Thursday, May 7, 2020

Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance

3D Vision fix for Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance.

Update (2020-05-07): fix updated with one small fix to the first mirror cutscene at the beginning, and this update also adds automatic convergence thanks to DJ-RK, which is enabled by default. Also some improvements to dynamic HUD, including making subtitles unaffected by it (they can be controlled by the static HUD depth presets).

- Shadows.
- Lighting.
- Particles (rain, sparks, smoke, etc).
- Specular reflections.
- Screen space reflections.
- The only mirror in the game.
- Skybox.
- Dynamic HUD with three settings.
- Blood and similar effects.
- Lighting clipping.
- Volumetric lighting.
- Automatic low convergence for cutscenes.

Known issues
- Interlaced mode works, but it doesn't look as good as in 2D (you can notice the lower resolution even when not moving, unlike in 2D).
- Volumetric lighting can have some clipping depending on the angle and element, and it sometimes has some inaccurate fog inside of it.
- Some water splashing effects have some incorrections (same as in RE2).
- Using an ambient occlusion setting lower than HDAO will break the position of shadows. So make sure you use HDAO or preferably HBAO+.
- TAA and motion blur are broken. Don't use them.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "RE3" folder, where "re3.exe" is (Resident Evil 3), or the "RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE" folder, where "REResistance.exe" is (Resident Evil Resistance).
IMPORTANT: choose DirectX 11 ingame. Don't use DirectX 12.
- Launch the game and let it overwrite the profile.
IMPORTANT: don't enable motion blur or TAA. Those settings are broken in 3D. Also make sure you use HDAO or HBAO+ as ambient occlusion.

- For screen space reflections to be perfect, your internal resolution can't be lower than 60% of your output resolution. That means that you shouldn't use a render scale of 50% nor a bit higher scale combined with interlacing.

Autoconvergence instructions
-Enabled by default, they can be disabled by pressing the "0" key (not from the numpad) or the two stick buttons at the same time.
-Do not try adjusting the convergence via the Nvidia convergence + or - keys with autoconvergence enabled. Doing so will lock the convergence either REALLY high or really low. If you encounter this, easiest solution is to press CTRL + ALT + F10 to reset the saved user settings.
-If you do not wish to use this new dynamic autoconvergence, and would rather use the old style (that uses presets to set the convergence statically to low during cutscene, and higher during gameplay) you can do so by first disabling autoconvergence, and then enabling the scene based convergence presets via pressing "9" (not from the numpad).
- Remember that pressing F10 saves your settings related to this for future sessions, while CTRL + ALT + F10 resets them.

ctrl+shift+H: this displays help text with the hotkeys.
F1: convergence presets. Use them only when you disable automatic convergence.
F2: HUD depth presets, when dynamic HUD is disabled.
F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
F4: image sharpening toggle. Disabled by default.
F5: vignette toggle. Disabled by default.
F6: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default. There is an option ingame, but DoF is necessary to trigger the low convergence preset. With this hotkey, you can have that and also disable DoF in real time.
. (period): dynamic HUD presets. By default all HUD elements have dynamic depth. Press once to disable it, making the static HUD presets take preference. Press twice to make all elements get the depth of the center. Press three times to go back to default.
F11: something about Nvidia Surround. Ask Helifax on the forums. Hotkey most probably not working in this fix.
- 0 (not the numpad) or XB_LEFT_THUMB+XB_RIGHT_THUMB: this toggles automatic convergence off. Then you can use the "F1" hotkey for static presets. Warning: don't reenable this when the "9" hotkey is enabled and a low convergence cutscene preset is in use (like the pause menu or a cutscene).
9 (not the numpad): this toggles on the old cutscene detection that triggers a low convergence preset.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Huge thanks for this master fix.

  2. So many Thanks Masterotaku, working great, amazing, last nvidia drivers, Robert 256 bringback3D tool, win 1909, ...what a beautiful and exciting game !!! You are a king :-)

  3. Strong CPU limitation (3 core bug?) especially when in the street going out of the metro station in the RE3 demo.
    Framerate goes from 105fps in 2D to < 25fps in 3D (on an old i5 2500k@4.4ghz) with only 35-40% gpu use (rtx 2600).
    Otherwise, everything looks wonderfull, thanks for the work.

    1. I have the same problems! Especually in the streets. Launching through the VorpX has the same problems too