Monday, June 1, 2020

Far Cry 4

Fix based on DarkStarSword fix
- added fix for fog

Friday, May 29, 2020

Rocket League (DX11)

3Dmigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix
Last Updated:  May 30, 2020

What this mod does:
- Fixes bloom, shadows, haloing issues, light shafts, HUD & UI depth

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory "..\rocketleague\Binaries\Win64\"

Additional Notes:
- When playing game mode "Rumble", press the 'Caps Lock' key or 'Xbox Right Shoulder' button to place the HUD further into the screen (for the red crosshair).
- Buttons and HUD depth settings can be changed in the d3dx.ini file

Metro: Exodus - 3D-VisionReadyFix - Losti - V3.01

I proudly present:

Metro: Exodus - 3D-VisionReadyFix - Losti - V3.01

***This fix was made by Losti***

---------LATEST official 3D-Vision-Geforce Driver: 425.31----------
You can install 3D-Vision for the lates driver using this Method discriped here:

Optional donation:

If you like the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate here:

Special Thx goes to:

DarkStarSword  - for everything you did for this small but nice 3D-Community and of cause your personal support!!!
masterotaku      - for guiding me with his knowledge and be present all the time for my questions!!!! THY MATE!!!!

maurizioclaudio21  - a BIG THANK YOU goes out to you from germany (Thuringia) for all your testing and supporting me finding issues in the WIPs !!!!!

chtiblue - a BIG THANK YOU goes out to you from germany to france for for all your testing and reporting!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You finally made V2.00 possible. Thank you for follow my guiding to narrow down the problem with EDID-4K and let me create formula for this !

Further donation for shader-hackers directly involved in this fix:

--- ~370 hrs time of development later ---                      

Latest Update: V3.01 - 29.05.2019
- fixing not working things for V3.00 at graphic presets that are not HIGH

Update: V3.00 - 29.05.2019
- add RegEx for DLCs to fix Vol.-Lights and water reflection
- Volumetric/Dynamic Lights/Fog now 100 % perfect
- nvidia stereo profile update error fixed
- Volumetric/Dynamic Lights/Fog flickering fix
- shader caching enabled for more performance and less input lags

Update: V2.10 - 09.09.2019
- this update addresses some shadow incorrectness, shadows are now 100 % in depth, I have recalculated all the formulas!
- FOV 80 option removed, it was not perfect, you have to go with 60 (standard) or 70
- DIY version revised!!!! Working now for FOV 60 and 70 (prev fix was only working for FOV80 i have noticed, that I think no one choosed, so TRY THIS ONE!!!)
- DIY version revised!!!! Very easy to use for you, no table calculation or manual edit things! Just start the script and follow, everything (except one key press in the main menu) is automated!!!
- sniper weapon crosshair fix, it’s now into depth automatically for the normal scope, the huge sniper (red scale crosshair sniper needs a key press to be cool: "*" on numpad), you will have a green text that shows you the mode pressing this key, it will be reset with changing the weapon, a green message at the bottom left will let you know this

- shadows using sniper weapons are now in depth!
- convergence cycle key added (Numpad +)
- cinematic depth (flicker boarders!!!)

Update: V2.04 - 25.05.2019
- adresses a programmingbug in 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd prevents you to start the game having epic launcher

Update: V2.03 - 20.05.2019
- added some options if you suffer from the metroexodus.exe not found message for tracking this down and give you options for choose its lokation manually
==> You DO NOT NEED this update if everything is fine for you witht he prev. version ref. starting the game withthe cmd script!! No additional shader fixed here, only some new lines in 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd and 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd ref. the "metroexodus.exe not found issue"

Update: V2.02 - 04.05.2019
- bugfixing starting script prevent user starting the game well fixed using FOV 70 or 80
- REMOVED exe version for starting scripts, the BATCH-to-EXE conversation is broken and was causing issues in special cases
==>DO NOT USE THE 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe / 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.exe anymore!!! just delete the two files and run the game via 0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd (or DIY fix with 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd)
(NOTE: A link to thisfile will NOT work!!!)

