Saturday, July 14, 2018

Unravel Two - 3D-Vision Fix V1.00 - Losti

***Unravel Two - 3D-Vision Fix V1.00 by Losti***

<<< Thx DHR  and 4everAwake for the Unravel 1 fix that gives me an idea how and where to fix issues >>>

Lastest Update: 14.07.2018 - V1.00
- release

- shadows - Losti
- lights - Losti
- halos - Losti
- HUD/UI - Losti

Issues left:
- some lightening/shadow clipping in a view cases with low convergence
- fog disabled, it was completely wrong and i cannot fix it
- water splash disabled (you will not nitice if you dont know that there was one ^^
- some single effects in special scenes that i cannot track down but not often seen

Download - Fix V 1.00
Unravel 2 - 3D-Vision FIX 1.0 Losti

Introduction get it working:
- if you find some issues please report to my PayPal-Email-Adress!!! (fortunately with a save game download link)
- uninstall old fixes!!!
- get the lastest NV driver
- download and extract the fix archive to the folder with "UnravelTwo.exe"

Ingame Settings:
- everything you like I think.....

Key Settings:

Cycle Convergence (you have to in dependency of the FOV):

Toggle DOF:
(on by default, you can set it of by default by changing x4=0.0  to x4=1.0 in [Constants] section.)

Depth/Separation and Key Setting - Customization
- you can change the keys of cause ^^
-if you dont like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes, choose your desired separation, convergence and HUD-DEPTH in the game 

- for HUD-Depth: you have to change the z constant in the d3d11.ini

- to see your convergence/separation set
in d3d11.ini and press F10 to see the current separation/conv. Set it to 0 if finished (Press F10 again or resart the game) -- BE AWARE of pressing other keys of the NUM-PAD while hunting is enabled.
- Find a suitible separation/convergence/HUD depth for different situations
- edit the d3dx.ini
- set your desired Separation and Convergence for keys named [Key_Convergence_Cylce_STD_XB]  and/or [Key_Convergence_Cylce_STD_XB]


- THANK you DHR for your Unravel 1 fix and your hint looking @ the CS for the shadow fix!
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!
If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Losti, you are a man!!! Thanks a LOT! :)

  2. Thanks for the fix Losti, great job.

  3. hello, you could share some solution to my problem, my pc does not meet many requirements, the Unravel 1 will play at 800X600 resolution, this unravel two, will not let me put a resolution lower than 1280x720, and the file will not be with that program could modify it.

    Thank you.

    1. No idea if it will work, but you could try using the feature included with this fix that forces the resolution. In the d3dx.ini file, there is a [Device] section than includes width/height parameters. You can try setting those, and uncomment them by removing the semicolon. The game may or may not accept this.