable at normal convergence levels.
- Shadows (thanks for the hints on how to pass the FOV value to the shaders, DJ-RK).
- Sea waves.
- Specular reflections, but it's imperfect in some cases (see the known issues section).
- A small haloing problem in Crash 3.
- Sun and moon at their proper depth.
- Sun shafts.
- Entering a level in Crash 3.

Known issues
- I put specular (fake) reflections at full depth instead of screen depth. This would be correct if this same shader weren't used for some cloud shadows and some Crash 3 underwater fake reflections. I couldn't find any depth information to use for a "surface depth" fix, at least for the moment.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Crash Bandicoot - N Sane Trilogy" folder, where "CrashBandicootNSaneTrilogy.exe" is.
- Launch the game.

- F1: convergence presets.
- F2: HUD depth presets.
- F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F4: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default. You can disable it too in the ingame options.
- F5: bloom presets, ranging from x0 to x1. Unmodified by default. You can disable it too in the ingame options.
- F6: fur toggle. Not disabled by default.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. An old time classic in 3d, thanks a lot for the fix!

  2. What is fur toggle? Is it the Fur Blur option ingame or another thing??

    1. With that hotkey, you disable all hair altogether. For Crash, Coco, and other bosses and animals. Try it.

  3. Amazing work! you are the great!!!

  4. a question, its possible disable shadows for improve performance?

    1. You wouldn't use this fix to do that, because it most likely makes things a bit slower.

      However, you can definitely use the latest version of 3Dmigoto from GitHub, and search for the shadow shaders and disable them. Disable a Vertex Shader as the most likely to speed things up, using the 'skip' option from the d3dx.ini. You'll need to google around to learn how to do this.

      No guarantee it will speed anything up however. Lots of complexity, and shadows may not be the bottleneck.

    2. Shadows on "High" are already a big step towards good performance. Try putting them on low, Oscar.

      About disabling them... well, you can. I'm already using "ShaderOverride" sections for at least most shadows shaders. You'd just need to write "Handling=skip" below each of them. Beware of unwanted side effects, if they happen to disable anything else. Or you can go to each shadows pixel shader and "discard;" them.

      Now, I don't know if it will help performance at all compared to the lowest shadows setting.

  5. I can not remove the fur, even pressing F6 does not remove it, what do I do?

    1. Do the other hotkeys work? HUD toggle, blooms presets, etc.

  6. Thanks ! But it doesn't works for me. It can't launch the game with Steam. So I made a test. I removed all the files from 3D Vision fix and I put them again one by one. The game start with all files except "d3d11.dll". When it's in folder where "CrashBandicootNSaneTrilogy.exe" is, the game can't lauch. Very strange...

    1. Try using the 3D Fix Manager to install the game fix. Let it update the 3Dmigoto files to the latest version.

      If that doesn't work, try doing a DDU based reinstall of your driver.

      If that doesn't work, set the "calls=1" "debug=1" and "unbuffered=1" in the d3dx.ini file, and let us take a look at the log.