Update: V2.01 - 29.04.2019
- bugfixing DIY-script, THANK YOU chtiblue for reporting !
(you do not need this update if you do not need DIY-script )

Update: V2.00 - 28.04.2019
- missed to fix dynamic light in my prev. fix - FIXED now
- fixed some one eye things in buildings or @ buildings, ref. reflection shader
- blue dot from the arm removed without afflicting others, no toggle key need anymore
- light bulbs and clipping fixed
- water reflection optimized and further fixed (SORRY i cant remove flimmering here!!!)
- vol lights optimized
- game is working for any convergence now
- fixed wrong flimmering water reflection in interriors
- AO now working @ high distance and is independend from convergence as well
- point laser for weapons in NOT aiming mode optimized

- aiming fixed for sniper weapon
- game now works with starting script having epic launcher version
- game is working with EDID-4K mod, you have the choice in the starting-script
- wrong reflections fixed

- NV-Hairworks fixed
- DO IT YOUR SELF script added, allowes you to fix any not supported resolution by your own (0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd)

Update: V1.50 - 14.04.2019
- fixed ULTRA/EXTREME preset water reflection
- fixed prev. missed water reflection for all pesets
- suitible aiming now
- fixed prev. missing AO shader
- bring back prev. disabled NOW NOT flimmering and right in depth shadow/light
- disable key for wrong light-reflection in some outdoor sceenes (o-KEY)
- disable key for the wrong blue-light-spot @ your arm clock (NUM_DEVIDE) (/)
- game is fixed for FOV 60/70 and 80
==> NOTE: FOV 80 has issues, i do not suggest it!!!, FOV can be selected via the starting script.
- gamestart without the script possible, see section 4.2 for instructions!

Update: V1.40 - 05.04.2019
- fixes remaining shadow/AO shadow issues
- fixes problems with the 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe script for users having a "SPACE" character in the windows user name, also fixed: havining another savegame folder than standard

Update: V1.30 - 04.04.2019
- fixes volumetric lights

Update: V1.20 - 02.04.2019
- fixes cut scene issues with slight out of depth shadows

Update: V1.10 - 31.03.2019
- executable script to be able to set run as admin within compatibility tab in file properties
- Auto detection of errors running the starting script
- Auto switch to DX11
- Auto detect of graphic preset (except switching it in game but after restart)

Update: V1.00 - 29.03.2019
3D-Vision-Ready Release 

1.  Fixed

- HUD (Losti)
- shadows (Losti)
- lights (Losti)
- clipping (Losti)
- culling (flimmering textures) (Losti by DSSs deny_cpu_read=1 hack)
- reflections (Losti)
- water (Losti)
- lens effects (Losti)
- TAA for surround (Helifax)
- blure effects (Losti)
- unlocked convergence (Losti)
- volumetric lights  (Losti)
- AO-shadows  (Losti)
- dynamic lights  (Losti)
- Hairworks  (Losti)

2.  Issues left

- some light shadow clipping, not gamebreakting but I can’t do anything here

- some flimmering, not gamebreakting but I can’t do anything here, it’s also present in 2D if we use Migoto
- broken glass effect has no shader, can’t move it into depth
- low graphic preset from the game option has broken effects, its up to you to try if you need!
- some minor issues with reflection and AO @ very large distance
- Water reflection wrong in some very large distances but becomes ok if you come near
- Water reflection halos in some areas, use P-Key if too annoying...
- Water reflection issues @ the side of the screen
- minor reflection/light issues in interriors depends on the point of view and are slightly incorrect!
- flicker boarders for cinematics
- side bar @ right lieft of screen, use STRG+F11 to strech image an remove it or another one press it to get black side bars if annoing....

You have other issues? --- please privide a screenshot and a savegame to

3.  Download

4.  Introduction to get it working

Only working for the following resolutions:


==> Other resolutions can be manually be fixed using 0MetroExodus_3DVisionDIY.cmd .....

- be aware of cranking up the convergence, this can cause issues .....

