Saturday, March 21, 2020


3D Vision fix for Vanquish. It includes several hotkeys to disable post processing effects.

- Shadows.
- Lighting.
- Haloing problems.
- Sun position and lens flares are now at full depth.
- Geometry problems caused by the default profile.
- Stereoized specular reflections for a more realistic look.
- HUD at depth with multiple presets.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Vanquish" folder, where "Vanquish.exe" is.
- Run the game.
- If you want to save a default convergence value, open the game profile with Nvidia Profile Inspector and set "StereoProfile" to "Yes".

Hotkeys (not the numpad)
- F1: three convergence presets (high, medium, low). You can save the value of your current preset by pressing F7.
- F2: six HUD depth presets. Screen depth by default. This also controls subtitles during prerendered cutscenes. I recommend putting them at screen depth there.
- F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F4: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F5: specular reflections stereoization toggle. Stereoized by default.
- F6: sky bloom toggle (the blue colored band at the top of the screen). Not disabled by default.
- 0: color filter toggle (which includes quite a bit of brightness). Not disabled by default.
- 9: color desaturation toggle (it doesn't switch it off completely, because that produced oversaturated colors). Not disabled by default.
- 8: bloom toggle. Not disabled by default.

- I can only speak about my experience, but if you have a 4c/8t CPU, alt+tab out of the game and set affinity to your 4 physical cores. Performance will improve a bit, maybe 10%.
- Check the list of launch commands here. I like to use "-extendedmotionbluroff -fov 90 -fastvisor", alongside disabling motion blur ingame.
- If graphics in 3D break after changing resolution while playing, change convergence a bit to fix them again.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Amazing. Thank you, been waiting for this so much. Please stay safe.

  2. Yes guys thanks so much, i don't know how to say. Is it possible to support your other project Helixvision via donation? I would like to pay you guys this way.

    1. Masterotaku is not affiliated with HelixVision. If you like this fix, best bet is to send a donation his way.

      (HelixVision is Bo3b and PaulDusler)

  3. Hello,
    3dvsion doesn't work with this game for me.
    Black screen when i acivate full screen in game.
    Windows10 version 1903
    Nvidia display driver 417.71
    Steam overlay desactivated
    Any idea ?

    1. Try disabling fullscreen optimizations for "Vanquish.exe". Tell me if this works, because just now I noticed I was using that checkbox all this time.

    2. Thank you for you answer. No difference even with fullscreen optimizations disabled for "Vanquish.exe". In game, the screen flickers between game picture and black screen like a problem of frequency or to pass from 2d to 3dvision. I force all games with 120 Hz frequency. 3dvision doesn't work for Vanquish. Asus VG248QE Screen with displayport connection.

    3. I finally found a solution. As i was thinking, it's a problem with my system, for certains games, to pass from desktop to game in 3d vision. For Vanquish, if NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer is active with any JPS photo, it's ok.

  4. Thanks for another perfect fix :)

  5. Ohh my i am so happy Masterotaku~~~ thank you