Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Operencia: The Stolen Sun - V.2.00

Operencia: The Stolen Sun -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix2
— Created and assembled by Losti —
 Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

  • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
  • Tested by Losti

Download and Usage instructions:


  1. Thanks for all the hard work Losti!

  2. Hi, have strange problem. All 3d seemed ok but as i have 3Dfix files copied to where it should be , all health and energy bars are always 100% both for party and enemies. (it is as i described both in 3D and 2d mode and all is ok if i delete 3dFix files). Please can you do sth couse game is not playeable with it.

    1. Does anything change when you use the hyphen/dash key? That is setup to cycle the HUD depth to different levels.

    2. i tried that and no effect. every health bar are shown always as full (numbers are ok) , even on end of fight where there is loot summary i also have full bars :) ( ehhh this game is so butiful in 3d :( but unplayable couse enemy bars are also always full, mana bar always full so you cannot tell quick way whats current health and mana ) .

    3. OK, that suggests that the fix is not installed correctly, or is not running, because you should see the HUD change on the keypress. It should cycle through multiple depths. You can try other keys that are specified in the d3dx.ini to see if they are active. F1 brings up help info. L key changes decals. ',' changes water reflection. m corrects the map.

      If you aren't seeing anything happen, then the fix is probably not working installed. You can test that for sure by setting calls=1 in the d3dx.ini file, and if it's connecting properly you'll get a d3d11_log.txt file generated.

  3. Sorry. fix seem to be installed correctly. if i press /key HUD do change its depth. i write only that changing it do not change full bars. althoug all other work almost perfect in 3d and if i dlete it game is unplayable in 3d so it seem that mod is correct. also if i delete mod files all bars work normaly.

  4. Hello bo3b ? can you help me ? can i help you to solve problem ?

  5. So I gave the 3.0 fix a try and it's flawless, great job Losti