Sunday, September 10, 2017

Blackwood Crossing (DX11)

This is an emotive game. It's very short btw.

- Shadows
- Lights
- Reflections
- Halos in effects
- Lights Shaft
- Dinamic Crosshair

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

- "P" key togle DOF on/off

- Extract where Blackwood Crossing.exe is located (\Blackwood Crossing)
- In your Steam library, right click on the game and select "Properties" Click "Set Launch Options".
In the box, type "-window-mode exclusive" without the ""
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes". This is for the Profile Override needed for this game.



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  1. Thanks for that fix DHR ... :-)


  2. Thanks again for your hard work!

  3. thanks DHR!
    Soon as we launch it, it crashes to desktop with the GOG version of the game

    1. Can you try using this line in the d3dx.ini:

      Also, since you are using GOG....create a shortcut and add at the end of the the destiny field the lines "-window-mode exclusive" without ""

    2. yes, that did the trick but for me the game is totally broken, all is dedoubled (like huge ghosting) except when we look through the windows... green text says "fix by DHR"

    3. That's strange....i don't know if GOG version is different from the steam one. If you see the halos (ghosting) all over the screen, is because the fix is not working...i assume because different #hashes in the shaders between Steam and GOG version.

      According to steam webpage, the last update was MAY,5 (the one with the mouse lag and frame rate). Be sure GOG have that last update installed.

      I will wait for others users says something, before do something.

    4. yes I have the May,5 update installed

    5. One way to tell if the shader hashes have changed is to enable logging with calls=1, and then you can see if the shaders are being loaded at launch. Log file can let you know if there is a match.

    6. I enabled logging with calls=1 but see nothing at launch

    7. That will have generated a d3d11_log.txt file next to the game. Post that to PasteBin, and DHR can look at it compare hash codes.

      Or if you are motivated, you can cross check the shader CRC/Hash numbers against the ones in the ShaderFixes folder.

    8. Thanks bo3b, here is the d3d11_log.txt file

    9. I don't see hashe numbers in the txt.
      I will try to find a GOG updated version in the web and install to see if something changes.

    10. Something is wrong with that log file. It's either truncated or you didn't run the game until you could see the game actually active.

      Even without debug mode on the logging, we log every shader that is created, and whether they are overridden or not.

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    12. I reload the game till I can move in the train just to be sure, here is the new log:


  4. I reload the game till I can move in the train just to be sure, here is the new log:

    1. Still not #hashes....seems truncated for some reason.

      Can you please check if the GOG version of the game is 64bits or 32bits?
      The Steam version is 32bits, so i shipped the fix with the 32bits 3Dmigoto DLLS

    2. Where can I check that?

    3. That is still off, the log stops for no clear reason. The 32 bit/64 bit is right, otherwise we would not get a log at all.

      Assuming this is Win10, set the allow_create_device=2.

    4. Yes this is on windows 10, but game's crashing with allow_create_device=2 or allow_create_device=1

    5. OK... Log file? Set the debug=1, unbuffered=1 which helps narrow down crashes. BTW, from my email I see that you are Raoul. You can post anonymous if you like, but should know that as a general rule, if people post questions anonymously, that I don't try to help. If you can't be bothered to help the community, I can't be bothered to help.

    6. Ok bob3, I understand your point of view, sorry for that and thanks again for your work the community and your support.
      Here your are a much longer log with debug=1, unbuffered=1 & allow_create_device=2

    7. Really strange crash there, I'm not sure what is happening. It works OK on the first creation of Device, but crashes on a second. Everything else looks good, it's definitely finding all the shaders and doing overrides.

      Try playing with game resolution settings and full screen. Like launch the game not in full screen, then alt-enter to go full screen. Try making your primary screen the same resolution as the in-game expected resolution.

      Maybe try playing with some of those "allow_*" settings. I'd expect the allow_create_device=2 to work best, but it's not always clear.

      From above, it sounds like allow_create_device=0 with window mode exclusive actually works to avoid the crash. If that's true, what does the log look like when that is setup? Is it the same as the first one you posted?

    8. log with allow_create_device=0 :

      Game is launching, with DHR fix green text, but all shaders are wrong except when we look landscape through the train's windows... I play in 4k interlieved, I'll try tomorrow in other resolutions with SBS mode.

  5. @DHR, thank you for the fix. I know you do Win7 :-), On Win10 this crashed but did get it running just fine with these settings in d3dx.ini:


    >>Win10 Pro, V.1703, OS Build 15063.632 - in other words current Win10
    >>(single) GTX 1080 ti Driver 384.94 - No steam overlay, no GF Experience etc. - 1920 x 1080

    Appreciate all the hard work and effort,

    1. just to clarify - "do Win7" means "have Win7" :-) Thanks!

    2. Thanks djb for posting that tweak for win10....with win7 i don't have that issue.

    3. Ya, I was lazy on doing win7 on Kabylake, now adding a ssd for Win7 :-) Thanks Man. Thanks for the fix, been a while since a game brought a "tear". Take care,

  6. Oh my, I just finished this one. Finances are a bit tight otherwise I'd donate as thanks, but I really appreciate your work on this. It was a wonderful game, and 3D really added to its' impact.