Sunday, July 12, 2020

Far Cry 4

Updated 2020-07-12
- found correct formula for fixed shader (it is very simple - never had used it before)

Fix based on DarkStarSword fix
- added fix for godrays/fog


  1. Thank you...Any hope for FC5 and FC new dawn ?

    1. In 3D Club, there is *always* hope. We've seen games get fixed as much as 5 years after release. DarkStarSword said he would look at these at some point. What we cannot provide is any time frame. Play something from your backlog instead. :->

    2. "Play something from your backlog instead."
      I've plenty of those... This one here (never noticed a fog issue, but great, I'll update) I need to get back into and 'finish.' And FC Primal. Heck I'm still hacking away at Witcher 3 after 122 hours.

    3. It's a very good idea from bo3b. When I had GTX970 fps in 3D in Far Cry 4 was very bad. I can play in it with my RTX 2070 now :)

    4. About this fog issue... It appears when sun shines in foggy weather - godrays in fog were completely 2D on zero depth. My mod puts it in depth

  2. What really,? this is not what Iam understand under as soon as possible ^^

    THX so much

  3. Thanks noevad, let's have another go in this still great looking game!

  4. SO I installed fix but the mission prompts and tips that come up and the menu is out of wack. Is this normal? What I mean is that the 3D works but the menu doesn't get adjusted with the depth so its double image. The only way to adjust the menu items so you can see it clearly is to decrease 3D depth. How can I adjust this?