Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Gemini Heroes Reborn

Updated 2020-07-22

Based on UE4 Universal fix 2.01

1. Copy UE4 - UF 2.01 to the Gemini - Heroes Reborn\TravelerGame\Binaries\Win64\
2. Start game to create configs
3. Run 00_UE4-UniversalFix-2_Config.cmd
4. Install AA/AO Improvements by pressing 5

P.S Now UE4 - UF is working out of the box with this game with correct HALO shader and ability to change HUD/mouse depth by hotkeys. All postprocessing levels look fine with installed AA/AO Improvements


  1. Never heard about this game. 10000 thanks for this fix.

  2. I am appalled that a fix is ​​being posted that is 99% based on the work of others, and that there is no single word to indicate who did the main work. Even worse, the phrase "All postprocessing levels were fixed by me ". If you had installed the AA / AO improvements (with UE4-UF 1.181 an automatic installation is not possible for the directory structure of this game, this is only built into V 2.00), it would not have been necessary to switch off the corrections for 2 light shaders to make everything perfect to represent. The missing HUD Sahder can also be hunted and corrected using the Contig tool of the UE4-UF2. What your "fix" shows me, however, is that the RegEx by DJ-RK is not universal, which I have built in: The HALO correction of the Sahder 59ac74871f3dbae2 is necessary, but another shader if you have the troubleshooting option for the additional HALO correction turned on, misrepresented. The things you have made in the shader are wrong (but not having negative effect) but its perfectly working with the things DJ-RK done for this one!

    In the end I have to thank you for uncovering this, I will install a more suitable RegEx for the UE4-UF2.0 accordingly.

    However, I would ask you to respect the work of others accordingly and to design the contributions for customized fixes and, above all, BEFORE trying to repair something that is unavoidable, to check the given options.

    The game is PERFECT in all settings if you add the shader 59ac74871f3dbae2-vs.txt from your fix to the current UE4-4UF2, if you install the AA / AO improvements as suggested in the universal fix. (Engine_additions.txt .... Scalability.ini .... \ TravelerGame \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsNoEditor .... additions).

    I will add the HUD shader ot the UE4-UF2, thank you for discover! As for the improvements i have made within the new version, the ne UE4-UF2 version will also allow you to use Autodepth HUD and Auto Convergence also for this game.

    Whatever is done, I appreciate the intention to present new fixes, but if they are based on or build on the work of others to whatever extent, please note this accordingly. With regard to the UE4-UF2, test its options before unnecessary "corrections" are finally displayed as "I HAVE FIXED", as these would also have been achievable with the level means.

    Cheers, Losti.

  3. "that there is no single word to indicate who did the main work" - I have written that "Based on UE4 Universal fix"

  4. About other moments: I thought that UE4-UF is so perfect from the box that it's better (I mean quicklier) to fix the rest couple shaders than carefully read full instruction to the UE4-UF (Sorry but English is not my native language). After this fix I was going to translate this instruction but It had disapeared from this blog

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