Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


I would love to learn more about it! Some kind of tutorial would be great. Or can You recommend a website where a noob like me can learn something about shaders?
I tried to fix the sky of Assassin's Creed 2 with the help of Your fix for ACB as a template but it didn't manage to identify the values I had to change. Unfortunately reloading the shaders with F10 didn't work in this game. So I had to restart the game to see the effects of my changes (they had either no effect or the clouds disappeared completely :sad: ) BTW reloading worked in ACB so this issue seems to be specific for AC 2.
I also made some experiments with Dragon Age 2 that also suffers from a sky at wrong depth. In this case disabling the shader for the sky resultet in a black space. Even when I placed an exact copy of the dumped sky shader (without any changes!) in the override folder the sky turned black :huh:

But I also had success using the tool:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was unplayable in tunnels or during dawn or night time because of numerous lighting issues. After disabling some shaders this issues could be removed. The scenery looks darker but as the road marking and other cars are still illuminated You can still drive without problems. So disabling shaders can make the difference between unplayable and playable in S3D. Compare: [WWW]http://photos.3dvisi...85011e09000003/
I played the game offline to prevent problems with autolog.
Attached File [WWW]NfSHot (1.39K)

BTW it is great that the debug-dll also shows the actual values for the convergence settings. It was always hard to explain unexperienced users which settings they should use for manual convergence adjustment as there is only a scale for depth but not for convergence.
I think that the dll can only read the values for convergence and depth but not change the values? Otherwise this could be a way to make different presets for depth and convergence for different game situations (cutscenes, ego- or 3rd person perspective, etc.). iZ3D drivers already offer this very useful functionality.


  1. Thanks for the fix bro! With the right convergence it really hits the spot :)

  2. just keeps crashing everytime I go to select a car


    2. Awesome mate, thanks for that

    3. Np. nvidia screwed up old fixes with 600 series and Im lazy. Thanks for reporting.

  3. Hi eqzitara,

    Please guide me I need your help to run this game with the 3D fix,
    I'm placing the vertex& pixel shaders with the Release file in the game main directory but its not working and the shadows is overlapping at the wrong depth. Please guide me to the proper installation and directions to run this game properly.

    Thank you

  4. Just putting this out there, but there really aren't that many racing games that have been fixed to be considered 3D ready. Since there's already been some work done on this title, is there any chance of getting an update that makes it go from tolerable/playable to a more enjoyable state? There's clearly still a lot of issues, and I get the impression this was done prior to your current working knowledge, so if it wouldn't take a great deal of time out of your schedule to get this game looking even better, it would be greatly appreciated! :) If not, then cheers for getting it into it's current state, as I think I'll have a bit of fun with this.

  5. Hi, I am new at this. Where do I put the files?

    1. Center nav-bar, "Installation & Known Issues".

      "-If instructions do not state where to install. Extract the .zip contents into the folder where your .exe is located."

      Put both "NfSHot" and the "" with the game exe.