Friday, July 10, 2020

Dead Island Definitive Edition

3Dmigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix

Last updated:  July 11, 2020

What this does:
- Fixes shadows, lights, bloom, lens flare, water and most reflections
- Fixes an issue where some characters and objects would flicker when nearby
- Adds an auto-depth feature for the crosshair and some HUD elements
- Places other HUD elements at a fixed depth. (This depth can be changed in the d3dx.ini file)
- Adds a low convergence preset on the Right Mouse Button and Xbox Controller Left Trigger for aiming with iron sights.
- Adds the following keybind:
  • F1 - Toggles the Standing/Running/Crouching icon ON or OFF (off by default). 

Remaining Issues:
- Some reflections look a little incorrect.

- Download this ZIP file and extract it into the game directory. (For example: "..\DIDE\  "

Additional Notes:
I used parts of DHR's Dying Light fix to fix this game. If you want, you can donate to his paypal:


  1. Great! I've had this a LONG time and haven't played it due to bad 3D.

  2. Wow thanks man I thought this game will never fixed .

  3. Wow thanks man I thought this game will never fixed .

  4. Thanks very much!! :D

  5. I just tried this and having a couple of wierd issues, but I'm wondering if I have a strange system stability issue.
    Game launched in 3d, but I couldn't even get the opening cutscene on the screen, there was sound but no vision, then the game would just close.
    Tried in 2d and all was fine, could get into the game and no probs.
    Then launched again in 3d and could see the opening cutscene, saw the red loading text, then game just closes.
    Like I said, I'll try some more basic troubleshooting so don't waste any time.

    Thanks for doing the fix :D

    1. I updated the fix. There was one file that I forgot to include (nvapi64.dll). I'm not sure if this caused the issue, though. I also enabled "app_compat_shim" in the d3dx.ini. Please re-download the fix and let me know if your problems are still there.
      If you're still seeing problems, perhaps you can disable shader caching
      1) Open the d3dx.ini
      2) Search for the line "cache_shaders=1"
      3) Change it to "cache_shaders=0" and save the file.

      If that doesn't work, open the Shaderfixes folder and move all the TXT files temporarily to another directory and see if the crashing goes away.

  6. Thank you very much, 4everAwake! Hoped this one would get fixed :D. Time to add the profile to 3DFM.