Monday, December 3, 2018

Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 3DV-Fix - Losti - V1.4

***Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 3DV-Fix - Losti***

<<< Thx DHR  for your continuous support, helping me fixing games and understand how to do by my own!!!!  >>>

---------LATEST official 3D-Vision-Geforce Driver: 425.31----------
You can install 3D-Vision for the lates driver using this Method discriped here:

Optional donation:

If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

Help us 
keeping 3D-Vision alive, support shader hackers with some motivating beer here:

Latest Update: 03.12.2018 - V1.4
- some additional HUD-Element fixed
- found a solution for the one eye fire that was related to the stereo flags if you are using NON-SLI
- keys added for menue correction, "XB_GUIDE" + hold down for 0,3 sec / "TAB" + hold down for 0,3 sec

Lastest Update: 25.08.2018 - V1.2
- HUD fix complete
- Fixed 2 transparency effets that was wrong
(description updated, you have to use Chroma FX in the game Settings!!)

Lastest Update: 24.08.2018 - V1.1

- HUD fix improvements

Lastest Update: 23.08.2018 - V1.0

- release

- Halos (Regex) - Losti
- Skybox - Losti
- HUD/UI - Losti - (individual texture movements trained by DHR)

Issues left:
- everything i do not have seen (please provide save game links and issue reports to my PayPal address!!!!)

Download - Fix V 1.4
Darksiders Warmastered Edition - 3DV-Fix - Losti - V1.4

Introduction get it working:
- uninstall old fixes!!!
- use Chroma FX in the game Settings!!
- get the lastest NV driver
- download and extract the fix archive to the Darksiders Warmastered Edition main folder containing darksiders1.exe

Ingame Settings:
- everything you like I think.....

Key Settings:

(NOTE: if you press XB_GUIDE or TAB this will be resetted! This key is only for finding your prefered DEPTH that you have to insert in the Standard Gaming keys.

Standard Gaming-Depth - Controller:

Standard Gaming-Depth - Keyboard:

Menue Depth - Controller:
"XB_GUIDE" + hold down for 0,3 sec

Menue Depth - Keyboard:
"TAB" + hold down for 0,3 sec

Depth/Separation and Key Setting - Customization
- you can change the keys of cause ^^
-if you dont like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes, choose your desired separation, convergence and HUD-DEPTH in the game 

- for HUD-Depth: you have to change the z constant in the d3d11.ini

- to see your convergence/separation set
in d3d11.ini and press F10 to see the current separation/conv. Set it to 0 if finished (Press F10 again or resart the game) -- BE AWARE of pressing other keys of the NUM-PAD while hunting is enabled.
- Find a suitible separation/convergence/HUD depth for different situations
- edit the d3dx.ini
- set your desired Separation and Convergence for keys named [Key1-XB_NORMAL] and/or [Key1-KB_NORMAL]


- THANK you DHR for your continuous support !!!!
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favourite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!


  1. I think you forgot to make it public :)

  2. Wow! Thank you very much! Have been waiting for it since years :-)! Thank you!

  3. Download link is broken!

  4. Sorry will correct this this evening

    1. OK should be fixed now...stupid mistake that happesn several times to me :-( I Should have a better look @ the MAKE PUBLIC option ^^)

    2. No a problem at all :-), happens. Thank you for your work again!!!

  5. Hey, Sorry for bothering you again, the fix seems not properly work on my system. I have followed all your instructions. Still have halos everywhere and the fire at very beginning of the game is only on one eye. However HUD seems to work properly. :-) If you have an idea please share it :-) Thank you in advance!

    1. the is no difference between fix installed and not installed (besides the hud)

    2. You have done something wrong here. Cracked version, old version, old fix, wron installation of the fix, old Nvidia you get the 3D fix message in green?

      Fix have to be placed here: ....\steamapps\common\Darksiders Warmastered Edition\

    3. Same issue here. Fire is ok withouth the fix and broken with the fix.
      - Drivers are up to date
      - Original Steam version
      - 3D Fix installed to root folder of the game
      - Chroma FX enabled

    4. Hey, sorry for the late reply, i was on a business trip. Yeah I have done every thing correctly, and i can see the "green" msg with your initials on it :-). I maybe have an idea, why it could not work:
      The older games have produced different shader hashes for the same shader depending on the install path. (you could also take a look at fix for darksiders 2 to understand what Im trying to explain) For this game it seems that the regex do not apply propely. (I get someting pointing on that in log if the advanced logging is on). So could you give us the exact location where the game is (or was) installed on your pc during the work on fix. Eg. X:\SteamGames\Darksiders War...
      Thanks in advance!

    5. I can confirm the same problem. With no fix installed, fire is OK. With fix installed, it's one eyed. No fix installed is actually quite good and playable, with only occasional smoke haloing and sky clouds too close. Some funniness with getting it full screen, have to alt-enter often. Driver 398.82, Win10, latest Steam version-cs2691.

      No difference if running from C:\ versus running from W:\. No change when using publicbeta branch. Fix is installed and working, because comma changes HUD.

    6. Please find update 1.4 above that finally should fix the wrong effects for SLI and NON-SLI. Old version was only working well in SLI!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi guys, i have not running game in 3d mode. Game is not detected 3d mode :( i downloaded patch and exstract it to folder game.

  8. Thanks. I was playing with the WIP version with some issues, but this new version is perfect. Thanks again.

  9. The new update fixed all issues :-) Thank you very much!

  10. I've DOF (i think it is) all over the screen (blurred) very often.

    1. I see what you are seeing. This looks like the game is buggy, I see it in 2D as well.

      When I disable both the chroma and vignette from Options, it seems to clear this up.

    2. you're right. with both options disabled (and it must be both) it works.