Monday, June 24, 2019

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

3D Vision fix for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, using the UE4 universal fix as the base (thanks to DHR for the universal fix).

Small update (2019-06-25): added the "8" hotkey (damage numbers toggle) and deleted three unused shaders.

Fixed (compared to the universal fix)
- Lighting clipping.
- Manually selected (and forced) the correct decals fix.
- Realistic specular reflections. There's a hotkey to toggle most of this off (including parallax occlusion mapping), if you want to check how they look at surface depth.
- Automatic low convergence for conversations and reading books, although it doesn't work with real cutscenes (you will have to use the convergence presets hotkey manually). To disable the presets, delete all lines that start with "preset = " in "d3dx.ini".
- A strange shadow in water areas.
- Removed vertical black bars from the secret 8 bit dungeon.
- HUD at depth and with fixed clipping (except that the minimap overflows a bit. Not this type of clipping).

Known issues
- Flying enemies (or sometimes just one of their surrounding effects) are placed by the game more near you face. I assume it was done on purpose to avoid geometry clipping. But this doesn't mean you won't get hurt! Most of them are at very playable depths, but there is a specific boss (near the end of the game) that is the worst by far. I recommend using low convergence there.
- There isn't any automatic convergence preset for real cutscenes. You will have to trigger that manually. You can press the "O" key for 60 convergence, or press "1" or "XB_RIGHT_THUMB" to change presets (80 and 120 convergence are around there).

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Bloodstained Ritual of the Night\BloodstainedRotN\Binaries\Win64" folder, where "BloodstainedRotN-Win64-Shipping.exe" is.
- Run the game and let it overwrite the profile the first time.
IMPORTANT: in the ingame options, choose fullscreen.

Hotkeys (numbers aren't from the numpad)
F1: some help and preset information from the old fix.
O (the letter): low convergence (60) toggle, good for cutscenes. I have disabled the controller hotkey because it interferes with late gameplay input.
1 or XB_RIGHT_THUMB: convergence presets. 1800 by default. Two presets intended for cutscenes and three for gameplay.
F4: cel shading toggle (except for Johannes). Not disabled by default.
F6: bloom presets (x0, x0.25, x0.5, x0.75, x0.90, x1). x1 by default.
2 or XB_LEFT_THUMB: HUD depth presets. 40% depth by default.
3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
8: damage numbers toggle. Not disabled by default. It hides damage numbers when you hit or get hit, but it doesn't include the information about critical hits, resistances, etc. Those will still show up.
9: black screen transitions toggle. Not disabled by default. It disables the fast black screen that happens when you enter another room. If you press this key, you may see geometry placing itself while the black transition should be happening, but it can make fast grinding more tolerable for the eyes. This is automatically enabled for the 8 bit dungeon, to extend the view to your monitor aspect ratio (disabling the black bars). This hotkey can affect some opacity in menus.
0: depth of specular reflections toggle. Realistic depth by default. I recommend not changing this. It makes reflections be at surface depth instead of what is intended. Try it if you are curious.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:

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  1. Thanks for all the awesome work Masterotaku!

  2. I have an issue when initializing 3d vision. The game launches, then hangs at the initial load screen, and then I try to excape back to the desktop, and find an error message reguarding "Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost" along with some numbers. I was wondering if anyone else had this error, and if there is a way around it? Thanks.

  3. I am having the same exact issue as Frank. It seems to be related to the Unreal engine, since I am getting this error also when starting Jedi Fallen Order using the 3D Vision fix.

    Any new insights regarding this error?

  4. The driver update hack we have been using stopped working somewhere around driver 441, for UE4 games. Works for other games still. You either need to use the Schwing binary hack, or change your driver to something better. Our giant corporate masters always claim newest is best- they always lie. Don't change things unless you need to.

  5. I used the 3DV fix from Schwing to replace the 2 driver dlls, as recommended, and it fixed all my issues.
    Several Unreal engine and other games (SW Jedi Fallen Order, Bloodstained, RE2) run flawlessly in stereo 3D now on 441.66 driver.
    Thank you so much for the advice bo3b!