- first of all: delete your exisitng "ShaderFixes" directory if you have used any previews version
- extract the archive to your Metro: Exodus root directory (overwrite existing files if asked)
- make sure you start the game EVERY TIME via "0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd" ==> you HAVE TO BE the system administrator!
(make sure it will not be blocked by antivirus!!!!)
- wait up to 10 seconds after the script is closed
- repeat running the "0MetroExodus_3DVision.cmd" if the game will not start up to 4 times
- if the game will not start, restart your computer and try again
- as soon as the black screen occurs, several times press the left mouse button to ensure game window is in foreground
- if you end up in a black screen after starting the game for more than 20 seconds, restart the game and try again ---- you can also try ALT+TAB and back
- choose your graphic preset in the game options
- restart the game
- choose the right correction for lights/shadows with "-" key if you do not want to restart after graphic changes!!!! After restart the correction is OK
- do not change the aiming keys (right mouse button/RT on controller) ... if this should be possible ^^
- switching resolution/graphic preset can kill the game because thousands of shaders where reloaded, if you crash hard, change resolution/graphic preset in the main menu
- its better to restart the game if you change graphic preset
- ==> READ SECTION 4.1/2/3 !!!!!

- press F10 in game if something is wrong with the light/shadows if you have done all the things right, this can cure issues!

FPS problems? And Flickering textures in the distanceare OK for you? Please delete this from the end of the d3dx.ini, BUT BE AWARE ONLY TO DELETE THIS, NOT the last shader override block called [Shaderoverride_Menue_DetectPreset]

Hash = 61878c8f

Hash = 14e1f802

Hash = 78c1c5f5

Hash = a99fc8cf

Hash = 3208a8ff

Hash = ecd96a51

Hash = 3005987e

Hash = 0709644f


Hash = FFFFFFFF               <--- another="" be="" can="" diy-fix="" hash="" have="" if="" note="" span="" this="" usd="" you="">

4.1  EDID-4K Mod usage

- sometimes you need another correction using EDID-4K mod but NOT IN ANY CASE
- means: If you are using EDID-4K, start the game via script and choose "I am using EDID-4K Mod"
- try the game
- if the main screen is slightly broken you DO NOT NEED the EDID-4 correction even if you are using EDID
- means: start the game via script and choose "I do NOT use EDID-4K Mod"

==> If you have any trouble or issues you cannot solve please use DDU and make a clean driver installation/reinstall game/reinstall fix after uninstall.cmd ....  but do not hesitate to contact me via my PayPal donation address or in the 3D-Vision-Forum if you are sure you have double checked all the instrucions and still have problems!!!

4.2  Introduction to get it working --- without 0MetroExodus_3DVision.exe
- open your user.cfg
(commonly in XXX:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\metro exodus\292733975847239680)
==> NOTE: THE 292733975847239680 could be another value, look @ XXX:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\metro exodus what folder is present there!!!
- add r_dbg_stereo_auto_separation 0 @ the end of the file, you HAVE TO do this every time you relaunch the game!!!! to unlock convergence!!!
- DO NOT WRITE PROTECT THE user.cfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- be sure the following settings are there, otherwhise change it into:
r_game_mblur_scale 0
r_blur_level 0
- be sure you run the game in DX11 (r_api 2 in the ini or just select DX11 ingame)
- for FOV edit: r_base_fov 60 (60 and 70 are ok, 80 has issues, lower 60 will not work with this fix, same for higher than 80!!!!)

Make sure to delete this from the end if the d3dx.ini if its present (AT THE END IOF THE INI):

if Z11==0.0
x30= 5.0
x31= 60.0
x32= 0.0

- Set  x30 in the constant section to the preset you have choosen ingame:
1.0 = low
2.0 = medium
3.0 = high
4.0 = ultra
5.0 = extreme

- set you FOV also (x31) in this section:

- set you EDID usage:
x32=1.0 (using EDID-4)
x32=0.0 (not using EDID-4K

4.3  Ingame Settings
- low graphic preset from the game option has broken effects, gamebreakting in my eyes but I can’t do anything here
- NVIDIA HairWorks is wrong @ close distance to the object rendering hairworks and pointing on it with flash light. It’s up to you to disable hairworks
- Everything else as you want (I think) ....
- SHADING RATE: 1.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any other shading rate will kill 3D-fix!!!
- USE VSYNC (half or full) to kill flimmering!!!

