Sunday, March 31, 2019

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice - 3D Vision Fix

Many thanks goes to Masterotaku and DarkStarSword for helping me when I was making this fix!
If any other fixer wants to improve this fix in the future, you have my full support ^_^

Fixed (I tested all graphics presets and all are working):

- Lots of Shadows (Thank you Masterotaku for the Regex help. This is very very useful, as the game has quite a few in-game cutsscenes that can't be paused to hunt the shaders).
- Reflections on different surfaces.
- The whole Particle system (Fog, dust, sparks, fire, snowflakes, rain, etc - Some was wrong, some produced halos or was broken).
- Decals (by default they were at wrong depth and produced clipping).
- Fixed the COMPUTE SHADER based Tile Lighting System: Fixed both the 3DVision heuristic problem (one eye bug) and extended the tiles in both eyes.
- Fixed a lot of Bloom  shaders (In some scenes, where there is water, one eye can "overshoot" - have a bigger brightness. I don't have a fix for this atm.)
- Fixed lots of Halos generated by the Particle system.
- Pushed the Moon/Sun at the correct depth, which broke some other distant "mountains" -_-. I had to rework and filter this problem.
- Fixed God Rays on everything except the Moon/Sun.
- Fixed reflections. Screen-Space-Reflections are disabled for the time being. (I've only seen them in one place so far anyway).

- UI:
- Pushed the UI to depth. THIS GAME HAS AROUND 20+ Vertex Shaders for the UI.
- I managed to push the Grappling Hook and world interaction markers to a bigger depth (Using Texture Overrides).
- However, the enemy health-bars are at the same depth as the UI. For this I added a special Preset, that will push the enemy HP bars to depth while keeping your HP bar at UI Depth. (I spent more than a whole day on trying to filter the enemy HP bars, but the game uses the same textures + shaders for a lot of UI elements which breaks the UI completely.)

Screenshots & Video:

And for my 3D Surround Friends:

(Special Thanks goes to "jackfuste" @ WSGF)

I made a video at 4k (using Nvidia's Dynamic Super Resolution) that shows the first part of the game:
- Download the video to your PC and view it with Nvidia 3DVision Stereoscopic Player.

Download and Install:

- Grab it from here: SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice - 3D Vision Fix
- Copy the content next to the game exe.
- Play the game.

Key Shortcuts:
- F1 - low convergence (for cinematics), high convergence (for gameplay).
- F2 (Xbox Select) - UI toggle: Will push enemy HP bars to bigger depth while keeping your HP bar to low depth. Will distort the menus. I normally use this when in combat.
- F3 - Disable/Enable SSAO. Only usable in some cinematics. (For some reason the game sends wrong depth information in a few scenes. As a result you will see double shadows. This was hard to find as the cutscenes can't be paused and where this problem appears it lasts around 3 seconds on screen).

If you want to change the UI depth see d3dx.ini:

; Contextual UI DEPTH

If you are coming from Darks Souls, Bloodborne and you think this game is too hard or too punishing, I recommend watching this video:
The game needs to be played opposite of what Dark Souls thought us so far:)

Hope you enjoy the game and the fix!



  1. Big big thanks Helifax. .

  2. thanks Ive been waiting for it. It works really well, amazing!

  3. Can you make à fix to force the game to downgrade fps to 24 hz because on stereoscopic mod my screen monitor can run 1920x1080p up to 24 hz and I dont like to play on 720p. Big thanks

  4. Full glory 3D! many thanks. Guys love your work.

  5. I dunno... 3d vision is def. on via CTRL-T but there is like no real 3d effect.

    1. See if your separation, depth is not reset to 1%. I also saw this very very rarely..

  6. Working great...thanks so much..

  7. Failed to load custom texture resource: hud1.png I'm on 417.01 driver Win 7. Did I need the last driver?

  8. The graphics are beautiful but I think it's exagerating in term of gpu power, can't run the game @4K passive 3D (LG E6) smoothly. Please how can I play with lower resolution and full screen with SBS or TBA?
    I saw in your file that include=ShaderFixes\3dvision2sbs.ini is already uncommented but how this work?
    Thank you!

    1. I created a topic so that can help people looking for the same thing:

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  10. Hi, is there any other way to increase brightness? The game is too dark for me even with level 10 brightness.