Friday, July 17, 2020

The Bard's Tale Trilogy Remastered

3D Vision fix for The Bard’s Tale trilogy, using DHR’s Unity Universal fix.


- Pushed HUD to depth

- Removed shadows and some other broken effect


- Download The Bard's Tale Trilogy fix and extract it’s content in the “The Bard’s Tale Trilogy” folder, where “TheBardsTaleTrilogy.exe” is located

- Use the “-window-mode exclusive” launch command either in Steam’s launch options or game’s shortcut for exclusive fullscreen to trigger 3D Vision. You may need to press Alt+Enter twice in game before 3d kicks in

- In some occasions you may need to disable full-screen optimisations, run the game as administrator and/or in Windows 8/7 compatibility mode

Additional Notes:

- My fixes may change in the future when I learn more about shaderhacking

- Thanks to DHR for Unity Universal Fix and Masterotaku for guidance