Sunday, January 6, 2019

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Guide about how to play Final Fantasy IV: The After Years in 3D Vision, and other useful mods and tweaks.

I have included everything in one file except for the CheatEngine program, including the Helixmod dll for convergence presets. Unzip this in the game folder ("FINAL FANTASY IV THE AFTER YEARS", where "FF4A.exe" is) and you'll be ready.

Enabling 3D
- You need GLDirect (included in the download link above) to convert the game from OpenGL to DirectX 9. It's an "opengl32.dll" file that you just have to drop inside the game folder, "FINAL FANTASY IV THE AFTER YEARS".
- This mod will make the intro CGI cutscene impossible to watch. It's available to see as "opening.mkv" in the game folder anyway.
- The game will be harder to close (alt+F4 or killing the process), because the closing menu won't appear on-screen.

- Open Nvidia Profile Inspector and go to the game profile if it exists (FF4A) or create it.
- Set "Antialiasing compatibility" to "0x0000F0C1" if you are using GLDirect, as it is needed for 3D.
- If you are playing without GLDirect, leave it at "0x00000000".
- Set "Antialiasing - Mode" to "Override any application setting".
- Set "Antialiasing - Setting" to something of your choosing. I use "4x4 [4x4 Supersampling (D3D only)]" because the game isn't demanding at all.
- Click on "Apply changes".

Fps and game speed mod
The game works at 30fps outside of battles and at 15fps inside battles. With this CheatEngine table I made, you can change fps for every situation in real time.

- You will need CheatEngine to make this work.
- Select "File -> Load" and select "FF4A.CT" or double click it ("FF4A.CT" is also included in the first link of the post). You will see one code.

- Open the game, alt+tab to CheatEngine, click on the PC icon, select the game process and click on "Open".

- It will ask you if you want to keep the current code list. Choose "Yes".

- Go back to the game by Alt+tabbing to the game window and click anywhere. After a few seconds, you will see the game.
- Use the hotkeys described below to change the fps.

F1: high convergence preset. Good for battles.
F2: medium convergence preset. Good for both battles and exploration.
F3: low convergence preset. Good for cutscenes.
F7: used to save your current convergence to the last preset you pressed.
1 (not the numpad): 30fps. 1x field speed. 2x battle speed.
2 (not the numpad): 60fps. 2x field speed. 4x battle speed.
3 (not the numpad): 90fps. 3x field speed. 6x battle speed.
4 (not the numpad): 120fps. 4x field speed. 8x battle speed.
5 (not the numpad): 15fps. 0.5x field speed. 1x battle speed.
0 (not the numpad): this toggles the fps hotkeys "stickiness". By default, the fps hotkeys work until the moment the game wants to change fps (starting and ending a battle, and starting summon animations). I have decided that, just in case you don't want a sudden hyper speed battle where you can die quickly. If you make them sticky with this hotkey (you'll hear a sound), your fps setting will be applied all the time.

You can't surpass your fps=Hz limit if you use vsync. That means that in a normal situation in 3D Vision, you can't surpass 60fps even if you press "3" or "4".

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

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