5.  Key Settings

5.1  Key Settings (Keyboard + Mouse Gameplay)

- this is a toggle key
Water reflection halos in some areas, use P-Key if too annoying

- this is a cycle key
- choose the right correction for lights/shadows with if you do not want to restart after graphic changes
- DO NOT USE IT if you have DIY installed!!! If you press it, things will become wrong, press F10 to make it OK again!!!

- this is a cycle key
- cycle HUD depth, ALSO afflicts crosshair!!!

this is a cylce key
- if EDID-4K AUTO changes will no work, use this

this is a toggle key

- use it if you are using the HUGE SNIPER WEAPON (the one with the red scale) to correct crosshair!

this is a cycle key

- cycles depth presets (convergence)

5.2  Key Settings (Controller Gameplay)

-  this is a cycle key
- choose the right correction for lights/shadows with if you do not want to restart after graphic changes

"XB_GUIDE + 0,3 sec"
-  this is a cycle key
-  preset for having culling disabled in the ini to fix flimmering... read description how to do

5.3  Key Settings (DO NOT TOUCH)

-  do not change or set the following keys in game:
- "o" / "XB_LEFT_TRIGGER"  / "RBUTTON"  /  "p" / "*" / "F1"

6.  Key Setting - Customization

----only for more advanced users---

If you don’t like the settings the fix comes with, you have to find your own likes:
- to watch your current convergence/separation set hunting=1 in d3d11.ini
- change constants/settings/keys and check the result in game by pressing F10

6.1  3Dmigoto - Constants

----only for more advanced users---

- the fix comes with the following default constant settings:

;shadow depth adjustemnt ref graphic preset
;;1.0 = low
;;2.0 = medium
;;3.0 = high
;;4.0 = ultra
;;5.0 = extreme
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;set x30 matching your in game choosen graphic preset to avoid adaption via "-"-Key after restart
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;set x30 matching your in game choosen graphic preset to avoid adaption via "-"-Key after restart


;EDID-4K use (0=off / 1=on)


;vol light toggle

;aim sniper indicator

;aim sniper indicator

;aim sniper indicator


;aiming indicator

;eys reflect toggle

;green text overlay
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;change correction preset ingame
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;bluelightdisable key as well as lens reflect
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE
;;;;;;;;;;DO NOT CHANGE

; Default for "Cinematics" overlay msg
z = 0
; Number of seconds the overlay HUD is displayed
x4 = 2.0
; set to 1 to show the HELP message, (1: ON and 0: OFF) default OFF
y2 = 0

6.2  Advanced Key Config

----only for more advanced users---

You can define keys in [Constants] section with:

Key = KEY 

- for choosing a key look here for replace KEY with it (
- replace CONSTANTX with the constants written above
- replace XXX with a value, see above
- replace SEPXX with a separation value, leave it = the separation you choose by STRG+F3/4, no changes, 100 = 100%
- replace CONVXX with a convergence value, leave it = the convergence you choose by STRG+F5/6, no changes

Key Press Types:
- type = hold ==> only active while holding this key
- type = toggle ==> enable/disable this setting
- type = cycle ==> cycles the settings via this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation pressing this key
--if you have more settings you need to define it for every cycle step:
--means: if you want to change separation and you want to use the same constant for both settings use:
- no definition = settings set on ON once pressed the key

You can also change any existing key definitions changing the key behind key = in the d3dx.ini .... if you like the setting but want another key for it.


THANK you DSS for being on this earth :-)
- THANK you masterotaku for being on this earth :-)
- Big thanks to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others involved in creating 3DMigoto; an amazing wrapper that allows us to fix our favorite DX11 games in 3D Vision!
NVIDIA for creating 3D-Vision as a tech!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

RPCS3 (PlayStation 3 emulator) [OpenGL]

3D Vision fix for RPCS3, the PlayStation 3 emulator. This fix was made thanks to the OpenGL wrapper that Helifax made (using the "OpenGL3DVision-v10.1.Beta" 64 bit version).

Update (2020-05-24): fix updated to work with newer emulator versions (at least 0.0.10-10425), because recently something changed in the code of the shaders. You can download the old fix here. The most recent fix is in the installation steps below.

Installation of the fix
- Download this file and extract its contents in the folder where "rpcs3.exe" is, like "rpcs3-v0.0.6-8503-f2a2dfda_win64" (it changes per build).
- Open the properties of the "rpcs3.exe" file and check the "Run as administrator" checkbox.

Configuration and running games
Configure the emulator options like this (globally or per game):
- GPU -> Renderer -> OpenGL
- Emulator -> Emulator Settings -> Automatically start games after boot
- Emulator -> Emulator Settings -> Start games in Fullscreen mode
- Emulator -> Emulator Settings -> Use native user interface

Choose the rest of settings as you like, like resolution scale, anisotropic filter, etc. That can be game dependant or depending on your hardware.
Make sure that in the current windows (or drivers) session you have used something in 3D at least once. Usually OpenGL refuses to trigger 3D Vision otherwise. For example, open a 3D screenshot, put it in fullscreen, enable 3D, exit fullscreen, and enable 3D again in windowed mode.

After everything is configured and prepared, play a game. After you are ingame, you can press the "Pause" key to disable the top right information window.

Fps limits
The OpenGL wrapper works in a way that divides fps by two in 3D. It means that for games like these you will be capped at half the fps per eye. If a game is usually 30fps in 2D, it means 15fps per eye in 3D. It it's 60fps in 2D, then 30fps per eye in 3D.

This is done in a frame sequential way. Each frame happens in a different moment in time. To give a simple example, imagine L1 is frame one (in time terms) going to left eye, R2 is frame two going to right eye, and so on:
- DirectX with 3D Vision Automatic: L1 R1 L2 R2 L3 R3 L4 R4. Four moments in time, eight total eye frames.
- OpenGL with this wrapper: L1 R2 L3 R4. Four moments in time, four total eye frames. You get half the visual information than DirectX in the same time.

To get 60fps per eye, you need games to run at 120fps in 2D. Thankfully, some games have patches for increased fps in RPCS3, surpassing the original capabilities. Let's take Demon's Souls as an example, which is an originally 30fps game.

Save that as "patch.yml" in the emulator folder. Make sure you have made a custom config for the game (right click a game and configure something for it) and then edit its yml file inside the "config\custom_configs" folder.

With "Vblank Rate: 120", the game will run at real 60fps, meaning 30fps per eye.
The other setting they tell you to change is "Clocks scale: 200". However, this doesn't control something important about game speed in this case. Instead, it controls the frame skipping rate of the game. It means that the game will always be targeting the full framerate, but when your PC can't keep up, it will display a black frame (for one of the eyes). Thankfully, the eyes remain synchronized, but these black frames can be very annoying. I recommend leaving Clocks scale at 100 (the original 30fps 2D). I prefer slowdowns rather than black frames.

You can set the vblank rate to 240 to get 60fps per eye (and also enable the 120fps patch), but realistically in 2019 we can't reach that number with current CPUs.

Silent Hill Downpour works at 60fps 2D (30fps 3D) with just the "Vblank Rate: 120" setting.

Problems and limitations
OpenGL is noticeably slower and has more graphics glitches than Vulkan in this emulator. If you can get good fps in Vulkan it doesn't mean they will be so close to that in OpenGL.

If a game for some reason closes the game window to open it later, it will inevitably crash. Example: Kingdom Hearts 2.5, or sometimes when the emulator wants to compile PPU modules after a game has started (which usually happens just once).

- 0 to 9 (not the numpad): multiple convergence settings, from lower to higher. Default is 1 convergence. Each game will need different numbers and you can edit them in "3DVisionWrapper.ini", after the ";Convergence hotkeys." line.

Game fixes
For now, this fix specifically fixes all 3D issues of Demon's Souls (haloing, water and shadows).

The rest of games should already have basic stereoization and should be playable, if the emulator works in 2D already. I can't promise any game specific fix other than this or other future games I feel like fixing, because the fixing process in this case is tedious and time consuming.

If the emulator can at some point in the future make native 3D modes work, I'll try to adapt that to 3D Vision.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account: